Posted by: granny1947 | October 5, 2013

Granny and some Saturday sillies.


Hello All.

As I sit here I have not a clue as to what I am going to talk about.
Do other people do that?

We are going out just now.
Makro (which is affiliated with Walmart, I think) has some sort of R100 special thing going.
I have absolutely no interest in going.
But sometimes one has to do this sort of thing.
It is called relationship woes.

Oh good grief.
Jasmine is lying right next to me.
I gave her ONE chicken bone yesterday.
And now I am paying the price.
What a smelly Nelly.

Mex is paying for me to go down to Cape Town in December.
One of the reasons to go shopping when I don’t feel like it.
He said I should book an air ticket now.
Then I got to thinking.
I think I shall drive down.
That way I can spend the night with my eldest daughter on the way down.
Then pop over to Napier to see the daughter/granddaughter and, hopefully, my two grandsons.
AND I will have a car to get around in once I am there.
So many people to visit.
And my BEACH.
Have to go to my beach.
Watch the sun rise.
And the sunset.
See my two sons and several more grandkids.

This weekend I have to work on my Stepdad’s tax.
I did his return for him on e-filing.
It is quite a simple return to do.
It went through fine and he had to pay in a few rand which I did for him.
Last week I got an e-mail from the receiver.
They are auditing his return.
I phoned and asked them what the hell they were thinking.
Not a clever thing to do but REALLY!!!
He is 90 years old and gets a bank pension.
Why don’t they concentrate on the corrupt government officials?
Now I have to sit and scan in all his medical documents.
It is quite ridiculous.
Obviously they use NO logic when auditing.

And now Mex is ready to leave.
Have a wonderful weekend everybody.



  1. I got tired of packing and thought “What shall I do now?” I decided to read blogs and your was the first one 😉
    SARS is also chasing me for a supposed “sin” way back in 2007. I still have the paperwork. Now I only pay R100 pm as that’s all I can afford. Bugger SARS.

    • Hear, hear Pussycat…bugger them.

  2. Your ocean pictures are so lovely. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sharechair.

  3. I expect they audit every umpteenth return, as a routine. I loathe doing tax returns.
    Have a superb trip to the Cape via a raft of descendants!

    • The upside of earning so little is I will no longer have a tax problem!!

  4. That sounds like a good travel plan.
    I think SARS picks the easy ones just to get their figures up.

    • Hi Col…I think the audits come in randomly but they could look before they implement them.

  5. I often cannot think of anything to write about which is why I don’t (very often)
    going to Cape Town…wow you really will enjoy that..I wonder if you will come back?….Driving down sounds like a great idea..but will you be safe? It sounds as though it is a long way…
    Poor Jasmine…serves you right giving a lady a chicken bone! what did you expect? Bet it didn’t ‘arf pong…..
    Stay safe sweet lady, lots of love

    • Hi Patrecia…it is about 700kms but it will be easy if I stop over at my daughter for the night.
      Lots of love to you too.

  6. Oh, have fun planning your return to Cape Town in December, Granny. What a fine time you’ll have.

    • Mex is the one planning NR.
      He is already working out what he will eat while I am away. !!!

  7. Cape Town! Right on! That is the best news ever. My Geologist friend said, “Why would your friend move from Cape Town?” We agreed the question is really, “Why would anyone move from Cape Town?”

    Only because they feel they have to, we surmised.

    Can’t believe the tax people. Nope, just shakin’ my head.

    • Hi Souldipper…only people who are not playing with a full deck leave Cape Town….Granny shuffles her remaining cards.

      • As long as you hold the trump cards, it matters not how many you hold, dear friend.

  8. How exciting for you to be going to see your beach again, and your family. So happy for you. How ridiculous to pick on your stepdad for an audit. As you say, rather concentrate on the big fat fish. 😦

  9. Good for you!!! I know you will enjoy that trip. Ah the stupid taxman 😦

  10. What a gorgeous view Granny. I can see you are happy there and I am very glad for that. Chicken bones doesn’t digest in a furry’s digestive tract and that’s why the smell is so bad. LOL! Enjoy the time with the family and don’t worry, we’ve had the same problems with SARS. Seems they don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Have fun Granny and big hugs to you and Jasmine. xxx

  11. It seems if you only have a pension they want it, but they never bother with the officials that are taking millions. The prisons are full of small time crooks that can`t pay bail, and those that steal millions are let out on R2000 bail.To be number one you have to be the biggest crook ever. 🙂

    • Oh yes…you have that right…the more corrupt you are the further you go.

  12. OH Dog! An audit? I hear those things are horrible!

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