Posted by: granny1947 | June 23, 2013

Granny has a busy and good time


Sunrise taken from the hotel.

Hello All.

I have just checked when last I blogged.
THREE weeks ago.
My goodness.
And gosh.

My daughter and grandson went back home.
Daughter with a very sore finger.
She slammed it in the front door.
She will lose the nail.
Silly girl.
Grandson was still very unsure of me when they left.
Though he liked my brother.
Actually, he seemed to like everyone except me!
I will survive the rejection.

I have also seen my eldest son, my daughter in law and my 8 year old granddaughter.
They flew up here.
Spent one night and then hired a car and drove to East London.
Spent one night there and came back here for a night and flew back to Cape Town.
It was wonderful to see them.
On the other hand my son is hugely overweight and I am very worried about him.




My daughter is far too thin and I am concerned about her.
Does one ever stop worrying about one’s kids?

Also, Mex and I spent FIVE glorious days at the five star hotel.
It was wonderful
Oh that shower…..
I showered at every opportunity.
When I win the lottery I shall buy a piece of ground overlooking the sea.
Then I shall build a bathroom.
THEN I will think of the rest of the house.









Talking about the lottery.
On Friday I got three numbers AND the powerball.
Two numbers off 20million.
I won the grand sum of R443.00.
A practice run for the big one.
Can’t put this old heart under too much strain.
I would be very pissed off if I won and had a heart attack!

Yes, it has been a time of reunions.
Last weekend some old friends down for the long weekend with their kids and we had coffee.
Yesterday, I met my best friend for coffee.
She and her husband are on their way back to Cape Town after visiting the family farm.
I am meeting her for lunch tomorrow.
We have been friends for 55 long years.
I love her to bits.

Seeing everyone has helped the home sickness.
Or made it worse.
I am still trying to process that.

And finally, one just for Souldipper.
Part of the 100 elephants we were lucky to see.



  1. Nice little Lotto win. Remember the Zulus say: “Bietjie, bietjie maak meer”

    • Hi Krag….yep…working my way up.

  2. It’s nice that you’ve been able to have your family to visit. It’s true. We never stop worrying about them no matter how old they get.

    • Yes maire…and I think I am right to be worried!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time but no, judging by my parents, you never do stop worrying about your kids

    • I suppose it goes with the territory Longlife.

  4. It never stops, had a crap 2013 with my kids so far, hope it gets better!

  5. The hotel looks fit for a princess!
    I’m lucky in that I don’t have to worry about my kids. Instead they sometimes worry about me. I can’t wait to go and live closer to them, but I have to be patient. The market for selling a property is still not good.
    I’ll leave the Lotto playing to you, I’m not the lucky kind.

    • It is a great hotel…hope they come up with another special soon…love the break.

  6. I don’t know how the previous message got posted under my own name. Hahaha.

    • me confused too!

  7. What a fun time. My parents have a fabulous shower! Not fancy but the water pressure is so much better than mine at home and shower head setting is marvelous. I want to just sleep in there.

    Glad to hear that you are having so much fun.
    Such cute elephants.

  8. Sounds like you’re having a grand and glorious time of it.


  9. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. I love the idea of a plot of land overlooking the see with only a bathroom. Might become a tourist attraction.

  10. Ah…it’s good to have you back πŸ™‚

  11. Sounds like you are having an awsome time there Granny and I am glad to hear you did won something on the Lotto. Maybe they are not such a scam after all. Yeah, I would be pissed for sure if I win R20 million and have a heart attack too. LOL! But I think hubby and the kids would be glad..hahahaha

    Have fun sweetness and *big hugs*

  12. Nice to see you on the blogs again Granny, you really must share your secret about how you come to enjoy all these 5 star hotel stays ;). I agree that we never stop worrying about our children, no matter how grown-up they are.

  13. How wonderful that you got to see your family and friends! I doubt that we ever stop worrying about our kids. Mine is 26 and already she’s asking when I’ll stop worrying. I always say, “When I’m dead, and even then….” πŸ˜‰ Beautiful photos, gorgeous hotel!

  14. Glad you had such a great break. Poor little ellie lost in a forest of trees…! I’m getting a bit sick of trying to log in to WPress – two, sometimes three, tries before I’m successful!

  15. And Soul Dipper is very pleased indeed! I adore those intelligent creatures. It’s a good thing I don’t have to be around anyone who harms or abuses these them…lest I became a raging maniac. I know I can hate when I hear of these ugly acts… I’m very much against zoos ESPECIALLY now with the internet and loads of travel.

    Thank you for showing me a herd of elephants in their own territory where they are free to be elephants!! And happy ones.

    There, the rant is over. I’m so glad you are being visited by family and are staying in a 5 star hotel and connecting with friends tried and true!

    I’m the one who is remiss about responding to emails. Good grief, I’m over the moon you remembered my name… XO

  16. I am, as you may have noticed, just a teeny bit behind in reading blogs.
    Glad you had some good family time and some good good time! Talking of which, grandson will come round fast when he identifies grannies as a source of goodies.

  17. Ouch, your poor daughter. Glad you had a good time with your family. xx πŸ™‚

  18. It was great to see you again love you lots xxx

  19. Granny, been doing a quick catch up on your blog…so lovely for you to see family and I see you have been busy in the wilds around PE. Lovely! Its been a while since you blogged. I hope you are OK! I’ve lost your cell no. Have written a message via facebook so please check your inbox. Much love xxxx

  20. So, are you ever going to post again? miss you… πŸ™‚

  21. Wow, so this is what you’re up to these days! Granny, you have a very full life.

    I’m sorry re your daughter though. Given I used to starve myself, I can’t help but feel concern too. Good luck with that.

  22. I became a granny recently and am loving it. Have relocated too to B’lore where my daughter lives so that she can leave her kid with me when she goes off to work. In the familiarisation phase now. I think we’re going to get along just fine , although he is going to keep me on my toes I can see. And he is just 8 months old now. Oh these bonds. Do we ever want to be free of them even as we crib ? πŸ™‚
    Hope you win that lottery granny:-)

    • Hi Nadira…congrats on becoming a Gran…there is nothing like it.

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