Posted by: granny1947 | March 2, 2013

Granny has a break


Hello All.

The above pic was the view from our room.
Not that I spent too much time in the room.

This post is about the food.
My stomach is still in shock.
I didn’t take any photos of the food.
I should have as it was awesome.

No…I am being silly.
Let me start at the beginning.
The package was incredible value.
It cost R999 for two nights.
Bed and breakfast.
For two people.
That is about $125.00
In addition they gave me two vouchers.
One for R500 to use for gambling($62.00)
And one for R500 for a meal.
For those of you who are a bit slow at Maths, they gave you your money back in vouchers.

The hotel is unbelievable.
Everything was top class.
As it should be for a five star hotel.

There were lots of little fancy touches.
Like an electronic scale in the bathroom. I ventured onto the scale on the second day and it was one and a half kgs less than mine.
I asked if I could take the scale home but they just smiled.

When you opened the built in cupboard a light went on.
I played with this quite a bit.
I know…small things amuse small minds.





Ok…I shall tell you about the first meal we had.
It used up the whole voucher but it was SO worth it.
It was a buffet and they had everything.
And I mean everything.
My diet was put on the back burner.
Actually, my diet was completely forgotten.
Diet was a four letter word.
Never to be mentioned.

I started with a plate of mussels, roll mops and a couple of other things.
The mussels were so good I went back and had seconds.
Then I had roast beef and fantastic Yorkshire puddings.
An array of veggies and one roast potato.

There was such a selection of food.
Stews and curries.
Pastas and fish dishes.
You name it and it was there.

The deserts were mind boggling.
I had some ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Also, a caramel thingy.
And the final straw was a chocolate mousse in a glass.
It was orgasmic.
But I couldn’t finish it.

This post is getting too long.
I will continue tomorrow.



  1. What a deal!
    And a view!

    And a meal fit for a queen!


    I expect that they manage because some folks gamble away more than the cost of their stay. 😉

    • I think you are right NR. Fortunately, I didn’t do that so it was ALL good.

  2. Fabulous deal! How could you not take pics of the food?! *sobs*

    • I cannot tell a lie Sue…I wanted to try out the safe so I put my camera in it…then forgot about it!!!

  3. The view is wonderful, and the food sounds delicious – yum. 🙂

    • It was really super Elaine…hope I can go again sometime.

  4. Seems utterly delightful!
    They’d never give that deal to me twice, though. I wouldn’t succumb to the temptation to gamble with more than the voucher, nor to indulge in another such meal at my own expense!

  5. We didn’t eat at that place the second night Col. We went to the Spur.This promotion ends at the end of March and I hope they come up with another one in April.

  6. I’m so glad you had a good time, Gran. Like living another life, hey?

    • Absolutely Adee…how the other half live.

  7. My word, that’s fantastic value. How on earth did you get that package or are they having some sort of special at the moment?

    • It is a special for gold card holders Long life.

  8. I have a feeling you’re going to have to twiddle that setting knob on your home bathroom scales to read like the hotel ones.

    What a fabulous deal you had.

    • Nothing to twiddle Viv…it is an electronic scale!

  9. Such a lovely looking place! You didn’t do too badly with the diet. You had only ONE roast potato and that’s why the scale read correctly 😉

    • I would love to believe that Pussycat!!!

  10. What a great deal, Granny. I’m thinking back to my 5-star in Cape Town that was $700. US a night. I asked because I wanted to add a day beyond the group stay. Instead I went to the Anglican Guest House that was $50. a night with brekkies. Fine by me!

    Glad they didn’t come knocking on your door for not gambling…I’ve had friends experience that in Las Vegas.

    • Good Grief Souldipper…$7oo a night…that is ridiculous. The price without discount is about R1600 a night…don’t know if that includes breakfast.

  11. What fantastic value! Looks like everything was just perfect, granny, and that view from your room is to die for.
    Please tell us some more . . . shame you have no pics of the food though – you got too carried away with everything else to think about your camera sitting securely in the safe!

    • I know Barb…I am an idiot…next time.

  12. I’m jealous!

    • Hehehe…Jealousy makes you ugly JM!

  13. Your post made me hungry just reading it, especially the chocolate mousse part. That’s my favorite. Oh and the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Haven’t had that in ages. Can’t just get that here in the States anywhere. Not to be found. The room looks lovely. I’m glad you had a nice time. You deserved a lovely break. I can’t wait ’til the next installment.

    • Hi There Maire…why don’t you make yourself some…they are so easy.

  14. You’ve got me drooling over here!! Those buffets at high-end casinos are always amazing; I could live on the desserts alone. I haven’t had roast beef with Yorkshire pudding in years. I used to make a really good one and it was one of my favorite dishes. Alas, I haven’t eaten beef in 14 years ::sigh:: Oh well, back to my butternut squash soup, which I loved until I read your post. 😉 Glad you had a great time Granny, you deserved it!

    • Hi RD….why don’t you just make the Yorkshires? I make them with everything.

  15. What a great deal Granny, sounds like an amazing weekend and definitely worth ditching the diet for 🙂

    • So worth it Optie…and I only put on a few grams…toatally worth it.

  16. Wow, I would go just for the food.

    • Me too..and the choccie on my pillow…and the awesome coffee…and the great bed…and don’t forget the light in the cupboard!!!

  17. Well, just upity -up on us would ya?
    Yeah, I bet you were grinning the whole time like a possum eating a peach seed..Or, more like that cat looking creatsture looking, whatever that avatar thingy is on your blog. I know you thoroughly enjoyed this trip…Wow, looks amazing, and sounds almost free… but, then I’m not really good at the Maths, or, South African lingo.
    God Bless

    • Hi Paul….yes…I WAS smiling a lot!!!

  18. Haven’t had my dinner yet. I may come back and comment once I’m sated. If I can just say that I have learned from personal experience that buffets are dangerous.

    • I agree Mary…I always feel I have to try EVERYTHING!

  19. How lovely! Glad you had a good time.

    • Thanks Tilly…it was so good.

  20. Oh, what a stunning place Granny and I am very glad you are having a break. Enjoy hon! *big hugs*

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