Posted by: granny1947 | January 26, 2013

Granny has a senior moment…again


Hello All.

Yes, I went  shopping this morning.
I WAS just going to get my blood pressure pills.
But I spotted a 50% off sale at a clothing shop.
No sane woman can resist that.
I found three of my favourite T.Shirts.
The ones  with the sleeves that go to the elbow.
Hiding wrinkly old skin.
Went to the counter to pay for them.
And couldn’t find my bank card.
Eventually, I paid for them with my credit card and I went to my car.
Where I emptied out my wallet and my handbag.
Sometimes I wonder HOW I fit so much into my handbag.
Anyway, I digress.
No card.

I knew the last time I had used it was to fill my car so I went back to the garage.
And there it was.
What a relief.
I checked my bank account but there are no strange purchases on my statement.
Actually, the petrol wasn’t even reflected.
Hmmm….think I should check again in a minute.
Anyway,  a huge relief.
A senior moment of note.
In my defence I was rattled because the first time they swiped the card it was declined.

I learned something today.
All the people I play scrabble with have a life.
Not one person has played.
I have done a lot of reading.



  1. Glad you found your bank card with no damage done Granny. I had a senior moment last week too. I opened a punnet of salad from Woolies, put half of it in a bowl to eat and put the other half in a container to save for the following day. Do you think I can find the salad I saved? I have looked in both fridges, all three freezers, grocery cupboard and other kitchen cupboards to no avail! I dread the day it turns up all decomposed, but at least I’ll know where I put it then!

    • Hehehe Optie…have you looked in the washing machine?

  2. Granny …you cannot be so willy-nilly about your Credit card…guard it with your life ..there are nasty people out there who would take every penny ( or rand) that you have

    • Guilty as charged Patrecia.

  3. I’ve been misplacing things since I was a kid. I usually find them in places I could swear I had already searched. Glad you found your credit card.

  4. Do as i did granny many years ago with all my cards, cut them up, no need for them as long as you carry cash.

  5. Whew! Glad that resolved well! My blood would be running cold if I left my bank card somewhere. So glad no one unscrupulous came along! Isn’t it wonderful finding clothes you like at a huge discount! 😀

  6. I’m with Harry about the cards. But I did sit up when you talked about your overloaded handbag. A couple of days ago the strap to my handbag broke and my zip.I pack too much into my bags, but try as I might, I can’t seem to do without any of the items in them. Is there a self-help group out there for bags?

  7. Sorry – will be scrabbling tomorrow – hectic day today!

  8. I have lost my bank card–in my purse. I never lost in somewhere. Glad it turned out well for you. I lost mine so well in my purse that I absolutely could not find it and had to cancel it and get a new one and finally found the old one about two weeks later. I felt very foolish. I decided to clean out my purse.

  9. You are adorable.

  10. Yay . . . you got your card back AND three great shirts.

  11. That is a gorgeous beach photo. I feel like packing up and moving to a beach right this minute.

    Thank goodness you found your bank card when you went back!! I am always losing mine in my wallet.

  12. Are you winning too much or what??

    Don’t know if your read my blog about leaving my purse in the produce section of our grocery store for an hour. When I discovered it was missing, an employee kindly went searching to help calm my horror. It was still there – by the tomatoes. Apparently I simply grabbed an identical cart by mistake and didn’t notice.

    Dang I hate the thought of turning into the frustrating part of my mother!

    Glad yours turned out okay as well!

  13. It’s nice when honest people are able to return something you’ve lost to you, isn’t it?
    Have you ever tried Word with Friends? It is a Facebook game you can play for free & is very similar to Scrabble. If you are ever looking for a game, feel free to contact me – I usually have about 8 games going at any one time & play with people from all over the world. If you’re good you would probably beat the pants off me!

  14. you are one lucky Granny. Not many folk will hand a card in. Hope the petrol does become a freebie 🙂

  15. Fear not, we’ve all done that. Me, on numerous occasions. Glad to hear your scrabble friends have lives 🙂

  16. Luckily your card was still there. And unused 🙂

  17. And that life may be lots of work.

    Im finally back blogging too

    • Great to hear Sidey…I will be over to see soon.

    • Great Sidey…will be over soon.

  18. What a heart-stopping moiment when one’s card isn’t where one expects it to be…! Glad you are better, Gran. I’ve been away and now I see my email doesn’t want to accept my password!

    • Oh dear Adee …hope you get that right.
      Did you have a good time?

  19. I once left my debit card at a supermarket checkout. Was driving on the way to the bank to cancel it when I thought of stopping and asking at the supermarket. It was there! I also “lose” it about once a month in a coat pocket. It’s getting ridiculous. I guess I have too many coats.

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