Posted by: granny1947 | January 23, 2013

Granny forgot it was wordless Wednesday


Hello All.

I am sitting here looking at my keyboard.
Zilch going through my head.
Went to work.
Felt sick.
Came home and took an anti-nausea pill.
So….what to talk about?

Oh yes, my granddaughter is arriving on the 3rd.
Coming to spend ten days with me.
I am excited.
Mex is going away to his daughter at the same time.
We will be able to do girl things together.
Well, old lady and teenager things.
I have no idea what that entails.
Probably shopping.
And walking Jasmine on the beach.
She loves cooking.
Hopefully, she will take over the kitchen.
I will still have to go to work for four hours every day.
But, teenagers sleep till eleven so that should be no problem.

I phoned to speak to my new Doc a couple of hours ago.
She hasn’t phoned me back.
Hell,  I miss sexy Doc.
Maybe the receptionist never gave her the message.
I will give her the benefit of the doubt.
For now.

And THAT, my friends, is all for today.
You can wake up now.



  1. Keep your spirits up. If Dr doesn’t ring back, ring again…and again…

    • Doc never phoned but the sister did…sexy Doc would have phoned me…sigh

  2. Hope you are duly un-icked.
    Maybe you should also get some pep-me-ups to cope with coping with one of those alien beings known as a teenager.

    • Hehehe Col….nine or ten days will probably be enough.

      • You may need a period of recuperation thereafter!

  3. Have fun with your granddaughter. I haven’t done anything with my granddaughters in a while. I had hoped to take them to the cinema on Monday when they had a holiday from school but I didn’t hear from them. Maybe we’ll go out to eat this weekend or to the cinema.I haven’t seen them in 3 weeks. I miss them. I always have a good time with them. I hope you find out what’s causing the nausea. That is quite annoying. Maybe you should phone the doctor again. As we say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Take care.

    • Hi Maire…with teenagers I find YOU have to make the call.

  4. Sorry you’re still not feeling well, Granny. You’d better get well before your granddaughter arrives. You need to have lots of fun together. Very special. 🙂

    • Thanks AD…we are very close…she is the one I adopted…am really looking forward to seeing her.

  5. It must feel bad to be nauseous and not know what’s causing it.
    Keep harassing the doc/receptionist.
    Get well soon and hale and hearty before granddaughter arrives.

    • Am working on it Pussycat…am working on it.

  6. I am getting really worried about you…these writings do not sound at all like you……when do you go for your scan?

    • Oh Dear Patrecia….I will come back to normal soon…I promise!
      Am going to try for the 30th.

  7. Go see the sexy door at his doorsteps. Don’t wait. Glad you’ll have company for the next 10 days. Enjoy.

    • Oh Seeker….sexy Doc lives in Cape Town…that is why I miss him…1000kms just too far to go for a check-up(and a thrill)

  8. I’m glad your granddaughter is coming . . . when Mex is away, the girls will play! Feel better . . . and better!

    • Your wish is my command NR…feeling better!

  9. What a wonderful time you’ll have with your granddaughter! A girls’ week (plus) is ALWAYS good therapy! 😀

    • I know RD….am really looking forward to seeing one of my family.

  10. I wonder if it’s not a late reaction to your change of lifestyle, Gran. Be a pest and phone again, lol!

    • You might have a point Adee…am really not happy here.

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