Posted by: granny1947 | December 24, 2013

Granny and the trip continued.


Hello All.

I am dying here.
I can’t handle heat and it is HOT in this damn flat.
Mex and I went for a walk on the beach front this morning but the rest of the day I have spent sleeping.
And dreaming I was in hospital and having injections all around my ear.
I have no idea what was wrong with me but I woke up with a stiff neck and a headache.
Both of which have now gone.

Where was I???
Oh yes,  widdling on the side of the road.
I, eventually, reached the town of Oudtshoorn.
Where I bought a new battery for my car.
Oudtshoorn is a town in the Karoo.
It is very hot.
And they charge R2-00 to use the toilet in the shopping centre.
You will notice I have become fixated on toilets.

The rest of the day was uneventful and I got to Swellendam.
Which is where my elder daughter lives.
This is the view from their cottage.
A lovely place.


I was thrilled to find out she has become a good cook.
Though I never saw the evidence.
Her husband made a BBQ for supper and I hit my bed early.
My grandson is still very unsure of me.
But that is fine.
I have outgrown three year olds.

The next morning I drove a 100kms to Caledon where I met my daughter/granddaughter and my one grandson for breakfast.
It was great to see them but I was horrified to discover that they have absolutely NO knowledge of what is happening in the world..
The downside of living in a tiny village.

From there I went onto my lovely Cape Town and spent the night with my friend of over fifty years.
It was super.
This is the view from their back garden.



More tomorrow.


  1. you are doing the annual rounds I take it…surely you did not pay R2 to spend a penny?
    No air con? That must be a funny place I thought that people who live in hot places always had aircon
    Waiting for next episode

    • I did indeed spend R2-00 to spend a penny…and again on the way back. Nope…only the rich have airconditioners.

  2. hot hot hot! poor you

    • I can’t bear it Sidey!!!

      • sympathy!

  3. Love the kitty sitting in the wheel-well! Merry Christmas tomorrow.

    • Isn’t he cute Pussycat? Couldn’t resist taking several shots. You have a great Xmas too.

  4. Good golly, Granny, that first pic is beyond cute!

    • Hi There Hook…wasn’t he too cute? Good thing I saw him before I pulled out!!!

      • Oh yeah!

  5. Hello! Loving this account – heat-wave and all. How long are you in Cape Town for?

    • Hi Joanne…I was there for a week…got back on Saturday..sob!

  6. I like the idea of living in a small village and TUNING OUT the world.

  7. Hey, don’t drive off! … Oh, you didn’t. Phew!
    Caledon is THAT in the sticks?
    You were really doing the Grand Tour, weren’t you?

    • Hi Col..Caledon is on the N2 to Cape town..about 100kms from Swellendam.

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