Posted by: granny1947 | November 10, 2013

Granny gets it wrong


Hello All.

I have been a non blogging Granny again.

So, on Friday, my friend at work gave me an e-mail advertising an art meander.
You had to go to an address and get a map.
The map gave you the addresses of 14 places you could go to look at various art.
A clever idea.
Not well known artists but it could be interesting.

We arrived at the first place only to discover I hadn’t read the mail correctly.
The meander is only on the 7th of December.
However, the lady was charming and invited us in to look at her stuff.
She does graphite drawings.
I was blown away at her home.
How the other half live.
What a beautiful house.
Her drawings were excellent too.

On the way out I noticed this huge collage.
Wish I had taken photos for you.
It was a collection of things taken from her parent’s drawers when they died.
Her Dad’s old penknives.
Bits of jewellery from her Mom.
Old bank notes.
A couple of cigarette cases.
One with some VERY old cigarettes in it.
I was intriqued with it.
Until I saw three sets of false teeth.
And a little bottle of ashes.


On the way there we passed this little guy at the traffic lights.
His owner begs there and the mutt is always with him.
He sits on the island with cars going by on both sides.
There is always food and water for him.
And now I see he has a raincoat too.
He is obviously well loved.

This is the last weekend to register for voting in next year’s election.
Mex and I went yesterday.
We had to change our voting area from Cape Town to here.
I always vote.
If you don’t vote you can’t complain.
And you know how I like to complain about our useless corrupt government.
The official opposition party has really been on the ball.
We have been inundated with phone calls, e-mails and sms’s reminding us to register.
The ruling party sent me ONE sms.
They are probably too busy eating takeaways at our expense.
The ruling party will still get in but, hopefully, with a reduced majority.




On the way back from our little trip we went to this place for a cup of coffee.
I’m glad I don’t have to mow the grass.


  1. Who looks after the dog? Does he/she ever appear?

    • It’s owner is busy going to each car to ask for money. I have, however, seen him playing happily with the dog. The dog sits there as good as gold.

  2. Ashes and false teeth, beggar dogs in raincoats, rooves with overgrown moss problems – you do come across the strangest things!

    • Yes Col…isn’t it great???

  3. you do seem to do ‘something different’ even if you do get the wrong date..what a silly granny..again!
    Seems to me that whichever country you (not you in particular but general you) the government is always corrupt..some just more than others.
    Can anyone name one country on this planet that has an honest government…if you can,and prove it..I’ll eat my straw hat!!!

    • The difference is that in most other countries if someone is caught out in corruption they resign or get fired…here they get promoted!!!

      • yes I noticed that

  4. I love the fact the dog also as a raincoat. I was so cross some time ago at a blind man in cape town who was harsh with his guide dog. They deserve all the love

    • I agree Sidey…this one seems to get a lot of love…good advertising…I nearly always give to them.

      • that’s very kind

  5. Getting the dates wrong can happen, as it did here in our village. A Village Tea was diarised for yesterday. Some of us residents went to the Hall and it was full of emptiness 😦
    As for the voting, I wish someone would make a plan to allow permanent residents, such as myself, to vote. I will still complain, as I’m a tax payer.
    I feel sorry for the dog, no matter how well looked-after he is. That’s not a dog’s life 😉

    • I hear you Pussycat but when you see how some of the township dogs live, this one has it good.

  6. Love the doggie raincoat. Like you, I don’t want to mow this grass.

  7. Love the photo of the dog, rather see that than the false teeth.

  8. The photo of the dog in the raincoat is quite heartrending. That grass roof is hilarious. I get an sms from Helen Zille every morning when I switch o my phone.

  9. Love the dog in the raincoat, turf roofs are the eco in thing. I was loving the idea of the collage until you got to the false teeth and ashes!

  10. Aw…the picture of the dog in the raincoat.

  11. You sure do find some interesting curiosities! I’ve never seen a turf roof before, and I had to laugh at your comment about mowing the grass! 🙂 The collage sounded like a nice memorial UNTIL you mentioned the false teeth….a bit TOO personal, if you ask me!
    PS- I thought you might want to know that our little Daisy is in hospital with a torn ligament and needs surgery. I’ve been remiss in blogging lately too, but I put up a post about this last night.

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