Posted by: granny1947 | November 18, 2013

Granny…and here we go again!

002                                                                                                                                Jasmine trying to stand on her head…is insanity hereditary?

Hello All.

Talk about déjà vu.
Mex and I went off to a supermarket this afternoon to exchange my egg boiler.
Mine suddenly went on strike and thought it could hard boil eggs in a couple of minutes.
Taking soft boiled eggs to work is not really nice.
They certainly aren’t filling.
Bit I digress.

When we got home I went ahead to let Jasmine into the flat so we could open the gate and get the car in.
And I heard a loud noise.
And I thought WTF?
And then I glanced down.
Water, water everywhere.
It had run right through the flat.
Under our bed and reached the front door.

Last week it was a burst pipe in the kitchen cupboard.
This time it was in the bathroom.
It filled the bathroom and went into the kitchen and from there into the living area.
Thank God for Dial Direct insurance.
They have been fantastic.
On both occasions.
The plumber has just left.
All is back to normal.
No…nothing is really normal with us.

On the upside my floor is really, really, REALLY clean.

I get the feeling that the universe is trying to tell me to get the hell out.
Turn the flat into a swimming pool.
OR….clean your damn floor or we will do it for you.
Probably the latter.


  1. The message that she is going to lie down hasn’t reached Jasmine’s back end yet …
    I would, after much deliberation, deduce that the plumbing in that property leaves something to be desired …
    So lucky that your insurer isn’t one of those with escape clauses in print so fine as to be virtually invisible.

    • Hi Col….The builder was really crap…of course…he can no longer be contacted.

      • Typical.

  2. thank goodness for tiled floors!

    • And how Sidey….carpets would have been a disaster.

      • been there, done that!

  3. At least Jasmine is happy! Never a dull moment in the cottage, what.

    • Hi pussycat…dull is starting to sound good!

  4. just imagine the mess you would be in if you did not have insurance….. love to Jasmine she looks so cute
    and love to you too..don’t know if you look cute but you sure need a love xxx

    • Thanks Patrecia…lots of love to you too.

  5. When it rains, it pours ~ > “Take it outside!”

    I hope this is the last of the wet for a while.

    • Oy…me too NR…me too.

  6. Oh dear, I think your plumber was a cowboy!
    My biggest dog also does that head thing sometimes when she is pleased to be let into the house after a long stint outside. She looks so funny!

    • Hi Mara…I love it…when she is finished with that she usually remakes her bed…

  7. I thought you and Mex were looking for a new place to live a while back….? I’m glad this crisis has passed relatively easily. 🙂

    • I was RD but Mex got cold feet…now he has wet feet…serves him right!

      • LOL Maybe soggy feet will get him going again! 😉

  8. You’re not having much luck with the water! It’s lucky you have tiled floors because wet carpet would have taken ages to dry.

    • Hi Elaine…if we had carpets they would have had to be ripped up!

  9. I love Jasmine! My golden retriever does the exact same thing – too cute. Is that what they call “downward facing dog?”

    • Hi Bianca…thank you for popping by. Yes, I adore Jasmine. She has such personality. I don’t know about a downward facing dog…I call her confused. 🙂

      • Yes, euphemism is the way to go. I call mine that too – sounds so much better than ‘bat-shit crazy’ 😉

  10. Hope that’s the end of the involuntary floor washing for now Granny. Milo also does that head down, bum in the air thing – it usually morphs into a “bollemakissie” of sorts.

  11. Morning Optie…yes…enough is enough…that floor is CLEAN.
    Jasmine a bit old to do head over hells but she tries. 🙂

  12. What a a soggy post, granny. Jasmine is very clever. 🙂
    I have started a new blog.

    • Hi AD…why have you started another blog?
      I can’t cope with just one.

      • The new will will replace the old one, eventually. There are a couple of followers I want to shake off.

  13. You must be due for a freaking break soon woman xox

    • And I am going to get a break soon Princess…on the 7th we are going off for the weekend and the following weekend I leave for Cape Town…I can’t wait.

  14. Woe, woe and thrice woe. Was the plumber able to check other pipes and joints to make sure thrice doesn’t arrive? A hug for you and Jasmine.

  15. Silly Jasmine, such a pretty smile. Glad you were able to get everything all sorted out.

    • Thanks for the hug Viv…right back at you.
      No the plumber couldn’t check but SURELY it can’t happen for a third time.

    • Hi Linda…yes, I love her smile.

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