Posted by: granny1947 | October 20, 2013

Granny has a dream.

003                                                                                                                                  Come on Mom…I am ready to go!

Hello All.

I can tell when I haven’t visited my blog for a while.
There were eleven spam mails.
All in foreign languages.
I really don’t see the point???

Jasmine is finally showing her age.
I took her for a walk this morning.
We didn’t go too far.
She kept stopping to pretend she was having a wee.
But I think she needed to rest.
She also battles to get into the car.
Unless she had an adrenalin rush.
And then she makes it in one bound.

I don’t know what I shall do when she goes.
Cry a lot.
I have never had a dog with such a wonderful personality.
And so intelligent.
I swear that dog understands a great deal of what I say to her.
And she loves me.
You don’t often get that in life.



I, no longer, believe I am going to win the lottery.
I will still buy tickets.
It is nice to dream.
However, if I DID win I don’t think I would tell anyone.
I would simply pack a few special things in my car.
Of course that means Jasmine too.
And I would head for Cape Town.
Buy a small house near my beach.
I wouldn’t give anyone my address.
And I would have an unlisted phone number.
I would see my children and grandkids but on neutral ground.
I would relish my solitude.
So you see…all very selfish…which is why I won’t win.

I made a complete fool of myself the other day.
Not unusual.
But I will save that little gem for my next post.




  1. Fingers crossed for Jasmine and the lottery!

    • Thanks Viv…you have no idea how much I want to leave here!

  2. Try your best to give Jasmine what she unconditionally gave you – love.

    • Oh I don’t have to try Newsey…love that dog to bits.

  3. good to see you back. I have such a wonderful memory of us going for a walk with Jasmine on her beach.

    • Those were the days Sidey…those were the days.

      • Indeed, when we could also manage getting in and out of the car

      • You are SO right…I find I am taking longer to get out the car…not mine but Mex’s.

  4. With tickets, the dream is still alive. And dreams can seem nearly as good as the reality would be.

    • Yes, one has to have a dream…but maybe I should be concentrating on making my reality into a dream?

      • Or having a second choice dream which has potential for being worked towards?

  5. The unconditional love of a good dog is special, Granny ~ and they get you out of the house even when you feel like hiding away for ever! I trust Jasmine is simply taking it a little easier, as befits her age ~ a bit like me these days! We don’t buy lottery tickets because my husband doesn’t believe we’ll ever win but if I did come into enough money I’d buy a huge house where all my family could live together (but each have their own space.) On thoughts, maybe that wouldn’t be such a great idea, given their fiery natures! 🙂

    • Hi Jacqueline…isn’t it funny…that USED to be my dream too…then reality set in…they are all so different…it would be a complete madhouse.
      My days of madhouse are over.
      Bringing up my four kids on my own and then taking on four of my grandkids has cured me. 🙂

  6. I am so sad to hear she’s getting on a bit. I love and miss you both so effing much. Please give her a pat from me. And hugs and kisses to you my friend. Love Simon.

    • Awwww Simon…I love you too my darling. I see you are now on wordpress…I shall be over for a visit soon. Big kiss and hug to Mike.

  7. Lovely to see you back – sad to hear things are no better. Jasmine is your grounding stick and will be dreaming along with you.
    That spam gobblydegook is annoying isn’t it – luckily all it takes is a little click to get rid of it. Oh if only that would work for other things in life lol
    Take care

    • Wouldn’t that be great Cathy? You are getting on my nerves…click…ooops that could be dangerous.

  8. Isn’t it funny that people worry about us being all alone when it’s one of life’s absolutely greatest pleasures? I love my solitude too. Maybe age makes us selfish. Or we’re just done with being there for everybody else.

    • Hi Lin…that is why living in this one room is killing my soul. I NEED my space. I like ME!
      I am still tied in to being there for people(my folks) but I am not doing it happily this time around.

  9. Solitude is essential for regenerating.

    The other day, a married friend waited an hour for me while I did my aquafit class. When I met her, I questioned why she chose to wait when she could have been swimming. “Because it’s the first time in ages that I had a complete hour to myself to do whatever I wanted and for however long.”

    My heart went out to her. By Gad, I have that daily and couldn’t do without it!

    • I am green with envy Souldipper. I love people but I need space an metime too.

  10. I love solitude too, but don’t get enough of it – there always seems to be someone or something pulling at me (both two legged and four legged!) I wish you could win the lottery and buy a house near your beach at Cape Town so you and Jasmine could enjoy your daily walks again. Keep buying the tickets, you just never know!

    • I know that feeling Barb. I now have to go into the house and cook supper for the inside folk. Really don’t feel like it…sigh.

  11. It sounds like you and Jasmine need to go on a retreat together and just enjoy each other’s company.

    • What a brilliant idea Optie…I wonder if they have retreats where you can bring your canine family?

  12. Jasmine would love living at the beach with you Granny – so here;s to winning the lottery

    • Hear, hear Judith…hear, hear!

  13. I would be so happy if your numbers came up, granny. Jasmine is such a sweetie dog. May she have strength for more years to come. Hugs to you. xx

    • Thanks so much AD…yes please…many more years.

  14. I’ve always dreamed of having a little cottage along a babbling brook in a quiet town that I could escape to when I needed it… every week…. 😉

    • Hi RD…I want to escape permanently!!

      • Hey RD…I just went over to your blog…looks like I am not the only one battling to blog????

  15. Awwww, she is so adorable Granny and I share the same sentiments regarding Simba. They are truly the best friends we can ever ask for and it’s wonderful to be loved by them. 🙂

    I wonder how many times did we win and the lot at the lottery changed the numbers. LOL! I would do the same hon. Let’s keep on dreaming though. Dreams do come true. 😀

    Take care hon. This side I am struggling with the flu and wish I could go to the deepest side of the ocean and drown it so it won’t bother me ever again.

    *big hugs* to you and Jasmine. xxx

    • Oh Dear Sonel…I do hope you shake that flu soon…mine has left me with an irritating little cough…you must look after yourself. Big hug.

      • Thanks Granny and I think I am at that stage because it wakes me up at 2am in the mornings. Thanks for the lovely wishes hon and wishing you the same too. *big hugs and lots of love* to you and Jasmine. xxx

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