Posted by: granny1947 | March 7, 2013

Granny’s break part two.


Hello All.

What the devil is wrong with me?
I love blogging.
I love reading your posts.
I just can’t seem to do anything lately.

I have a feeling this is depression.
But I don’t do depression.
All I DO know is I HATE my living conditions.
Come to think of it….I really don’t like my life at the moment.
Living in one hot room with Mex is driving me insane.
The constant noise of the television is driving me insane.
My job is driving me insane.
Ok…there is the answer.
I have gone quietly insane.
Please bear with me.
I WILL recover my sense of humour.

Back to our wonderful break.
Which I thought would get me back on track.

I still went off to work each morning.
So we went to breakfast at six in the morning.
Now, I don’t do breakfast at six in the morning.
I usually just have fruit for breakfast.
But it was free.
And I just HAD to force myself.

The breakfasts were awesome.
I have never seen such a selection of food.
There was everything.
Even a jug of chocolate sauce.
Who eats chocolate sauce for BREAKFAST?
I gave it a miss.
I did eat smoked salmon.
And bacon.
And mushrooms.
And fruit salad.
And half a crumpet.
And yoghurt.
Need I go on?
I gave it my best shot.

And now….I am trying to be good.
I have a long overdue letter to write.


ok…first a pic of the bathroom.
I showered twice a day.
What a wonderful shower.
Sigh…I want to go again!

005alright…that is not the shower but I thought the bath was cute.

I’ll show you the shower next time.
Bet you can’t wait.


  1. Haha, those baths are beauuutiful, BUT I can’t climb out without help! HELLP…

  2. It is so sad that you are no longer happy where you are, not that you ever were. Why can’t you go back?
    loved the bath! and the post…I think that we are all feeling below form at the moment..I know I am..xxxx

  3. That life you describe could be habit-forming if one could afford the habit …
    Back to mundane takes some adjusting-to. Maybe go on a magic-hunt. There is bound to be some of the stuff there, somewhere.

  4. Living in one room with ANYBODY would be enough to send me insane.
    What you seem to need is SPACE, and maybe a good old fashioned tonic like our mothers gave us when we’d been ill. I used to love that Minadex!

    Love that breakfast and that bathroom.

  5. The breakfast sounds delicious! The bath looks fabulous! 🙂

  6. That bath looks so tempting!
    Sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather – could it be the time of year perhaps? I’m feeling the same, haven’t posted for ages. Not being happy where you are living is a biggie – why can’t you move back? I miss your walks on the beach with Jasmine.
    Can’t wait to see the shower!

    • Oh Barb…I miss my beach walks so much. Would LOVE to go back but need a job and my folks need me.

  7. Family = the ties that bind . . . and gag. Or so said Erma Bombeck in the title of one of her hilarious books.

    • Gosh NR…I haven’t read her books for years…must find a secondhand bookshop.

  8. Is there any chance you could move? Someplace nearby, but a little bigger?

  9. Bathroom looks fabulous and break fast too..

  10. You have given up so much to care for your parents Granny, I hope they appreciate the sacrifices you have made and most of all I hope and pray that you will be rewarded for your unselfishness and that somewhere in your not too distant future you will be able to resume the kind of life you used to have with all the comforts that go with it. Have a great weekend.

  11. What a simply lovely place you stayed at! But I’ll tell you who eats chocolate sauce for breakfast. ME! That’s who! I would eat chocolate any time. But I would eat anything for breakfast. Cold pizza is one of my favorites. I can see how living in one small room, though, would make you depressed. Maybe you are depressed, Kathy. I would be if I had to stay in one small room. But that’s just me. I hope you feel less depressed soon. Look forward to more posts.

  12. So sorry that you’re feeling so dumpy-down, granny. I can really imagine that living in one room with the heat you’ve had there, must be insufferable. I hope things improve for you soon. I often imagine you going back to your beach. How is Jasmine coping? That bathroom looks lovely. Hugs to you.

    • Hi AD…I dream of going back to my beach too…oh well…when I win the lottery….feel this is my year.

      • Hope so. Hugs xx

  13. I can understand. If I had to live in one room with my husband, well it would not be good. Not sure who would come out alive in the end. He has been out of work for three months now and I am about to think about getting a job! Then again maybe thats his plan.

    Normally I am a shower person but I think I would be in that bath in skinny minute.

    Tell Mex to dig a basement out to live in. That is what I would like my husband to do. 🙂

    • You know then Linda…if I had a gun I might join the ranks of the rich and famous.

  14. Love the bathroom,

    Chocolate goes with anything, any time

    • Hmmmm Sidey…am still not sure about breakfast!

      • hop chocolate, nutella on toast – lots of ways.

        choc chuip muffin or croissant

        yum yum, now I am hungry

      • Hmmmm…let me think about that…nope…not choccie for breakfast.

      • yup, yup and YUP!

  15. My heart’s so very much with you, Granny.

    I just “cut” a long comment. I’ll send my blah blahs by email. 😀

  16. Oh Granny, I know the feeling but don’t worry. It will get better. 🙂 I so love seeing you photos and love the way you describe everything. I also felt like you for a while and just disappeared but like you nothing gets me down. Those breakfasts sounds delicious. I love the bathroom and that bath! I would bath twice a day. LOL! Thanks for the lovely post and for sharing. *hugs*

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