Posted by: granny1947 | August 24, 2013

Granny tries something new.


Jasmine in happier times.

Hello All.

I am definitely writing this in Word.
My internet connection is very dodgy today.
A bit like me.

So it is official.
I have a cold.
During the day I am fine.
At night I cough my lungs out.
And wake Jasmi ne.
Who then wants to go out for a widdle.
I guess I wake Mex too but he has not complained.






I am attempting to roast a chicken in the electric frying pan.
It is cooking but the skin seems to have vanished.
Think it stuck to the bottom.
I don’t go into the house over the weekend and we don’t have a stove in the flat.
I DO have an electric frying pan, a slow cooker, a microwave and a griller.
So all is not lost.
However, we might be eating a bit late tonight.

I have been taking a trip down memory lane.
I am deleting loads of photos.
And saving some to post here.
If you have seen them before, sue me.







And now let me post this.
Or try to.




  1. The weather has been dodgy enough to catch a cold, I must say.
    I have cooked a chicken in the microwave, in a cooking bag, at times. It isn’t as nicely browned as a roasted one in the oven, though.
    The pictures are still nice to look at.
    Get well soon.

    • Thank Pussycat…had a rotten night but I think I am improving.

  2. something good has gotta happen for you soon..I pray everynight…so try to be patient and all will be revealed..???
    Sorry that you have a cold, and a cough ( won’t mention smoking), but I hope that you e-pan chicken went down a treat…lots o love Granny

    • Thank you SO much for not mentioning the smoking P. 🙂
      Keep the prayers coming love.

  3. I have seen those pics before. I am ready to sue you for 10001 Zim dollars.
    To avoid further legal action pay me wityhin 3 days from date of this notice. Make sure you pay the whole amount. No rounding down or up or to the nearest busstop.
    Good that the chicken skin disappeared. I’ll come to have dinner with you. I simply hate things like chicken and fish skin and pork crackling. I don’t like eating other peoples clothes!
    I also don’t like tongue. Don’t fancy eating something that someone else had in his/her mouth. I do like eggs though. Mmmmmm.
    Have a fun day tomorrow.

    • My goodness Krag those are all the best parts!!!!
      Just how much is 10001 Zim dollars these days…wonder if you can buy a toffee with it?

  4. Granny, I think these “replay” photos are a promise of things to come.

    You are on my mind, Granny – just waitin’… The door is going to open.

    • I hope so Amy…just need to get myself fit first.

  5. My Mum had an electric frying pan and swore by it. She even brought one back to the UK with her but the plug was the wrong size so she couldn’t use it. She never got around to changing it.

    • Hi Linda…I don’t use mine all that much. The chicken fell apart but it was a bit oily…strange…I didn’t use any oil!

  6. Not going into “the house” on the weekends is a start . . . just extend that edict to weekdays and your “home free.” 😛

    Hope your cough dies down soon.

    • Oops . . . you’re “home free”

    • When I don’t go in they buy takeaways or eat rusks and coffee!!
      By the by…my brother is quite capable of cooking a meal…too damn lazy.

  7. I don’t think anyone here will mind any “old times” photos from your beautiful days by beach, we all love them. Wishing you all much happiness and health very soon.

    • Thanks Linda…hope all is well with you.

  8. I love the photos from your beautiful beach, so I don’t mind reruns! I don’t have the discipline to delete older photos, but I need to do *something* to keep them more secure. I hope your cold goes away quickly.

    • Hi Rd…I am only deleting duplicayes of the beach…I still have thousands…I mean it…thousands! I have mine saved on an external hard drive.

  9. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing.

    • And thank YOU for the visit!

  10. *blur as meerkat dashes through*

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