Posted by: granny1947 | December 8, 2013

Granny gets stoned

017                                                                                                                                                    Jasmine in the lagoon

Hello All.

Ok…so the title is a bit of poetic licence.
I didn’t get stoned.
But Mex did!

We arrived at the resort at about eleven thirty  yesterday.
Chatted to everyone and had a bit to eat.
Then we went to the beach.
Jasmine had a ball.
There is a blind lagoon and she loved it.

In the afternoon we had a nap.
Jasmine too.
Our host had booked three different houses for the duel 50th celebrations.

008                                                                                                                                               The two 50 year olds

Most of the partying and eating took place at his house.
As we got ready to go to the evening meal  Mex complained of a pain.
From the front to the back on the one side.
We had hardly arrived at the party when he said he wanted to go back to our house and lie down.
I got the keys to the house and took him back.
As we drove into the front garden the pain got so bad that I turned the car and we headed for the hospital  in Port Alfred.

By the time we got there he was groaning in pain.
The hospital was wonderful.
Surprising for a state hospital.
They settled him on a bed and called for a private doctor.
They said he would be there in 15 minutes.
While we waited for the doctor a great male nurse took all his vitals.
Checked his urine.
And his blood.
All seemed in order.

013                                                                                                                                                The view from our deck

And we waited.
And we waited.
Eventually, the doctor arrived.
He had not been able to find his car keys.
He was full of apologies.
And I asked if he really WAS a doctor.
He looked as young as my grandson.

He was fantastic.
He diagnosed a kidney stone.
And gave Mex two injections.
One in each cheek.
And we are not talking face here.
He stayed with us until the pain began to subside.
He said if it flared up again we were to phone him and he would arrange for a Urologist to be waiting at a hospital in Port Elizabeth.
Fortunately, by the time we got back to the resort the pain had gone.
And, so far, it has stayed away.
He said Mex should widdle through a strainer to see if he was passing bits of stone.
But we didn’t feel it was quite right to use one of the strainers at the cottage!!!

I settled Mex into bed and went back to the party to find some food.
There is nothing like a bit of anxiety to work up an appetite.
I ate and beat a hasty retreat.
The party was very LOUD.
And people were bouncing up and down.
The last thing I felt like doing.
So I had a perfect excuse to leave.
There is ALWAYS an upside.

005Oh yes.
We saw whales.
But we were too far to take  a picture.
You will just have to believe me.


  1. Oh poor Mex, I know that most men can be a bit of a pain in the bum sometimes but Mex went to the extreme. I do hope he is ok now.
    poor you too..but you coped well and stillhad enogh get up and go to return to party.
    have a safe journey home

    • Thanks Patrecia…I am safely home and quite relieved to be here…bed is looking good right now.

  2. OUCH! Hope his stones pass without further incident.

    Glad you enjoyed your time on the beach. Jasmine too.

    • I actually got a little sunburned…first time in years!

  3. Well I hope Mex will keep drinking enough water after this (it helps a bit with them stones) but at least now he has an idea of how childbirth feels

    • He is drinking water…very unhappily.

      • put a little fruit juice in the water, give him weak fruit tea, some people need a little flavour in the water

  4. Delightful spot, and one can see Jasmine approves heartily.
    Rock in kidneys and roll in agony is NOT what one is supposed to do at a party!

    • Hehehe….good one Col!

  5. At least Jasmine enjoyed the outing. I only know about the pain from gall stones, but if it’s nearly the same then: Eina! Did you buy a strainer when you got home? 😉

    • Not yet Pussycat…am sure it has found it’s way out now…fortunately, painlessly.

  6. Poor Mex – a double whammy – not only was he suffering torture, he missed the party! I hope the stone disintegrates quickly, without further pain.

    • Thanks Viv…all seems well.

  7. Mex sure knows how to get out of going to a party, doesn’t he Granny?

    • And how Rumpy….a bit drastic though.

  8. Man, I’m so delighted to see you back in your element. And Jasmine must feel she’s returned to heaven. No one will need to tell you to enjoy every minute!

    • ps. I totally neglected to say that I empathise heartily with Mex. Ouch! Ow! Oh no! Glad the shots worked and that your stoner days are done.

    • It was great Amy…five more sleeps and I head for Cape Town!

      • Man, would I love to be meeting up with you in CT. A good walk and one very long lunch!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear Mex had a kidney stone attack – what timing!!! But I’m glad he’s feeling better and I hope he passes the stones without any further pain. Jasmine looks SO happy to be back on a beach!

    • Hi RD…she had a wonderful time but I am a bit concerned now…she has been sleeping all day and seems a bit listless.

  10. Poor Mex! I don’t see why he couldn’t use the strainer in the cottage, as long as you don’t tell anyone. “What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.” 🙂 Th beach looks perfect for Jasmine.

    • It just seemed a bit euuwwwwwwwwww AD!

      • Hahaha. You don’t know what may have been strained through it by previous tenants. 😯

  11. Looks like Jasmine had a great time Granny. These are beautiful shots for sure! 😀
    Sorry to hear about Mex. He should drink more beer. It breaks down the kidney stones. Ask my hubby. 🙂
    Take care Granny and big hugs to you and Jasmine. xxx

  12. Oh Jasmine looks so happy to be back at the beach! I thought you were going to say that Mex was having a heart attack! So glad it wasn’t. Hope he feels much better now.

  13. Sorry to hear about Mex’s very painful experience, hope it’s all cleared up and not going to trouble him any further. Wonderful to see your lovely Jasmine back on a beach 🙂

  14. oh shame. Never a dull moment

  15. Might wanna watch any new followers you acquire, Lady. They may think this a pot smoking blog! Love ya.

    • Hehehe Morgue…that was the idea. Love you too!

  16. I hope Mex is still doing well, sounds painful.

    • He is fine thank you…

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