Posted by: granny1947 | August 18, 2013

Granny sleeps… a lot!


Hello All.

What has been happening to WordPress while I have been away?
What is with these ads that flash constantly?
And irritate the hell out of me.
Who is this Asian woman looking for a man?
She, sure as hell, isn’t going to find one on my blog.
The last time I looked I was all female.
And, what is with the mail waiting to be opened?
And the damn female telling me I have mail.
There is no way I am going to open it.
Come on WordPress….a touch of class is called for.

I now have flu.
OK…maybe it is just a cold coming on.
A nasty cough and a bit of a temp.
Have spent the whole of yesterday reading a couple of pages of my book and sleeping.
A lot.
Which might explain why I am blogging at two fifteen in the morning!
On the upside it is the right weather to be sick.
There is a howling gale and a bit of rain.
And it is freezing.

I am a little concerned.
There is a tree right next to my car.
With this gale I hope it doesn’t land ON my car.
That would take my irritation to a whole new level.

I must thank you guys for all the support and advice.
I really appreciate it no end.
I have gone quiet.
When I go quiet, watch out.
I am weighing things up.
Jasmine is my problem.
So many places won’t take dogs.
And she HAS to come with me.
Oh well, I shall work it all out.

And now I shall take one step to the side.
And get into bed.
God, I hate this place.




  1. I hope that the tree behaves itself . . . you’ve enough on your plate as it is without adding “crashed car” into the mix.

    Feel better. Mull things over. And don’t worry about that Asian Woman . . . she’ll just have to find a man somewhere else.

    • So far so good NR…tree and car in one piece.
      I don’t understand why no-one else has these stupid ads!

  2. It’s good to mull things over – sometimes you see the same thing but in a different light, which might help you in your current predicament. I hope so. We are all worried about you. Dead right about Jasmine – she HAS to go wherever you go.
    Hopefully the tree has good strong roots . . .

    • Jasmine coming with me is a no brainer Barb…I am her Mommy!

  3. Not taking Jasmine would be the final straw. She HAS to go with you. I am sending positive vibes across the world so that you may find a place to settle and rest. Remember your buddies in the blogging world are all thinking of you,

    • Thanks Judith…it means so much.

  4. Strange that you should have flashing ads, and improper mail on your WP page. I hope your flu goes away soon.

    • NO…what is strange is that YOU guys don’t have them…what have I done to upset WP???

      • Maybe you’re still too sexy for your shirt 😉

  5. Sterkte and lots of hugs xxx

  6. Go somewhere without Jasmine! No-way…it just could not happen and will not happen. Come to Bulgaria! I have spare beds and dogs for Jasmine to play with and hot weather and cats….
    I like to mull things over, toss them around, filter out, and then find out what is left..that then is the right answer…
    I am so sorry that you are not well ..which is hardly surprising considering how run-down your health must be. Living in those conditions is not condusive to heath or happiness so something must change.
    I pray for you each night so something WILL happen

    • Keep those prayers coming Patrecia…I am sure they will help.

  7. You might have some malware on your computer Granny. I don’t see any ads or popups. Hope you feel better soon hon. Lots of fluids and rest and to hell with the ones that want food. They are not invalids. I am working hard on winning the lotto then I will buy this house and the flats next door and you and Jasmine can come and live here for free Granny. Stuff those people who are making things so difficult for the two of you. Love & Hugs to you and Jasmine. xxx

    • Oh wow…please win the darn lottery…I am having no luck.
      By the way…where do you live????

      • Oh, I will Granny. 🙂
        We live in Hartbeespoortdam. Not as great as the beaches you are used to but it’s beautiful here by the dam. 😀

  8. You will find somewhere that will take Jasmine, I’m sure. About the popups. You might have some malware on your computer. Run an anti-virus on it and see if it doesn’t get rid of them. I don’t see any of that stuff. I hope things get better for you. I worry about you.

    • Now I have a photo of a really ugly man with a HUGE belly…something about food that kills..tsk

  9. People don’t understand why I live in the shabby trailer park. Aside from being affordable, this is the only place in town that allows pets. And I need my cats’ companionship a hell of a lot more than I need people to approve of my address. Good luck!

    • I wouldn’t swap Jasmine for anyone…unconditional love.

  10. That’s right. Our dogs would never leave us on purpose so we should never leave them. Far too many people do at the slightest stupid excuse. Hugs to you.

  11. Actually, Jasmine is doing you a favour. Any place that doesn’t take dogs isn’t worth staying at, so she is pre-vetting them for you.

  12. I hope you feel better soon Granny! You’re doing the right thing by sleeping as much as your body tells you to. I see your sense of humor has returned too – that’s always a good sign! Good luck in your search; I agree with colonialist about places that don’t take dogs.

  13. Good grief, your computer is also sick, Gran. I installed Microsoft Security Essentials about six months ago (maybe a lot longer). No problems – it is wonderful and was free to download. Anyway get your computer checked out soon.

    • Yes, Adee…will get someone to look at it soon…the computer AND my landline…such a noisy line….can’t talk to anyone.

  14. I’m also not seeing any ads or pop-ups Granny. A good long think is what is required it seems, perhaps time to put yourself (and Jasmine) first for a change 🙂

    • I am getting them all over Optie…think it is something to do with Grouponads….cannot find out how to get rid of them.

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