Posted by: granny1947 | September 28, 2013

Granny and impersonations


Hello All.

I have just woken up from a long nap.
This post might be a bit disjointed.
In other words…quite normal.
For me.

Due to popular demand…well two requests…here are a couple of photos of the inside of the cottage.
Very basic but it had everything.
In the sitting room there were two arm chairs and two single beds.
A dining room table and chairs.
And a cupboard.




The main bedroom had a double bed.
And a second small bedroom had a double bunk.
So, it sleeps six.
Would hate to be stuck in there in bad weather with four kids.
There IS an upside to getting old.





This has been an interesting sort of week.
My boss has left on holiday.
He has gone to meet his son in Bali.
His son lives in Australia.
His timing is a bit off.
They are having protests there because of the Miss World competition.
And there is going to be some meeting of world leaders.
Security is going to be a nightmare.
Hope he has fun.

While he is gone I am working seven hours a day.
And doing the buying.
Which makes a nice change from the normal tedium.
Unfortunately, business is very quiet.
The motor  industry workers have been on strike for more than three weeks.
And we do quite a bit of work for the motor industry.
If  the strike continues into next week some of our guys are going to have to go on short time.
Not a nice situation.
The strike might continue as the unions are demanding very unrealistic increases.

On Thursday I was sitting at my desk and minding my own business when I felt the skin on one side of my face pulling.
Put my hand up and felt the start of swelling.
Those of you   who have followed my blog over time will remember this has happened to me before.
On that occasion my face swelled so badly I looked like a squirrel with a month’s supply of nuts in it’s cheek.
The doctor sent me off for a scan of my face.
And there was a mix-up at the radiologists and I ended up having my one and only Mammogram.
It could happen to anyone.
I think.
Anyway, at that time, they told me that if the blockage in my salivary gland did not clear they would have to operate through the roof of my mouth.
And the next morning I was better.
I have a very powerful mind.
When it comes to cutting me open.
This time I did not rush off to the doctor.
I went down to the nearest shop and bought a packet of sour sweets.
And sucked them for the rest of the day.
It was painful but better than an operation.
By Friday morning the swelling was a lot less and by the afternoon it was almost gone.
No squirrel impersonations this time.

Finally, because this post is getting too long,  Spring has sprung.
Somewhere into the future.
We have had two days of gale force winds and rain squalls.
And the temperature has plummeted.
I don’t mind too much.
This flat is hellishly hot in summer.
Summer can take it’s time.




  1. Thank you for the photos…it looks clean and air which is what is needed when you want a rest,…saw Jasmine’s rear end!
    Strange about your face , and I could not help but giggle about the could only ever happen to you! A bag of sweets is a good remedy but it must be very worrying…sort of like The Incredible Hulk where his skin stretches and he gets bigger and bigger , then pops out of his shirt!
    always good to hear from you Granny my dear..xxxxx

    • Hi Patrecia…yes…the first time it happened I thought my face was going to burst…this time was not so bad..and no…I wasn’t worried.

  2. Glad your face is better. Are you allergic to something?

  3. I wonder what gives with these glands? I have had blockages like that on occasion, but not as severe.
    Hah! Compare that space with what is available to two adults and two children over three days of unremitting rain in a Combi (bogged down at a beach in the Transkei).

    • I don’t even want to think about it Col…an absolute nightmare!

  4. I love the rocks!
    Glad that you didn’t have to have surgery.
    Sour candy is better than getting sliced and diced any day of the week.

    I did something today that I’ve never done before. I’m pleased that I stood up and didn’t fall down!

    • You fall down often?
      I never knew that about you. 🙂

  5. And here I am thinking the cold winter can take its sweet time arriving. I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere without such drastic changes in the seasons? You take the best pictures no matter what time of year. 🙂

  6. All I’d need to live in the flat is that beautiful creature walking through the living room. Yeah to the power of the mind and a strong sour ball. Stay healthy.

    • Thanks Kelly…I shall do my best.

  7. Your normal is exceptional, Granny.
    Well done.

    • Thank you my friend.

  8. Hoi Boi – you clever thing. So glad you fixed that up. Yah, I’m also curious about what causes the gland to swell. Cheers for sour candies!

  9. Near scrape indeed, Granny. You make me laugh that sucking sweets all day solved it! Sounds scary to me though – I don’t know, I’d want an investigation.

  10. Those are stunning shots Granny and looks like you and Jasmine are enjoying it very much. Glad to hear the swelling went down. Must not be a nice feeling. Take care hon and big hugs to you and Jasmine. 😀 xxx

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