Posted by: granny1947 | April 21, 2013

Granny sleeps it off


The view from ML’s Room.

Hello All.

And I am home.
And it was fun.
And I am glad it is over.

ML likes to eat at nine at night.
Which meant we didn’t finish until eleven or later .
Then I would have to drive home.
The only one on the road.
And I went through red traffic lights in certain places.
I wasn’t sitting there all alone in some of those areas.
Some evenings, by the time I had showered, it was one in the morning.
And I had to get up at five for work.
After three or four days of this I was finished.

Spending the weekend at the hotel was super.
I loved every moment of it.
ML wasn’t impressed.
She never is.
I am used to it.
I just find it sad that she can’t seem to enjoy everything like I do.

They had an Iron Man competition over the weekend I was there.
Thousands of people on the beachfront right in front of the hotel.
And ML’s room overlooked the whole thing.
The loudspeakers started at six in the morning.
My room overlooked the car park and over to the harbour.
I heard very faint voices.
Coming out of my cupboard!
Once I realised I wasn’t going crazy they didn’t worry me.

004This is the smoking bar in the hotel.
We spent quite a lot of time there.
Very elegant and peaceful.

This is the reception area.

008A really nice hotel.
The only complaint I had was the food in the hotel restuarant.
It was definitely not five star material.

I’ll show you more photos tomorrow.
Don’t want to overload you today.
Even the ladies room in the hotel.
I am easily impressed.

We drove along the coast.
And had tea and scones.
Very nice.
We spent a lot of time in the casino.
Not so nice.
Though I DID recoup some of my losses.

I had one moment of panic.
I was sitting in the car waiting for ML.
Decided to put my recharged batteries back into my camera.
Couldn’t see the plus and minus sighns.
Thought I was going blind.
Then I realised I had my sunglasses on.
Put on my reading glasses and I could see again!
Bear with me.
My eldest grandson turned 21 the other day.
They are getting old.


  1. It looks like a lovely hotel, pity the food wasn’t up to par.

    • Hi Sue…Ja… we ate there twice and I wasn’t impressed but hell, you can’t have everything!

  2. Glad you’re back. I’ve missed you. It looks like a lovely place. Too bad the food didn’t live up to the looks. I like your story about your glasses. I’ve done that. My, aren’t we getting older. Notice I didn’t say old. Just older. Looking forward to the next set of pictures.

    • Thanks so much Maire…will definitely try to post again tomorrow…must get back into the swing of things.

  3. It doesn’t exactly sound like the holiday of a lifetime! Have you gone home for a rest?

  4. Decor and view looks good. Pity about the grub.
    Keeping that crazy routine up for much longer would have been suicide. Glad you are back to normal!

    • Hi Col…it certainly made me feel my age after a few days…was practically walking in my sleep.

      • I can imagine!

  5. Good to have you back. 🙂

    • Thanks Elaine…nice to be back.

  6. The hotel looks fabulous, shame about the food. Nice as it was, bet you’re glad to be back home!

    • Hi Barb…never thought I would say it but I was glad to be back.

  7. What a beautiful hotel Granny and I am so glad you enjoyed. Yeah, it’s sad that the young ones are getting old so quickly hey? 😛 Have a great day hon. *hugs*

    • Hi Sonel..I find it a bit scary…where did the years go?

      • Oh, I guess we must ask them that hon. They are getting older, remember? LOL! 😛

  8. Now that looks like a really posh looking place, Gran. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Thanks Hope…I enjoyed most of it.

  9. Something for you sweetness and you can share with Jasmine if you’d like. I love both of you. 🙂
    *big hugs*

  10. Looks really swish, granny. I’m so glad there was no-one in your cupboard. I have to remind my mom to take off her sunglasses when we’re in a restaurant, and she can’t read the menu. 🙂

    • Hi AD…am so glad I am not alone!!!

  11. Eating at 9 pm would not have gone down with me. In the words of Shirley Bassey “I get too hungry for dinner at 8” from “The Lady is a Tramp”! Apart from that I can’t sleep on full stomach so I would not even have managed two successive nights. Have to respect your endurance Granny. The hotel does look very elegant though.

    • The hotel was great Optie..the lack of sleep and late meals not so great.

  12. Haha, re your glasses – sounds very familiar! You must have been absolutely exhausted by the end of the ‘holiday’. We do get used to how much we can fit in a day and how much sleep we need and it is really hard to readjust. Btw, welcome back!

    • Thanks Adee…I slept for two solid days…feel much better now.

  13. Sounds like you ran your own sort of Iron Man competition with all those late nights and early mornings. 😀

    Looks like a FAB hotel. Glad you got to spend time there on the weekend.

    • Happy Birthday, Kathy!!! Hope your special day has been special indeed.

      • Thanks so much Nancy…another one under the belt.

  14. Ha the glasses issue is so funny. The silly things we do! I walk around looking for them all the time and they are on my head. Or I walk outside with my reading glasses on and wonder why I can’t see right.

    The trip sounds fabulous and an ironman competition oh yes!

    • Oh yes..the Iron men…must talk about them some more.

  15. Just popping in to check whats happening and to wish you a very happy happy!!!

    • Thanks so much MissChris…good of you.

  16. Lovely pics – gorgeous hotel. Your life is way more exciting than mine.

    • Hi There…most of the time my life is just plain dull!!!

  17. I remember you were going to stop smoking cos of your chest…not done it then…. loved the story about really are on the verge —-you are a lovely granny and I love you too bits. How is Jasmine—-and Mex
    Now that I have found you again I am very happy

  18. Loved the last line Granny and delighted to get back to reading you. Always on my mind, though. I’m hop-skip and jumping through your posts now. Have to read it sequentially again, which I will, soon.

    • Hi Love…now you made me go back to see what I wrote!!!

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