Posted by: granny1947 | December 25, 2013

Granny goes Ho, Ho, Ho and damn it it is hot.


Granny and grandchild no five of seven.

Hello All.

Just a short post to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas.
And, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays.

Mex and I have had a very quiet Xmas.
I didn’t go in to cook.
A long story which I am not going to go into right now.

We don’t have a stove in the flat but I managed a nice dinner using the electric frying pan and the microwave.
I cooked two lamb shanks in the pan and then par boiled the potatoes and browned them in the pan.
We had rice and veggies with a nice thick gravy.

When we woke this morning it was raining and it was lovely and cool.
Then the clouds disappeared and the sun came out.
Together with the humidity.
It is now twenty to seven in the evening and it is still too hot for comfort.
I now officially decree that Xmas must happen in the middle of winter.
Cooking and eating in this heat is just madness.

Now I think I shall go and have a cool shower and wash my hair.
It is plastered to my head.

More about my holiday tomorrow.


  1. Enjoy the holiday granny.

    • You too Harry…may you be surrounded by love.

  2. What a beautiful picture! Hard for me to imagine a hot Christmas….unless you count the heat from the oven working overtime. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xxoo

    • Hot Christmases suck Lin…believe me.

  3. Reason #24 for you coming to Canada. I promise to find you a cold Christmas! And know what? You are gorgeous. You look like this grandson’s older sister. Man…even with all that stress you’ve come through. I think I’ll quit looking in the mirror after seeing your gorgeousness.

    • Oh good grief Souldipper…that is SO not true. Cindy will be asking me where is my lipstick! If you look closely you will see the grey hair starting and let us NOT talk about the wrinkles when I wake up in the morning. When I win the lottery I shall join you for Xmas…that is a promise…after I have sent you a ticket to come over and we can explore like I did when I got lost coming home!!!!

      • You’re on! We’ll dazzle the beasties as we wander home. In both countries.

      • That’s a date!!!!

  4. I know what you mean about a hot Christmas – it was 32 degrees here Christmas Day, same today, Boxing Day. Got the a/c on and going nowhere, you can hardly breathe outside. A cold shower sounds wonderful!

    • Hi Barb…you have my sympathy…thank God it is overcast today and looks like rain..blessed relief.

  5. Sweet pic! You one HOT mama! 😀

  6. I enjoyed the cool soft drizzle of rain we had Christmas day, took my Mom for a nostalgic trip in the car and had a good time. I did not miss the hot sticky weather at all.

    • Where were you?

      • I took her to her birth town, it has understandably changed a lot made her sad but for me it was great to get away from work switch off and enjoy the cool weather.

  7. I love the portrait. But *shock* you took a grandson to a bar on a satelite? Seems rather a ‘Hitchhikers’ Guide’ thing!
    The meal seems good. I love lamb.
    As for the heat – the shower or pool options soon take care of it, don’t they? I got extra hot pruning today, and the pool was bliss. The bashing head on brick wall principle – so lovely when you stop.
    I have tried the UK Christmas season, and it filled me with a great lack of enthusiasm. Give me heat and humiture any time..

    • Hi Col…the casino was the ONLY place in Caledon to have a breakfast.
      Another Douglas Adams fan!!!
      Have you read “Last chance to see” ?

  8. You’re looking really good, Kath. Love you xxx

    • Thank you my friend…love you too.

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