Posted by: granny1947 | February 26, 2013

Granny says sorry.


Hello All.

Yes, I have to apologise.
I really hadn’t realised how long it has been since I last blogged.
Yesterday, I received three e-mails asking if I am ok.
Thank you ladies.

I  am fine.
Just very, very demotivated.
And stir crazy.
And overheated.
Roll on winter.

Health wise I am doing great.
I saw a Gynae…a really nice guy.
Who examined my boobs so thoroughly I thought he was going to go through my backbone.
He was so happy with them I didn’t have to go for a mammogram.
Talk about one stop shopping.
He pronounced me fit for another 100,000kms or one year.
Whichever comes first.
He also told me that breast cancer mostly comes down from the maternal side.
Which is good news.
My mother still has both breasts intact.
And I am quite attached to mine.

The puzzle of the nausea was also solved.
Turned out to be reflux.
Caused by stress.
A course of very expensive tablets sorted that lot out.
And my morning sickness is a thing of the past.

I had the whole gamut of blood tests too.
All excellent.
I have lost over twenty pounds.
All good news.

My granddaughter has been and gone.
It was a good visit.
Except I discovered I am too old to give driving lessons.
I have sprouted a whole heap of new grey hairs.

In an hour’s time I am taking my Mother to see a specialist.
Years back she had a bone graft done on her one leg.
It has been troubling her and the radiologist seems to think it is bone cancer.
I don’t think so but we should know more in a couple of hours time.

I hope to God she does not have to have surgery.
And here I have to confess I am being very selfish.
I have visions of bed baths etc.
And she weighs a ton.
But I guess that is why I am here.

On the upside the brand new  five star hotel at the casino is running a great promotion.
Mex and I are going there for two nights.
Leaving tomorrow.
I can’t wait.
On the down side Mex has a rotten cold.
I am sure he caught it deliberately.
If he gives it to me I am going to be SO annoyed.
Right now he is fast asleep.
And snoring.

So, I have duly reported in.
All is well.
Love you all.


I took some photos of the hotel but I think I have deleted them.
Another senior moment!
I will take some more tomorrow.



  1. Nice to know you are alive and kicking. Every time you go too long without posting, I get paranoid that I got kicked off the subscribe list. I really need to have wine on my cornflakes to ward off this sort of paranoia. It’s a good excuse, right? 🙂

    • Silly girl Morgue…I would never kick you off…think I must try wine on my corn flakes!

  2. So glad to hear from you and that things are (mostly) good.

    Enjoy your break!

    • Thanks Tilly…just getting out of this room is going to be heaven.

  3. so relieved…I knew that you had some health problems and I thought that it could be the worst and that you had not told us, Not That you have to!
    But I am pleased that all is ok for you..that makes me very happy. Now for your Mum…oh dear…is it asking too much to expect ‘home help’ in SA.?

    I can understand the unmotivated bit..I have that too, where do all the ideas go?

    • Hi patrecia…my ideas seem to have vanished into the ether…along with a couple of my posts!

  4. Good news that your machinery seems to be in good order, with the adjustments made!
    How incredibly inconsiderate of him to go catching a cold just now!

    • Exactly what I thought Col.

  5. What a lovely way you have to keep us up to speed 😉

    • Awww…thanks Pussycat.

  6. Glad you’re OK, and hope your Mum is too. We’ve missed you.

    • Thanks Viv…Mom still has to go for more tests but it is all looking quite good so far.

  7. So glad to hear that all your bits checked out OK, do hope your Mom’s check-up does not lead to more work for you in the future. In the meantime enjoy your two nights living the high life. Get Mex some flu pills to hold the symptoms back until the fun is over.

    • Thanks Optie…he is taking some meds but just seems to want to sleep…oh well…he can sleep and I will have fun!

  8. It’s great to see you again Granny! I didn’t email you this time because I knew you were going through a lot and I didn’t want to pester you….like I did the other two times….::blush:: Anyway, I thought of you often and hoped things were going better. It’s great that your checkup went so well and that you’ve lost so much weight – congratulations! I hope your mom gets a good report from her dr and that whatever is bothering her leg has an easy solution. Have a great time on your mini-holiday!

    • Thanks Rd…am SO looking forward to it…just hope Mex is a bit better…he sounds ghastly tonight…silly bugger.

  9. Didn’t mean to bug you, Kathy, but glad to hear you are all right. I have reflux too and take over-the counter meds for it in lieu of the expensive prescription meds. So far they work. I changed meds recently but they had other unpleasant side effects so I’m back to my old meds. I know what you mean about teaching driving. I’m letting my daughter deal with the granddaughters and that. They really aren’t in a hurry to learn, however. They don’t mind being chauffeured. Congratulations on your weight loss. Your nausea probably helped a bit but your will power was good, too. I hope Mex feels better soon and doesn’t give you his cold. I hope your mum is okay. Also hope you have a good time at the casino. Can’t tell you how good it is to have you back. 🙂

    • You didn’t bug me Maire…shook me out of my lethargy for a while.

  10. Best wishes to your mom (and you). Have FUN on your get-a-way!

    • Thanks NR…fun will be the operative word.

  11. Great to hear from you again hope you both do well, enjoy the break.

    • Thanks Harry…I will tell you all about it on my return!

  12. Good to see you are fighting fit again, we missed you. Will keep my fingers crossed for good news for your mother.

    • Thanks Barb…I am certainly fighting fit…fighting with everyone.

  13. Glad to know that you are well and hope the same can be said for your mother today too. Enjoy the couple of days away.

    • Thanks Mar…will be posting just now about our break.

  14. It’s so nice to see you back again, Gran. I hope it’s good news about your mom’s leg. I’ve missed reading your posts. 🙂

    • Thanks Adee….at least we have scrabble!!

  15. I was getting worried about you. So glad that you are back. Hope you Mom is ok.

    • Thanks Linda…and yours!

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