Posted by: granny1947 | October 29, 2013

Granny is ungrannylike


Hello All.

Another Ho Hum day.
Have spent half an hour on the phone to our service provider.
To no avail.
They were supposed to phone me at three o’clock but it never happened.
However, there WAS a call at about three thirty.
I assumed it was from Telkom.
The woman said they were getting a lot of error messages from the computer.
Told me to turn on the computer (it WAS on).
Warning bells starting ringing in my old grey matter.
I asked her where she was from.
She said she was from Microsoft windows.
I can’t repeat what I said but it rhymes with pluck off.

It worries me that my mother will fall for these stories.
Those bloody crooks annoy the hell out of me.
I must remember to warn my brother not to do any banking on that computer.
But he probably won’t believe me.
Mind you….I don’t think either of them are capable of downloading dodgy applications.

Back to spiders.
Colonialist commented that spiders pinch human hair for their nests.
I told Mex.
He says he is shaving his head tomorrow.

What else???
Oh yes…younger son phoned me last night.
Wanted to know if I would be in Cape Town for Xmas.
I would love to but it would not be fair.
Mex is staying behind to look after Jasmine.
My brother’s daughter and her boyfriend are coming on a visit.
Someone will have to do Xmas dinner.
I suggested we have a second family Xmas dinner while I am there.
I think I am losing the plot.
Will probably have to do the cooking!

Talking about cooking…I had better go and do some.

Spot the dog




  1. dune dog!

  2. If you hadn’t said, I would never have spotted the dog! Two Christmas dinners sounds like a lot of hard work! Maybe they will offer to take you out for the second one.

  3. ACK! You said the C-word and it’s not even Halloween yet.

    Puts fingers in ears and hums LA~LA~LA~LA~LA to drown out premature mention of the advent. :mrgreen:

  4. Christmas will be a non-event in this house. For the first time in nearly 60 years, I have not made a Christmas Cake. My family will be visiting for New Year instead, and they will be cooking.

  5. So many scammers in this world. 😦 Love the threatening sky in your photo. Is that Jasmine on the right? Tell Mex not to forget to do his ears too. 🙂 Hugs to you.

  6. I am still trying to find responses to cause maximum discomfort to those scammers.
    I’m sure the spiders won’t mind having to make do with what hair they can find in the midsection. …

  7. My parents fall for scams too, even obvious ones. No matter how much we tell them or how many warnings we give them, they still think some of the bogus emails they get “look right”. I tell them to forward them to me first so I can check them out, but noooooo. Then they panic when they discover what they’ve done. ::sigh:: It’s getting impossible.

    Love the Doggie In the Dunes!

    • Hi RD…I just KNOW my mother is going to open a dodgy e-mail one day. Mind you…right now she doesn’t know how to get to her e-mail….think I will keep it that way.

  8. Classic! I love your sense of humour. Marcia a.k.a Nuggets.

    • Hehehe…thanks Nugget…sometimes people don’t get my sense of humour and I get into a bit of trouble!

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