Posted by: granny1947 | February 5, 2013

Granny has an interesting week.


Hello All.

It does not pay for me to go away for a week or so.
I logged in and then it took me five minutes to find my dashboard.
Why do they fix things that aren’t broken?

So, yes, it has been an eventful week.
Over the weekend we had the fire above.
50 yards from our house.
Quite scary.
Our flat was full of smoke.
Which didn’t help my lungs.

Mex was in East London visiting his daughter.
I phoned to find out what he would like me to rescue.
Should the need arise.
He went through a list of his clothes.
It wasn’t going to happen.
No ways was I going to rescue clothes when I have paintings, a computer and my books.

I watched the fire until I got bored.
And I went to bed.
I was sure someone would let me know if necessary.
I believe my Dad was talking to the firemen.
I never heard a thing.
I don’t panic too easily.

Then there was one of my grandson’s threatening suicide.
So I spent an hour on the phone getting him admitted to hospital.
Not so easy considering I was nearly a thousand kms away.
Fortunately, he seems to be ok now.
A bit of a stressful time.
Love that boy.

Then my granddaughter arrived on Sunday.
Jasmine went ballistic when she saw her.
That mutt literally grinned from ear to ear.
Granddaughter  has been taking her for lovely long walks.
It is doing them both the world of good.

Today I spent three hours in queues.
I won’t go into it.
It was VERY boring.



  1. I was wondering where you’ve been! So glad you’re okay. Hope your grandson gets the help he needs. xxoo

    • Thanks Lin…me too…think the stay in hospital was an eye opener!

  2. Glad you’re back granny, looks like that was a huge fire. Hope your grandson discovers that there is so much more in life to explore and enjoy than the challenges that are bringing him down in the present. He will be in my prayers.

  3. I missed you. I’m so glad the fire didn’t reach you. Imagine Mex thinking you’d save his clothes over your paintings and computer!

  4. Your family is so lucky to have you Granny. I’m glad you were able to help your grandson and I hope he gets continued help so he can sort out his difficulties. That fire sure was scary – I’d have been packed and ready for the evacuation! It’s good to have you back in the blogosphere!

  5. Good to see you alive and getting bored by fires!
    That must have been rather a fraught conversation.
    Glad Jasmine and g’dtr are getting good walks!

  6. Geesh I could not go to bed with that fire blazing so close to my home! You were brave 🙂

  7. So glad you are safe.

    Hope your grandson is getting the care he needs.

  8. A stressful time for you. I hope everything’s calmed down now.
    Standing in queues is one of life’s more unpleasant jobs, and reminds me of 1939-45 when the greater part of everyone’s day (including children) was spent in queues.

  9. My word! What a week, Granny. Glad that the fire didn’t consume you with worry. Best thoughts to your grandson.

    And yay for Jasmine’s delight filled surprise!

  10. What a week. So glad your grandson is ok.
    Save the CLOTHES? ha ha!

  11. I guess you have had an eventful week! That fire looks terrible! I hope your grandson is going to be all right. I’m glad you were able to get him into hospital, even from such a distance. And it’s good you are enjoying your time with your granddaughter. And Jasmine is enjoying her visit too. You both deserve a bit of fun.

  12. What a week!

  13. I do hope your grandson will be alright. At the rate this world is going I can almost see his point. You did make me laugh though when you told about Jasmine seeing your other grandchild! Does your grandson read your blog, he sure needs too.

  14. Yay, you’re back again, Gran. Nice pic of the fire. I think it’s wonderful that you were able to help your grandson. I so remember the teen years of ups and downs and all the angst and the wishing I was dead!

  15. It,s good hear from u again…you do seem to be havingit rough,…if only we could turn back the clock. Hoping hat everything and everyone improves soon

  16. Glad you survived the week.

  17. So srry about your grandson, it must be terribly worrying for you. Give Pam a hug from me xxx

  18. Oh my!!! Hope everything works out with your grandson and I am glad the fire missed you xoxo

  19. Never a dull moment in your life, Gran. Glad to hear from you. I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight.

  20. Gosh what a week Granny,with everything else you have to handle I’m not surprised the fire did not rate very high. Do hope your grandson will choose life in future even if it is not always the way he would like it to be. Three hours in a queue, I hope whatever you were queuing for was worth the wait. I definitely do not possess your patience!

  21. How terrible and concerning that your grandson threatened suicide. I hope he is doing much better now. Very worrying for you.
    Trust the fire is out now and you are safe (especially as rescue didn’t seem very forthcoming).

  22. There’s no “mediocre” in your life, Granny. So sorry about your grandson, damn – it’s so hard for some kids… Thank goodness he’s settling.

    Loved the description of Jasmine’s reaction to the granddaughter! Melts this heart in the dead of winter!

  23. What a week. Glad that you and your grandson are OK:

  24. Interesting indeed!

  25. Your grandson will be okay. He has the support of a loving grandma. I’m thinking good thoughts your way Queenie.

    • Thanks you so much Queenie…blog friends are just the best.

  26. Poor Granny. And now you’re gone again. We are worried about you & yours.

    • Thanks so much Lisa…I am fine.

  27. Me too, Granny. I’m worried about you too. I truly hope your grandson is okay.

    • Thanks Blogbrarian…I haven’t spoken to him for a while…all that negativity is catching!

  28. Hi Granny:-) So glad you’re safe and sound. It’s been a while since I came this way. Guess what?…I became a granny too in December and the little one(my daughter’s kiddo) had me twirling round his teenie weenie finger. I ‘ve read some of your latest posts. Will catch up with all the other stuff that has been happening to you by and by.:-)

    • Congratulations Nadira…grandkids are wonderful…may yours bring you years of happiness.

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