Posted by: granny1947 | April 7, 2013

Granny and steak on the run.


Hello All.

Yes, it really is me.
Dragging myself in from the wilderness.
Baby steps.

I have a busy ten days ahead of me.
ML arrives for ten days, tomorrow.
She will be staying at the 5 star hotel I blogged about.
She has booked me in for next weekend.
I will have that gorgeous room and shower all to myself.
I can’t wait.

I have mixed feelings about the ten days.
On the one hand am really looking forward to spending time with her.
On the other hand it is going to be hectic.
I have prepared some meals for all the folk here but will still have to rush home to get things going for them.
Then off to take ML shopping and sightseeing.
Having supper with her and then coming home every night.
Not too far but still a half hour trip.

On the upside it will be ten glorious days of doing stuff.
Not sitting in this damn room.

I saw something the other day that could only happen in Africa.
A big black ox trotting along the national highway.
Holding up all the traffic.
He was being followed by a police car.
Attempting to herd him.

I do hope it was a good cop.
We DO have some of them.
Unlike the ones who drag taxi drivers to their death behind the van.
Or shoot 34 striking miners.
Or beat a protestor to death(and get away with it)
Or are hand in glove with drug dealers.
Or head hi-jacking gangs.
Or rape suspects in the police station.
I could go on and on but it is too depressing.

Yes, I hope the Ox got a good cop.
Or he would have been turning on a spit the next day.
Rump on the run.

Now I need to go and sort out lunch for the family for tomorrow.
I will be going straight to the airport from work.

I don’t cook for inside over the weekends.
I have two lamb shanks simmering in the slow cooker.
Have just added baby garlic potatoes and fresh veggies.
It smells delicious!

I have missed you guys.
This time I will not lock the camera in the safe.
I WILL take pics of all the food.



  1. Enjoy your time – though it sounds very fatiguing!

    • Thanks Viv…hopefully it will be worth the stress.

  2. Nice to hear from you again granny, enjoy

    • Thanks Harry…will do. By the way..thank you for the e-mail….am always a bit dubious about those ads…maybe I should give it a try.

  3. Glad you back from among the missing. I was just asking Linda about you the other day.
    We don’t have oxen roaming the roads in Texas but we do have large bulls and very large cattle that get out of their enclosures and make for hazardous travel especially at night. You sometimes see the sheriff’s cars trying to “herd” them back to where they belong. I don’t know how successful they are. I’ve nearly run into some when I lived in the country. They are scary suckers. They don’t move from the road. They own it, they feel. I have called in a report about them after I’ve maneuvered around them gingerly to tell sheriff to do something about them and hoped he and the deputies would take care of them and they’s be gone by the time I got back.
    Enjoy your ten days holiday. We’ll see you when you return. Don’t stay away too long. We miss you!

    • Thanks so much Maire….hopefully I will have something to talk about when I get the chance.

  4. Enjoy Granny and remember to take lots of time for yourself. Hug Jasmine for me too. 🙂 *hugs*

  5. Thanks so much Sonel…you have certainly been playing catch up!

  6. It’s been too quiet on the blogs without you. Have a lovely break away (well mostly) from the things at home.

  7. Try to do things at a measured pace!
    Must have been good cops if you could tell them and the ox apart.
    That is a sea which takes running seriously. Training for the Comrades?

  8. Hey Granny – ever a new adventure with you. Enjoy every minute of luxury… Look forward to the photos, for sure.

    • Hi Amy…I thought I had your letter here at work and I was going to reply to it but it is at home. It is quiet at work today.
      Wait..I can see your e-mail address…shall write to you now!

  9. I’m so glad you’re back, Gran, and it’s nice to have someone to talk to and shop with. Enjoy your MIL’s visit.

  10. Oh so you were away too. So I didn’t miss much. Let’s see , I’ll have to scroll down to your other blogs to find out. Anyways, have a great time Granny. About that ox…well, you obviously haven’t visited India:-)

    • Hi Nadira…nope have never been to India. I see you guys have also had some terrible rapes cases over there. What is the world coming to?

  11. Nice to hear from you again Granny, don’t wear yourself out before your luxury treat. Look forward to hearing all about it, with photos of course, when you get back to reality 😉

  12. I think an oxen holding up traffic would be totally entertaining, but I come from an area that is wildlife deprived. We have bad cops here too but worse politicians – did you ever hear of Detroit? I live just outside of there.

    • Hehehe…yes, I have heard of Detroit. You make cars there?

  13. Hope you enjoy the ten days, Granny.

  14. Enjoy . . . ENjoy . . . ENJOY!

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