Posted by: granny1947 | September 29, 2013

Granny’s Sunday snippets

Hello All.


A short post today.
Because I have had a very quiet day.

I DID go out once.
It is Mex’s birthday tomorrow.
And I had to find a present.
Every year he says “ DON’T  buy me anything, it is just another day”
And one year I didn’t.
And I never heard the end of it.

He is the worst person to buy a present for.
Sorry Col…I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with for.
If you buy him clothes he will take them back.
In fact, just about anything you buy goes back.
So, I went off and bought him a tool for his mosaic work.
He probably doesn’t need it.
Or he has one.
He can just take the damn thing back.
I AM cooking him a big roast dinner tomorrow night.
And I will be taking him out for supper next weekend.
More than that I can’t do.

A quick question for you IT experts out there.
I pressed the follow button on someone who had paid me a visit.
Now I find they post five or six times a day.
I can’t handle that. I went back onto their blog and can’t find anywhere to unfollow.

And now I am going to have a plate of nice thick bean soup for supper.
Hope I am not going to go into competition with Jasmine.
She has been farting the national anthem lately.
And our anthem is sung in three different languages!

039There WAS another photo at the beginning of this post but it has vanished!

Wonder if I should try and insert it again?

OK…It isn’t quite where I wanted it…but does it matter?



  1. that post was hilarious…I laughed so much that the tears were arolling down my face… from beginning to was wonderful…
    Mex and his presents…by the way…Happy Birthday Mex….
    Jasmine and her symphony of farts…. and the case of the vanished photo…plus the blogger who blogs too much ( that can’t be me..not now anyway)
    Have a great day sweet lady.. we loves ya loads !

  2. I’m married to an un-present man (does that make him absent?) but I buy them anyway. He always says he wants to forget his birthdays, but we have friends who put on parties for him! You can change your “follows” usually via the email that comes with their posts. You can alter the frequency of emails eg to have a weekly digest. Also, in your wordpress settings you can manage your “follows”

  3. That post just made me laugh about Jasmine…..go into WordPress and into your Reader and you can edit all the blogs you follow there….just go to that blog and press edit…then change all the settings for how often you want the emails and comments etc….hope that helps….

    • As I just said to Col Annie…nothing seems to work on that menu for me.

  4. An absent-mindedness perhaps presents the problem?
    I never know quite what I want until I’ve got it – and then that generally isn’t it.
    Anyway, the meals should do it.
    The other impressive rocky picture has turned up.
    Your blog name on righthand side – Manage my Blogs – Reader – righthand side, ‘Blogs I Follow’ – Edit.

    • Tried all that Col….nothing happens when I click on any of the options…grrrrrrrrrr

      • Try a different platform?

  5. You can click on “following” and unfollow the blog, or you can change settings for how often you get an email. At the bottom of the email notifying you of the post you’ll see a button that allows you to change your settings.

    As for the birthday boy, why not just buy him something totally useless. Since he’s gonna take it back anyway, have some fun with it! I’d get him a hat with a big feather coming out the side. woo woo!

  6. It’s my birthday tomorrow as well – spend his present money on me! I’m always happy with whatever I receive 😀

    Happy birthday to Mex!

  7. Happy Birthday to Mex . . . and to Tilly!

    If you go to your Reader, you should find all the blogs you follow and you can adjust how often you hear from them or unsubscribe completely.

  8. What Nancy said!
    My hub is the same “Don’t buy me anything” he says – “What can you buy a man who has everything?” he says . . . so I miss one time and I never hear the end of it. lol!
    Keep buying Mex his presents and beware of Jasmine’s farts!

  9. Happy birthday to Mex. My hubby also says he doesn’t need anything, probably in the hope that I’ll say the same when it comes to my birthday. 🙂 Had to LOL at Jasmine’s musical farts. You should get an iPhone, it’s so easy to unfollow people by accident on that gadget. I’m forever doing it. Good luck. I know how annoying it is when you get half a dozen posts a day from the same blogger. 🙄

  10. The shots of those rocks are exquisite, Granny. I have a geologist friend who’s worked on your continent…wonder what he’d say about them. You are on the SouthEast coast of South Africa, right?

    I’ve stopped all email notifications. I subscribed only through Reader and when I have time, I go to Reader see what “my blog subscriptions” are up to.

    However, I read far fewer blogs these days. Same with other people…apparently. When I compare the number of subscribers to my blog against the number of visits, there’s no comparison. Maybe there’s a bunch of poor souls who don’t know how to unsubscribe! 😀

  11. This is hilarious!

  12. It is my parents 59th Wedding Anniversary today as well 😉 Thanks for the giggles, always love reading your posts. Have a good day. Lots of love Monica

  13. Whahahahahaha! I laughed out loud at the farting part Granny. That sounds so familiar. LOL! Great shots again hon. I love it and glad you are having fun. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Thanks Sonel…we had a ball.

  14. Muri and I have gotten to the point that we go shopping together for holidays because neither of us can but for each other. Well, I suppose I could buy her diamonds, but we’re at a point in our lives where we can’t be doing things like that. Yes, she agrees.

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