Posted by: granny1947 | March 11, 2013

Granny loses her lifeline…temporarily


Promise pic of the shower….what pressure….just awesome.


Hello All.

Ok…it wasn’t too much of a panic.
My brother was putting some plants on the outside of our fence.
And cut my telephone cable.
No e-mail.
No phone.
No internet.

I logged a call to our service provider late yesterday afternoon.
They fixed it before eleven today.
I am so impressed.
Winter will definitely be here soon.
Maybe not…have just seen the forecast for tomorrow.
26 degrees.
That is not cold.
But not TOO hot.

In other news my 90 year old Stepdad came a cropper on Friday.
Tripped on a non-existent step.
Sliced his knee open.
There is a huge flap of skin but they didn’t stitch it.
So now we have to dress it and he has to take anti-biotics.
Which I have to keep telling him to take.

Now I have to write a thank you letter.
Received a letter from first hubby’s cousin.
With a letter, photos and twenty euro.
I am a lucky Granny.


  1. Glad you got connected again so quickly, good luck with the nursing.
    Impressive shower, hope you get to go back and use it again soon 🙂

    • Me too Optie…will have to see what specials they come up with in April…maybe they will give me a free weekend for my birthday.

      • Perhaps a subtle reminder ….

      • I am not very good at subtle.

  2. I like that spot for being devout … ‘Let us spray!’
    Glad your coms were restored quickly.
    Stepdad – ouch!

    • I know Col…big ouch.

  3. Wow, I am impressed they got it all fixed so quickly. We still seem to be having temps in the 30’s so I can’t really say I see any sign of Autumn but I’m sure it will hit before I get round to filling the gas bottles for the heaters.

    • Hi Longlife…they said 26 but it feels much hotter here.

  4. Glad you’re back on line!

    • Thanks Elaine…me too.

  5. Hope your dad’s knee heals quickly. Strange that they didn’t stitch it though. Glad you’re back in service – it’s amazing these days to get such a quick response from any company.

    • More than amazing RD…unbelievable!

  6. Your service provider is very impressive getting your lifeline restored so quickly, lucky you.

    • I know Barb…I am still amazed.

  7. Glad you are all hooked up again!!

    • Me too Princess, me too.

  8. Just as I was reading about your loss of phone and Internet, I lost my Internet connection. It hadn’t been refreshed in 62 days– that’s not good, apparently. The nice techie on the phone explained to me how to do it so I’ll try to do it once a week from now on so I don’t have this problem. Too bad about your step-father. Glad he wasn’t hurt worse. Now you’ll have to add nurse to your duties.

    • Hi Maire…I never refresh my connection? Unless I have a problem. Hmmm….there could be a moral in there somewhere.

  9. Hmm @mairedubhtx never heard of that – only refreshing pages. Hope your stepdad’s knee heals quickly and he is more careful from now on.

    • The doc reckons it will take two months to heal…can’t think why!

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  11. Hope he gets better without to much complication, lots of love xxx

  12. I’ve nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” (which you can read more about here:! 🙂

  13. Hope the healing is going well. Shhheeeesh…life certainly keeps happening around Granny!

  14. Where are you granny? I miss you!

  15. *pops in and waves*

  16. That knee sounds terribly eina. Hope it heals well. Never a dull moment for you. I’m amazed that you got your phone line fixed so quickly. They must realise how important you are. 🙂

  17. Indeed a lovely shower Granny. I don’t blame you for taking so many showers..hehehe. I am still in that bath. LOL! Glad to hear your phone line was fixed to quickly. I think they knew if they didn’t, the whole blogging community would be on their case. hehe. Have a great day hon! *big hugs*

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