Posted by: granny1947 | August 28, 2013

Granny and water, water nowhere!


Hello All.

Yes, by tomorrow I shall be a smelly Nelly.
We have had quite an interesting few days. On Sunday a water pipe burst down the road.
The municipality turned our water off.
And only turned it back on Monday evening.|
I had a luke warm shower .
But it wet.
And it was good.

This morning we woke up to no water again.
And we still have no water. Apparently, water was gushing down our road. Our government do not believe in maintenance.
They only rush to fix things when they break.
And they don’t do it too well.

On the upside we have a small pool.
So we are using buckets of pool water for the toilet.
It is great fun.

I am able to handle this quite well.
If you have read my memory posts(I must really get back to those) you will know I have been in this situation before.
No water AND no electricity.
Mex is not handling it too well.
I think, if they don’t turn the water back on tomorrow, he will be booking into a hotel.

Also, on the upside, my cold is on it’s way out.
But Mex has caught it.
And he is not a happy chappy.

Also on the upside, my phone is now working again.
And my internet is working nicely…touch wood.
So, the ups outweigh the downs.
And there is always deodorant.

Our weather has been brilliant.
And the days are getting longer.
And there have been some incredible sunrises when I am on my way to work.
However, a huge coldfront has hit Cape Town.
And it should be here tomorrow.
So, we won’t be celebrating Spring quite yet.
They are forecasting rain and cold for the next three days.
I shall just stay in bed.



  1. Hiya smelly Granny…at least you are feeling a bit better….no water, oh dear that is not good.we could parcel some up for you…
    Your whole life seems to be on a downward spiral…..l do hope that things will change
    You are still in my prayers xxxxx

    • Thanks so much P….actually, I feel quite upbeat tonight…it must be the odour!!

  2. Remember the darn water restrictions some years ago!
    The weather was lovely in KZN, too. I’m waiting for some spring rains, though.

    • Hi Pussycat…I don’t think these are Spring rains on their way….don’t think winter has given up yet.

  3. Water big nuisance!
    Hmmm… Our side, they don’t do maintenance, but they certainly don’t rush to fix things when they bust. Crawl is more like it.
    You should be less generous with your colds.
    Oh, and PLEASE blow that cold front back to Cape Town where it belongs! I don’t want any of it.

  4. I’m glad you’re feeling better Granny! I do hope you get back to your memory posts, your experiences are the stuff of novels! 🙂 (Love that tranquil photo, by the way.)

  5. In spite of your ups and downs, you sound to be uplifted today, which is a good sign. Hope you get your water turned on soon before Mex books himself into a hotel!

  6. We live in the older part of town and the pipes used to burst quite often. Hasn’t happened in quite a while though so they must have finally patched all the way through from beginning to end with new stuff. Thank goodness. Isn’t is funny how we get so used to something that so many people would love to have and we have a fit when it is gone all of a sudden.

  7. Oh, my. As if your life wasn’t full enough of challenges before. Glad you have a pool for flushing the toilets.

  8. Good lord…you are always up to something woman 🙂 good luck with the water thing though. I am with Mex on that one!!!

  9. Staying in bed seems a grand idea. Lovely talking to you the other day. Love you lots xxx

    • Love you too my friend.

  10. I guess you can’t have all your utilities working at the same time! Maybe staying in bed is an option. Sounds good to me!

    • I don’t know why Maire…we pay for the utilities!

  11. Did you enjoy the chilly spell? It was, wasn’t it?
    Hope your water is fully restored.

    • Still chilly here….would not be too bad if only this damn wind would stop!!

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