Posted by: granny1947 | October 28, 2013

Granny feels a nap attack coming.

Hello All.

This is so weird.
I can’t get into my blog when I open up WP.
For some reason it won’t let me put in my password.
However, is I go via someone else’s blog I can do it.
Also, I can’t download any pics.
This is disconcerting.
You know how I love to post photos.

Hmmmm…I wonder if I can copy and paste a picture onto this Word document.
Wait…I shall try.


Ok…I have it on this document.
Now we will have to see if it will copy onto my post.
Hold thumbs.

And no….it didn’t work.

The leaking eyeballs have come to an end.
However, I nearly had a leak of a different kind last night.

Those of you who have been following me for some time will know a little about Mex.
He has a phobia about creepy crawlies.
Any creepy crawlies.
Especially spiders.

At two o’clock this morning he got up to go to the loo.
Our room is never in total darkness as the folks have a spotlight at their front door.
Which is at right angle to our place.
As he came back to bed I heard him say OMG.
There, just above his side of the bed, was a big rain spider.

I tried to persaude him to ignore it.
Assured him it would scuttle off somewhere.
A complete and utter waste of breath.
Out came the Doom.
I told him that if he sprayed it where it was it would drop down behind our bed.
And we would then have a very pissed off spider roaming around.
He listened.
Then told ME to move the spider.

Now I don’t really mind rain spiders.
But I don’t actually want to TOUCH them.
And I couldn’t  reach it to put a bowl over it.
So I got a broom and gently tried to nudge it.
At which point it took off and did a very fast sprint across the ceiling.

Mex gave a really girly yelp.
And, as fast as the spider had moved, Mex was faster.
He was on the other side of the room in a flash.
And I had to race to the loo before I had an embarassing accident.
Also, I didn’t want him to see I was laughing at him.
But I think he knew. 🙂

I wish there was a happy end to this story but the spider was Doomed.

Oh the upside that laugh was just what I needed.
I feel so much better.

I will be getting to all your wonderful comments just now.




  1. I also have the WP log-in problem from time to time, but I’m dashed if I remember how to get into my blog after all. So I can’t help you there.
    In my old flat I didn’t get big spiders, but I had my first big rain spider a few days ago in my new cottage. I don’t like killing things so I shoo’d him (it must be a him) off the door with a broom and nudged him back into the garden. He wasn’t a happy chappie but he was out the cottage and that’s all that counted for me.

    • Hi Pussycat…I only have that problem here at work…maybe because I SHOULD be working!

  2. just the thought of you in your nightie running around with a broom trying to capture a spider made me laugh with tears….it would have made a grand photo
    Happy to hear that life looks sunnier for you

    • It was hilarious Patrecia…love you lots.

  3. Shame poor spider! Tell Mex he is a woes and spiders eat all the other bugs that attack you in the middle of the night 🙂

    • I KNOW Chris…and he IS a woes!

  4. You see the size of the spiders here in Australia – if he lived here Mex would have something to complain about lol
    What you need is a spider hunting cat!
    Take care

    • Hi Cathy…I actually said to Mex, last night, he would never survive in Australia;)

  5. I have wordpress login on my favourites bar and whenever it locks me out I click on and insert my email address and password, not forgetting to click the box “remember me”. No you can’t copy/past pics from a word doc, but you can if you create your post in Windows Live Writer (free download).

    PS I love spiders, but sympathise with the laughter/sneezing problem!

    • Hi Viv…it is just so strange if I go to someone else it works but thanks…will save that link.

  6. Poor Mex, spooked by a spider 🙂 When I find a spider and ask OH to deal with it he asks “Why me Lord?” and I reply “What do you think I married you for, if not to kill spiders and protect me from creepy crawlies?”

    • Opposite in our house Optie…Mex is not brave.

  7. Hahaha! DOOM is the best name ever for bug spray.

    • Except for their ads when they say Doom kills bugs dead…irritates the hell out of me.

  8. My hub is like your Mex – terrified of spiders; I get the job of getting rid of them (one way or another!) Wooses!

    • We are strong women!!!

  9. Sorry Granny but I have to side with Mex on the spider issue. If they’d been made to look like ladybugs I’d have no problems with them, but they look angry, act angry, and bite. And they’re scary – notice they’re they only bug associated with Halloween!! Yuck. If they enter my house, they die. Period. No second chances. ::shudder::

    • Hehehe RD…Mex would love you!

  10. Tell him he has asked for it. The next female is going to use his hair as nest-buiding material, as poetic justice. (We have woken up on more than one occasion – in the Cape – with one of them giving haircuts!) They use leaves and stuff outside, and mostly tissue paper inside, but hair is an accepted substitute.

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