Posted by: granny1947 | January 24, 2013

Granny gets fired up.

Hello All.

Yes, an exciting night.
I had just gone into my first deep sleep when the phone rang.
My mother.
Asking me to come into the house.
My first thought was someone had died.
Probably my 90 year old Dad.
I asked her if everything was OK.
Oh yes, she said…I want to show you something.
She is lucky I am not an orphan today.
Anyway, this is what she wanted me to see.



It was quite impressive.
And smelly.
I spent about half an hour watching and then went back to bed.
Telling my Mom not to call again unless the flames were licking the garden wall.
Then, of course, I was wide awake.
And I read until half past twelve.
Had to get up for two potty breaks.
I need an early night tonight.



I have just spoken to the nursing sister who took my blood on Saturday.
All my results were GREAT!
Cholesterol is only 4.4.
Not bad for an old smoker.
Soon to be ex-smoker.
I hope.

I feel a lot better today.
Think I solved my own problem.
I have taking vit c and b tablets.
Today I left them.
I am not 100% but certainly not as bad.
Am obviously eating well.
Don’t need extra crap in my system.

Now let me go and see what I am going to haul out the deepfreeze.
Really don’t feel like cooking.


  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Those flames seem too close for comfort.

    • We could hear them crackling…fortunately the wind was blowing it away from us.

  2. An impressive fire that!! Glad you are feeling almost your good old self, now for that last lap.

    • Thanks Newsey…won’t be long now.

  3. Wow that looks like a terrible fire. What burned? I hope there weren’t any buildings involved. Vitamin B can sometimes upset my stomach too, after I take it for a few weeks. Yet my bloodwork showed me deficient in Vitamin B, so my doctor put me on B drops instead, and they don’t bother me at all. Glad to hear your bloodwork was so good! My cholesterol needs some tweaking….nudging….pushing….shoving downward. With a lot of muscle. 😦

    • Oh Dear RD…you must get that under control…so dangerous. I am lucky in that I hardly ever eat fried food…I can’t…makes me feel terrible.

  4. What was the fire all about? Was it near to your house? What was on fire? Or don’t you know? I’m glad you are feeling better. I was starting to get worried about you. I’m glad your appetite is good. That’s a good sign. Also that you cholesterol is good. Mine isn’t. I have to take meds for it and I have NEVER smoked. So there. The meds bring it down. That’s my story.

    • Hi Maire…I have just been very blessed with mine. The fire was in a valley about a km from us.

  5. OH, dear, that fire looks scary. What was burning?

    • I THINK it was just veld.

  6. Please, please Granny stop smoking!

    • I am going to P.

      • when?

  7. WOW, that was some fire! (Glad your old dad is OK.)

    • Hi Cinds…why did you go into my spam mail?
      Why did I have to approve you?

  8. I don’t feel like cooking either – my sewing ladies were here this afternoon for a natter, a raspberry tart and minimal work. They’ve just gone and Jock is looking for food…

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Your mother sounds a right character, and I agree she is lucky you’re not a self-inflicted orphan today. Sleep well.

    • I felt quite murderous Viv!

  9. Mothers can be exasperating, not so?
    Glad your blood work turned out ok. Mine wasn’t.

    • Damn Pussycat…what was wrong? Can you control the problem?

      • Still pre-diabetic, but have to take meds now and change foodstuffs.

  10. Gosh, hope that fire stayed far away. She’s lucky you’re not an orphan – 😀 very funny!
    Why don’t you haul some pizza delivery out the freezer. It’s getting close to me doing that here.

  11. Wow. Our comments about evacuating because of fire were close to real. Glad you’re feeling better.

  12. My gosh, I hate to tell you how high my “C” is. You are so young health wise and here I am, I still have a lifetime to work.

  13. Glad the results were good 🙂

  14. So happy you passed your tests with flying colours Granny, well done on looking after yourself so well. Hope you sleep well tonight!

  15. Was it a veld fire?

  16. That is a scary sight if one lives with forests and grasslands up to the doorstep, as we once did.
    So let me get this straight: NOT taking pills made you better?

    • I thought that was the proble but nausea is back. I have another theory. Have been having one muesli rusk from Woollies every morning. Think there might be something in them that disagrees with me…will see what happens when I don’t have one tomorrow.

      • Good luck in tracking down the cause. It could even be a combo.

    • Your turn to play!!!

      • I don’t want to know – you have been creaming me!

      • Just keeping you on your toes Col…think I have just had another scrabble…think it was against you…hehehe

  17. Glad to hear all the tests were good 🙂 How did you get on without the rusk?

  18. Glad you’re feeling better!

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