Posted by: granny1947 | August 15, 2013

Granny and the last pity post


Hello All.

My goodness….another post.
Well, we ARE expecting rain tonight.

I thought I had found a place to live.
I got so excited.
A granny flat three times the size of this one.
I e-mailed right away.
And then they suddenly withdrew the AD.
I was crushed.
OK…not true.
I was disappointed.
It was probably just as well.
Mex appears to have withdrawn his support.
Souldipper…you are so right…I am on my own…I have to plot my own future.
First on the agenda is to find a second job.
I need to make a bit more money.
Ok…I need to make a LOT more money.

Tonight I just could not face being inside.
I cooked their supper and left.
Have no idea what I am going to eat but don’t really care.
Mex is in there with him.
Looking after his comfort zone.
He has no idea just how much I hate being here.
How much I hate not being in control of my own life.
Everyone pulling at my elastic.
Which is SO near to snapping.

My poor younger son phoned me this evening.
I ended up bawling my eyes out.
Was he sorry he phoned.
Bless him.

Ok…enough for today.
Tomorrow I shall post again.
I shall look for funny things in my life.
And share those with you.
The pity party is now officially over.



  1. What does one say? I don’t really like what is happening to you. Just pressed the “Like” button to show that I was here.
    Strength! I hope it all turns out OK.

    • Thanks Krag….nice to know you are there.

  2. I agree with Krag…what can I do to solve your problem except be here. My heart breaks for you and to know that you are do sad. Come and live with me and you can bring Jasmine

    • Oh I wish I could P….I would love to just run away!

      • pack up your bags, put jasmine on her leash, get a plane and come to Bulgaria

    • Hehe..that sounds great P…..not sure how Jasmine would handle being in quarantine though!

      • if she has all had all her rabies injections then she will no longer need quarantine

      • if she has all had all her rabies injections then she will no longer need quarantine

      • Ahhhh but the big question…would I be able to find work?
        And where IS Bulgaria? 🙂

      • Eastern Europe over near Russia…not sure about the work

      • My grandmother was born in Russia…I might just fit in!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear things are not good. If I had a magic wand I would be happy to wave it for you.

    • Thanks so much Elaine…I will get over this.

  4. Well . . . maybe you can run away (leaving Mex in charge of them and his comfort zone).

    • That is such a good plan NR….

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that Mex isn’t being supportive anymore. But I think it’s great that you’re making a plan for escape and for a better future. That’s the first step to getting control of your life back. You have a great support system here in all of us – even if we can’t be there with you in person, we’re there with you in spirit and heart. I look forward to the day when you’re a happy Granny again. But in the meantime, this is a great place to pour out all the frustrations and difficulties. xoxo

    • Thanks RD….you guys have been GREAT!

  6. Home should be a safe, soft place to fall Granny and it sounds like it is anything but. I wish you lots of luck in finding another place to live where you can be happy once more. ((Hugs))

    • Thanks Optie….don’t know which is worse…a job that bores me to tears or not wanting to come home.

  7. I’m sad that Mex has withdrawn his support Granny; I think you will have to take the bull by the horns and in your own words “start to plot your own future”. It would seem that is your only option, unfortunately.
    We will always be here for you, so shout away if you feel like it, we all need a sounding board at times like this.

    • Thanks so much Barb. Mex has asways been afraid to leave HIS comfort zone.

  8. Go Granny!! We are here cheering you on no matter what!!! xoxo

    • Watch this space Princess!

  9. Strength to you and lots of hugs xxx

    • Thanks love…must go over to your blog to see what you have been up to.

  10. Oh sweet Granny, I wish I could just come and fetch you and Jasmine and look after the 2 of you. Hoping you will find a gorgeous place soon hon. Maybe there was a good reason why you didn’t get that one. Thinking of you. 😀 *big hugs*

    • You are right Sonel…everything happens for a reason…don’t think moving somewhere in this town is going to make me happy…I need a whole new start.

      • Yes, it’s terrible if you live in a place where you’re not happy Granny but you will see, everything will work out. Just hang in there hon. One of these days…
        *big hugs*

      • 🙂

  11. Kathy, you’re right. You need to take control of your life. I hope you are able to find a place of your own soon. I’m sure you will find something in short order. Sending prayers your way.

    • Thank you Maire…keep the prayers coming.

  12. Something certainly has to give. Your environment seems to have become soul-destroying. ‘Twould seem you are a worm that needs to become a mamba-with-attitude!.

    • Or a Boomslang with balls?

      • Not quite fast and deadly enough!

  13. Granny, your heart has been in Cape Town. Do you have a landing pad there? Just so you can take a deep breath and regroup?

    • I have been wracking my brains about that Amy….my boys are not an option.

  14. Oh Granny my heart weeps for you. I have only just seen this sad post – hopefully things are looking up now, Sending hugs your way from NZ,

  15. Thanks so much Judith… will all come right soon.

  16. Missed this post as I was travelling. So sorry that the granny flat didn’t work out. Holding thumbs that your life will turn around very soon. xx

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