Posted by: granny1947 | May 5, 2013

Granny says “sorry kids”


Hello All.

Yes, I am having to eat humble pie.
For those of you who have not been following my blog for too long…  a little insight.

For five years I had four of my grandkids living with me.
Apart from the financial implications, most of it was fun.

I remember a recurring refrain.
“ Granny I am bored”
My stock reply was…only unintelligent people get bored.
Read a book.
Go and play outside.

So, it appears I have lost my intelligence.
I think I left it in Cape Town.
I am so bored I want to go to work tomorrow.
And I don’t like my job.
Sorry kids.
And I can’t even blame rampant hormones.
Well, I don’t THINK I can.

There has been some excitement in this beautiful country of ours.
I don’t know how much you saw on overseas news broadcasts.
We have an Indian family living here.
The infamous Gupta’s.
Our president’s son is a director for several of their companies.
Our president’s (one) wife works for them. They know what is happening in the government before our ministers do.
And they had a wedding for their daughter in Sun City.

Their jet, carrying 200 guests, landed at our military airbase.
Apparently, without permission.
And they were given a huge police escort to Sun City.
As afforded to royalty.
Which they aren’t.

People are being suspended.
The main fall guy being the chief of Protocol.
I didn’t even know we had one.
Somehow, I don’t think he has the clout to over-rule the ministers of defence, police and revenue.

We are told the president had nothing to do with it.
By his office/spin doctor.
The president himself is conspicuous by his absence.
Come on government we have brains.
We can think for ourselves.
Well, some of us can.

The question is…are there enough ministers with the balls to do the right thing?


  1. Just another example of the reasons that I loathe politicians. As for “do something” – try quilting, a very soothing but productive pastime.

    • Quilting??? Hmmmm….don’t think so.

  2. Hey lady. Small correction. The government’s people have brains. The government is braindead, their bodies just haven’t gotten the memo yet. 😉 Least that’s the way I see this country. Good to hear from you, Granny. Now go read a book or play outdoors!

    • Hi Morgue…it is dark out there but I am on my way!!

  3. Love that view Granny and I think you miss the grandkids. 🙂 Question is : do they have balls? 😆
    Have a great evening hon and big hugs to you and Jasmine. Mwah! xxx

    • Hi Sonel…well most of them DON’T…the women anyway…but the African women(for the most part) seem to think the dancing buffoon is just great.

      • They have absolutely no taste. LOL! Take care hon and hug Jasmine for me please. 🙂

  4. I don’t know how you can say you are bored. . . always interesting catching up with you Granny!

    • Believe me KLRS….I am VERY bored.

  5. I’m loving this Guptagate story unfolding. I see Malema has jumped on the band wagon too. 😀

    • Hi AD…don’t think he could resist.
      The scary part was he made sense!!!

  6. Glad I’ve been to preoccupied to be aware of this … this … this.

    • You are right Col…there are no words for this mess.

  7. So . . . you’re looking forward to Monday morning?
    That says something about how you view your current living arrangements.

    Work = ESCAPE!

    Having had my mother living with us for 2 1/2 months, I understand completely.

    I longed for ESCAPE!

    • Oh NR…sometimes I just want to put Jasmine in the car and DRIVE.

      • Yup. I get that. One day I went “walkabout” . . . I could not make myself return home.

        And when I did go home, hours later, I locked myself in the bedroom, crawled into bed, and pulled the covers over my head.

  8. Guptagate is a fascinating saga of abuse of influence, Methinks the Guptas have taken over from Shaik in bank rolling Zuma!

    • Absolutely Optie…I wonder how many of those directorships of his son are a cover for Zooma.

  9. In the States, we haven’t heard about your Guptas. They sound quite corrupt. We have our own version of corrupt politicians. Quite a few of them, really. They emerge every few months and everyone gets riled up and then it all goes away until the next corrupt politician gets caught.
    I take it that you no longer have the grandkids living with you. It’s your turn to be bored. You are allowed boredom. With your folks living in the same house, you are bound to get bored, I think. I understand. I felt that way even spending the weekends with my mother. I’m ashamed to say.
    I hope it gets better. I do.

    • Hi Maire…no need to feel ashamed…it was perfectly normal.

  10. What we tell the kids when they are young always seems to come back and bite us in the behind when we are older. 🙂

  11. Nice to see you back again, Gran. I think what you miss most is the beautiful environment in which you lived… the sea with all its moods and walking Jasmine on the beach. That was the theme of most of your posts and you need to find a new theme/hobby to write about. Your photo’s were outstanding – maybe that’s the answer… only you can find out, lol.

  12. Politicians, in general, are loathsome. It’s universal I guess. Very lovely pic, by the by. How can you be bored with such beauty all around you? Maybe you could sit on that beach and read?

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