Posted by: granny1947 | November 30, 2013

Granny has a moan…and things happen in threes…I hope


Hello All.

I have a little time to spare.
We are going to friends for a braai (bbq)
It is raining and miserable.
Go figure.
A chance to get out of this room and  Mother Nature gives me the finger.

Much like the finger I would like to give our esteemed president.
But giving him the finger can land you in prison.
So I won’t.
But you can use your imagination.

In any first world country this man would have been history long ago.
Actually, he wouldn’t have been MADE president.
He had a couple of hundred fraud charges hanging over his head.
But his cronies in the National Prosecuting Authority made those go away.
The few people who tried to make a noise were fired.

In a first world country he would have lost his job when he was accused of rape.
He got off on the rape charge but he admitted to sleeping with an HIV positive woman.
But he had his famous shower and thought that would prevent him getting AIDS.
That certainly did a lot for the scourge of aids in this country.
Leading by example from the top.

Then there was the time he got the daughter of a friend pregnant.
Despite the fact he has several wives at home.
Keeping his pecker in his pants is not a priority.
The same with unprotected sex.

His many decisions when he has put people into high ranking positions only to have them overturned in court.
Because they were not suitable.
And he not applied his mind.

Now the country is up in arms because of his private residence.
It started out as a 27 million rand security upgrade.
It now stands at over two HUNDRED million.
He stood up in parliament and said he had not gained from the upgrade.
That anything done to his home HE paid for.
Part of the security upgrade includes:

A swimming pool.
An amphitheatre.
A tuckshop for his wife.
A library (don’t know who is going to use that)
A million rand cattle kraal.
And several house for his relatives.


A conservative estimate of his private gains is over R20,000,000.
Five years ago this man could not afford to have his car washed.
His financial advisor paid his kids school fees.
And one of his wives rent.
This advisor was found guilty of fraud and was sent to prison.
Where he suddenly developed a life threatening illness.
And was released on medical parole.
He is now seen, regularly, playing golf.

I think the time has come for the receiver of revenue to do a lifestyle audit on our president.
But it won’t happen.

Welcome to South Africa.
The new banana republic.

Much later.

It was raining when we drove to our friends.
I had my headlights on dim.
I forgot to turn them off.
One stone dead battery.
Had to phone my insurance company AGAIN.
Third time in three weeks.
Once again they were incredible.
Dial Direct…you rock.
Granny….you are an idiot.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today, I enjoyed your post, I am not a “rain” person either.

    • Actually, I don’t mind rain but it was just unfortunate timing yesterday.

  2. Its a long time since I have heard you moaning about SA gov and President.but nothing has got better, only worse.why do you stay in such a country. I would have left years ago, like I did the uk, and now look what its become.l may be British but I feel ashamed of my homeland….beat the drum..Granny beat the drum..we all dance to the same P and love n hugs to she feeling better?

    • Hi Patrecia…I was born here, as was my mother and her mother and HER mother. It was a wonderful country until greed and corruption took over…so sad.

  3. I’m always blown away by the openness of the corruption in your country. Granted, no country is without corrupt politicians – in fact, “corruption” and “politician” are synonymous terms, aren’t they? – but it’s just incredible how open some leaders are about it and how much they can get away with.

    • Hi RD…yes we have become punch drunk with his antics. Unfortunately, he will probably get away with it…too many greedy cronies in his cabinet.

  4. The SA tax payers now own a share in the timeshare compound called Nkandla. There is so much accommodation that we all can book a room or two for a week every year.
    It defies belief that this man still has so many followers.

    • It is the culture of entitlement Pussycat…the chief can have what he wants…unfortunately this one is very greedy.

  5. Well Granny if you want to have3 a rant about this man,please go ahead. One wonders how he gets away with this. Is there nobody to stand up to him/
    And your flat battery – well I didn’t turn my car off and had to call the roadside service when I came out to a flat battery. So welcome to the world of those over 40. 🙂

    • I know Judith…anyone who stands up to him gets sidelined or fired…he has surrounded himself with cronies…very dangerous and sly man.

  6. Love your expressions here, Granny, especially if giving the finger could get you in jail!!

    He had a shower to wash off the potential for catching AIDS??? !!! I’m glad you at least got an education over there.

    Wow, Granny, this was an extraordinary read – a tuckshop for his wife, a library… just crazy.

    • The man is a dangerous buffoon…grrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. I am so glad to find someone else who does silly things 😉

    • And we have the vote!

      • scary thought

  8. The politicians are the scourge of the world, not just SA
    You must have an unusual insurance company if you call them for a flat battery. For a start, the excess we pay on a claim is more than the cost of a new battery, ditto the no claims bonus.

    • Hi Viv…burst pipes and flat batteries fall under emergency assistance…does not cost me anything and does not affect my claim bonus….great feature which I hope I don’t have to use again soon!

  9. Hope you had fun at the braii . . . despite the rain, the dead battery, and the deadbeat president!

    • It was good. We took Jasmine with us and she was so good…I was proud of the mutt.

  10. Most educated South Africans would agree with your sentiments Granny, I too love my country but I don’t love what is being done to it and its people. Glad you got to take Jasmine to the braai with you and she remembered her doggy manners – what a girl 🙂

    • Jasmine is the best Optie…love that dog.

  11. Had a good laugh at the library. The rest, well, too sad to think about. Sorry I’ve been missing from action. Opened a new shop and battling to get into the swing of keeping up with the blog as well. Hoping to get it right very quickly.

    • Hi there Long life…I do hope your new business takes off and yu make a fortune!!!

  12. I read this with interest. What an embarrassment of a man – shame on him!! Well put Granny 😉

    • Hi Nuggets…the trouble is…he feels no shame…just greed and entitlement.

  13. I have left the lights on, on my car so many times it’s insane! As a joke sometimes my husband would come home and say, why are you car lights on?

    • Hi Linda…this is the second time I have done it….hopefully…the last time.

  14. Thank you for saying all that on our behalf, Gran! I agree 100%. Just wish the end of him was in sight…

    • Oh me too Adee…me too.

  15. a tuckshop for his wife … wow….lol….

    • Hi Flower…thanks for the visit.
      Yes, and the cabinet will say it was for security reasons.
      Apparently, the swimming pool was for fighting fires!!!

  16. You have a right to moan Granny (and I found it both jaw-dropping and interesting). Hope the BBQ was nice.

    • Hi sarsm…my jaw still drops sometimes!!!!

  17. Zoomer is an absolute parasite. How do we get rid of him before he drains the country dry? 😦

    • I wish I knew Ad…I wish I knew.

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