Posted by: granny1947 | October 28, 2013

Granny is finished.


Hello all….Again.

There goes the weather.
Two posts  in one day.

The photograph is two of my grandchildren…or one grandchild and one child…the one I adopted.
They are third and fourth going from eldest to youngest.
Or fourth and fifth going from the youngest up.
They aren’t really blue.
Unless they are smoking something I don’t know about.

I had a day from hell today.
I left work late and went to Fruit and veg.
I don’t like the place.
Too big.
And lugging pockets of potatoes etc exhausts me.

From there I went to a nearby supermarket.
And got a trolley full of goods.
Got to the check-out and….no wallet.
Thought I had been robbed.
Felt sick to my stomach.
I drew money yesterday but all my cards etc.
And my lottery tickets!!!

I called for security who asked me a lot of dumb questions.
Like when did it happen.
I only found out when I got to the till.
Asked me where I had been in the store.
Like every aisle….that is what women DO!!!

Anyway, I decided to check my car.
And there it was on the front seat.

I came home an absolute wreck.
Thank God Mex is cooking supper.
I had hardly walked in when my Dad asked what I was doing about my Mom’s internet.
I bit my tongue but I could think of a few good replies.
Anyway, dragged myself to the phone and did what I could to get it sorted out.
Then came into the flat and collapsed in tense heap.
My elastic is getting very stretched.

I am now having a glass of wine which is going straight to my head.
I suppose I had better go in and show Mex some support.

2010_09020001But first I shall look at my beach and go Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

To quote Spirit Lights the Way.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that is better.


  1. PHEW! I feel your relief

    • And how Mel….I would hate to have to try and replace all my cards…a nightmare!!

  2. I’ve had a lost purse attack closely resembling yours. Lovely grandchildren. Sorry about the exhaustion.

    • Thanks Viv…am more than ready for bed now.

  3. Thank goodness that you found it…silly Granny!

    • I know Patrecia….and I have a horrible habit of walking around with my bag open…silly, silly Granny.

  4. Wow what a day! Sounds like the month I’ve had. Hopefully I’ll get my relief after Wednesday….will tell more in a post I’ll hopefully have time to put up after that.

    • I look forward to seeing it RD…I have missed you.

  5. I did that months ago…in the grocery store. Tied my purse handle to the cart and got on with shopping. Got to the til – no purse. Wow, did I panic! Turns out I’d switched carts without realizing it. Someone had left an empty cart by mine as I studied the tomatoes and I walked off with hers. Miraculously, my cart still sat in the same spot (3/4 hour later) with my purse still attached and everything still in it.

    Probably anyone seeing it thought the owner was close by…with an eye on it. Hah!

    Really dislike proof of glitching and waning attention spans.

    • My word you were lucky Amy…that would never have happened in this country…your purse would have been history.

  6. I hate that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you reach for a purse or wallet that you thought you had . . . and find empty air instead.

    Glad that Mex cooked for you . . . that IS better!

    • And, even blue, love the shot of your granddaughter & daughter. They might want to join the Blue (Wo)Man Group.

      • Uhm…errrr…the one on the right is a MALE!!!

      • Of course, he is. My bad. You wrote grandchildren and it morphed in my mind. I went back and glanced at the photo without reading the text.

    • Yes, I was very grateful and he made a lovely meal too.

  7. Oh dear! Hope things have improved and you are feeling happier now.

    • Thanks for the visit Nuggets….funny thing is I feel rotten today…delayed shock…damn I am getting old.

      • Maybe the poem I’ve recently posted on my blog will cheer you up – it’s called ‘Next Year’. Things can only get better!

  8. Silly Granny leaving your wallet under your seat in the car – I must own up to doing the same thing though, easily done! All’s well that ends well (with the aid of a glass or two of wine). lol 😉

    • Hi Barb…ON the seat in full view…I was lucky someone didn’t smash the window.

  9. Oh Granny it seems to me tat you need someone to look after you. Sit down, take a deep breath, pour a glass of wine and look at your lovely beach. works for me every time.:)

    • good morning Judith…the wine worked but a good night’s sleep worked even better.

  10. Nice pic.
    Incidents like that feel as if they have removed many years from one’s life!

  11. Oh, how I hate that moment when you notice your wallet isn’t where it supposed to be. I always carried my wallet in my back pocket but as this old body ages, carrying it there gets my sciatica going, so I switched it to my side pocket. It’s been months since I changed but after sixty-something years the other way, at least once a week I think it’s gone. Love your beach. I don’t have one here but I think I WILL have a glass of wine

    • Hi Bud…those are pictures out of my archives…really miss that beach so much…can’t wait to get to Cape Town in December.

  12. I did a similar thing Friday, misplaced the key to the pettycash and I had a panic attack when I imagined the boss shaking his head and me telling him no casuals can be hired to off load all the trucks coming because we cannot reach the cash. After I had a quiet word with myself to calm down I retraced my steps and there it was in plain sight. It was a great relief and luckily only I knew what had happend.

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