Posted by: granny1947 | September 23, 2013

Granny goes mountain climbing.


Hello All.

And, we are back.
Safe and sound.
And in a bit of pain.
But more of that later.

Jasmine was besides herself when she realised she was going with us.
She panted non-stop for two frigging hours.
I don’t know if it was excitement or concern.
She went from one side window to the other.
Dripping doggy saliva on us as she brushed past us.
I didn’t mind too much but Mex was underwhelmed.

The above picture was the view from our cottage.
Please note the thick bush.
Oh brother.
I constantly wondered what wild life was ogling me.

We left at about twelve on Friday.
We had a major power failure at work so I got away early.
There  was a howling gale and a bit of rain.
And I thought “shyte”
However, by the time we arrived there the clouds had lifted.
Not so the wind.
Too windy to light a fire.
So we changed our plans and went back into town and bought a fabulous pizza.
And I decided the beach would have to wait for the next day.

I am sorry but I think this is going to be quite a long post.
Try to pay attention.

When we arrived the owner gave me a map.
Told me not to take the nearest path to the beach as there was a big sand dune.
Of course, when Jasmine and I went to the beach in the morning I didn’t take the map.
And chose the wrong gate.
Not knowing where the other gate was I thought “what the hell, how difficult can this be?”
Oh my God…it was a small mountain.
I knew I was in trouble when Jasmine took three steps up and slid back two. I got about three quarters of the way up when I overbalanced and nearly slid into the bush.
I managed to sit upright again.
And tried to look nonchalant and that I had intended to stop and look at the view.
I eventually made it to the top…gasping for air.
And took this photo of the other side of the dune.





What you can’t see is the sheer drop where Jasmine is standing.
So I took this one to give you an idea.
Thought I might have to spend the weekend sitting on the dune.
But eventually took a deep breath and slid down.
And made a very unladylike landing.





Now this post IS getting too long so I will continue tomorrow.

I’ll end off with a picture of one very, very happy dog.





  1. ALWAYS follow instructions, however daft they seem!

    • I KNOW Viv…just didn’t think about it when I left.

  2. so glad that you got there safely..even if you were a bit slobbered!
    it looks just like your old beach and this is why Jasmine has such a big grin on her face.
    That was very brave of you to climb a mountain….not funny for you,,,but it is funny the thought of you sliding down a sand dune on your rearend.
    Your posts can never be too long..they are always interesting as well as informative

    • Hi There Patrecia…I could have gone on for ages but I know I am put off when posts are too long…I am glad I couldn’t see myself landing at the bottom of the dune!

  3. That climb was worth it for the view, and I would have conjured up the same nonchalant air, if I’d been caught overbalancing into the bushes. You really made me smile, picturing you sliding down that dune. What fun! 🙂 Fabulous pic of Jasmine smiling her doggie head off. *hugs*

    • Hi AD…I just love that pic of Jasmine.

  4. What fabulous photos. I particularly like the first one – the light in it is fantastic.

    • Thanks Elaine…I have about fifty more…be prepared.

  5. I can just picture it! Did you manage to laugh at yourself, though?
    Jasmine looks ecstatic! One happy puppy.

    • I didn’t have the wind to laugh but I did smile!

  6. I am sorry but I think this is going to be quite a long post.
    Try to pay attention.

    Bwahaha . . . fooled ya! We hang on every word, even while you are sliding down the wrong side of a too tall for you dune! :mrgreen:

    • Luckily the only thing that got hurt was my dignity.

  7. That hard slog over the sand dune was well worth it to see Jasmine smiling like that – pure happiness!

    • Isn’t that just lovely to see Barb?

  8. Thanks for the giggle, and I see Jasmine joined in 😉
    Have a lovely day K

    • Thanks love…yes, I reckon she was laughing at me!

  9. Due know, that kind of dune no stranger to me!
    Oh, what an absolute picture of doggy delight that is!

    • Hi Col…yes and she came back and slept like a log….one exhausted and happy mutt.

  10. Yike the sand dune! But look at that gorgeous doggy face full of joy. Love that Jassy!

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