Posted by: granny1947 | September 24, 2013

Granny and the weekend continued.



Hello All.

I was fascinated by the rocks above.
You are going to see more of them.

Our cottage was very basic but it had everything we needed.
I took photos but have decided they really aren’t too interesting.
Being so close to the sea was wonderful.
Except the sea air knocked me out.
I was asleep by seven thirty on both nights.
Of course, it could also have been the wine.

I went to school about forty five minutes from Port Alfred.
The place where we stayed.
We used to go down there on Sundays for afternoon tea.
It was a sleepy little hamlet.
Not anymore.
Look at the picture below.
Massive houses….how the other half live.
It has changed out of all recognition.
Shopping malls and supermarkets abound.





On Sunday we went to the beach again.
This time Mex came with.
And we took the easier route.
Which wasn’t all that easy either.
We won’t be going there again.
I want to go somewhere that I can have a gentle stroll to the beach.
Not a place for sixty somethings.
I discovered calf muscles I never knew I had.
I am too old to be discovering new body parts.





Yesterday, I took Jasmine to the vet.
The poor thing got very excited when I put her in the car.
Thought we were going to the beach again.
The vet and I decided to leave the growth for a while longer.
Jasmine has a very slight heart murmur and the start of cataracts.
All age related and nothing to be concerned about.
The vet says she is in excellent condition.
For a girl her age.



  1. Love those rocks!

  2. Me too Elaine…took about twenty shots of them!

  3. Just think how fit you’ll be after climbing all those dunes. Good news for Jasmine.

    • I don’t know how fit…sore yes.

  4. Is that Mex’s butt ?

  5. can we see just one pic of the inside of your holiday home….you just wait till you get to seventysomething then you’ll know what aches and pains are…but yes, I can understand seeing how you keep climbing sand mountains.
    actually Mex’s butt is not too bad!
    Poor Jasmine..unfortunately it comes to us all sooner or later..called old -age.
    Our Rosie is 12 and has cancer in her rear end, and cataracts, and can’t hear to well(except food) but she has had a good life and although the end will be sad and we shall miss her so much I would not like her to be in pain or suffer in anyway. So when she can no longer go to the loo or does not want to eat..we shall have her put to sleep. The vet said that there is nothing to be done so there is no alternative…xxxxx
    That is the down side of having pets!

    • Hi P….Mex hardly HAS a butt…very annoying…makes mine look bigger..
      Just for you I shall post a couple of the inside of the cottage.

  6. Those rocks are fascinating! I’d love to see the whole underwater structure (yes, my archaeology side does segue into geology….). I’m glad you had such a nice time, you deserve that and so much more. Great to hear that Jasmine is in such good condition – how old is she now?

    • Hi RD…she is going on eleven so I have been very lucky with her. She does not look or act her age though she has slowed somewhat.

  7. That top shot is ACES! Reminds me of the coast of Maine . . .

    Glad that you all had such a lovely getaway ~ Jasmine too.

    • Thanks NR…it was just what I needed…except for the climbing.

    • I am so glad I am not the only one who loved the rocks!

  8. Glad Jasmine is doing okay.

    • Thanks Maire…I was very relieved.

  9. Love the rocks!!!

  10. They really should stop people from putting these cathedrals right on the beach.
    You wouldn’t like our access. After those massive seas washed away one of our dunes a few years back, we also have one of those steep climbs. Keeps one fit!

  11. Glad Jasmine is doing so well for her age – the beach would have been an inspiration for her (and you!) in spite of the climb!
    Looking forward to seeing some pics of the inside of the cottage.

    • Hi Barb…wonder why I had to approve you again???
      Have posted some pics just for you and Patrecia.

  12. Hello, Granny. Well, I’m trying to get out more again so hopefully I’ll be stopping by. What I love about rocks in the ocean is the wave crashing over them.

    • Hi Bud…I know just how you feel…I have been finding it very difficult to get back in the swing of things.

  13. I belong to a small town too and every time I go back home, I see the landscape changing.Quiet homesteads with those lovely old houses , each with a personality of its own are being demolished one by one and mutli-storied residential complexes coming up. The quaint old shops are all glittering shopping arcades now and so on. The youngsters are so thrilled that things have finally started changing. For an oldie like me, I’d have preferred to hang on to the way it was. Glad Jasmine is fine and glad you are having a good time.

    • Hi Nadira…I hear just what you are saying. I liked it when it was a sleepy little village and not a playground for the rich.

  14. Ah the smell of the salty sea makes me sleep good too. So why in the hell I don’t live there is a mystery to me! The rocks look like elephants laying on their sides in the waves. Glad that you are at the beach again, you lucky dog you.

    • Hi Linda…it was great while it lasted. Thank heavens we did not go this weekend…we would have blown away!

  15. We don’t have a lot of rocks on beaches in Florida. Which makes it less interesting yet quite soft. 😉

    • Hi Lisa…I am crazy about waves breaking on rocks…can wait for ages to get the right picture.
      I haven’t finished your book yet.
      I was really enjoying it when my 90 year old Dad discovered he could read quite well on my e-reader.
      I have not had the heart to get it back from him!

  16. Do I dare mention I climbed a mountain a week ago – or will you ignore the comment? Went for my breathing test 2 days later and my lungs have not changed for five years. To me, that’s really good news – that means my hiking pays off. Dang COPD. I don’t want to end up carting an oxygen tank in my last decade of life!

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