Posted by: granny1947 | January 22, 2013

Granny and so it continues…take two


Hello All.

That is it.
From now on I do ALL my posts in word first.
I did a whole post with pictures.
Published it.
Only the tags came up.
I suppose you could all just read the tags and guess what it was all about.
Damn, damn, damn.

So, what continues?

The heat.
The nausea.
My attempt to keep blogging.
And now my attempt to do posts TWICE.

The nausea has been on and off for nearly a week.
What kind of bug IS this?
A bugger of a bug?
And the heat hasn’t continued.
It has got worse.
I am beginning to think the heat and the nausea are connected.


The new beach has some pretty impressive dunes.
I won’t be climbing them.
I don’t think Jasmine will either.

I smell smoke.
Hope it isn’t the flower reserve.
That would be too close for comfort.

There is an upside to living in one room.
All your precious stuff is close at hand.
What would I take if we had to evacuate?
Well, Jasmine….that goes without saying.
My computer…then I would have a lot of my photos.
A few books.
A couple of paintings.
I wouldn’t bother with clothes.
That is why I pay insurance.

And now, before this vanishes into the ether I am going to end off.



  1. Glad you were able to get a post up Granny. It’s a whole lot safer doing it in Word first – annoying, but safer. 😛 Another of life’s little trade-offs. Anyway, heat and humidity always make me nauseous, so maybe that’s what’s happening with you; I hope it’s not a persistent bug. Let us know if you find out what was burning!

  2. This time round it worked well. Hope you feel better soon and be careful you don’t pick up enteritis with that nauseous feeling. I had it two days after New Year and it was a killer.

  3. The heat and nausea could be connected. I’m often nauseated in the heat. I can’t stand the heat. I quite like the winter months we’re having now. Cool nights and days in the 70sF. It’s the 100F days that are brutal. But they won’t be here for a while. I hope you feel better soon. And that Word Press eats no more of your posts and photos.

  4. Glad you managed this: the pictures are splendid. Sorry you’re sick. I never feel well when it’s very hot.

  5. It’s mid winter and cold here – wish I could send you some of this blue air! Your photos are beautiful.

  6. Lovely shots! Shame that your earlier post went MIA. You might click “edit post” then scroll down to see if there is anything under “Revisions” . . . earlier drafts are often found there.

  7. Get better soon gran. Sorry about having to post double, I know how frustrating that is.

  8. you certainly are a determined Granny , no doubt of that…

    Don’t like the sound of your illness, please get better soon

  9. Another gran, hooray! How clever of you to live close to the beach. It must be most therapeutic watching those waves roll in. I can’t imagine writing posts anywhere olther than on Word before I copy and paste. There’s the revision to begin with and of course the undo button when I’ve stuffed things up. Nice blog.

    • Hi Mary…lovely to hear from another Gran.
      I used to live one km from the beach and I was down there every day…now I am half an hour away…sigh.

  10. I hate when that happens. I try to frequently Save Draft. Muri and I have had to evacuate several times for wildfires. Cats, financial papers, laptop, family photos and some jewelery went with us. It’s an experience that makes you assess what’s really important. Hope you feel better.

    • Thanks Bud…what is quite scary is I have come to see I have very little worth saving.

  11. I’ve lost a few blogs when I’ve used the “quick blog” thingy. Does my head in! Hope you’re feeling better soon Granny 🙂

    • Hi Ruth…I wasn’t using the quick post thingy…this has happened to me a couple of times.

      • hope you’re feeling better

      • Thank Ruth…on the mend.

  12. Save your pictures and documents to a site like dropbox or picasaweb. If your computer fails or gets stolen you can still have access to important stuff.

    • You mentioned this before…I signed up for dropbox..can’t remember the password etc.

  13. Well I’m miles from you, Gran, and I’ve been feeling nauseous on and off for a few weeks. No one else around here has mentioned it though. I must say it is frustrating when posting becomes a chore. Hope it sorts itself out and that you feel better soon.

    • Hey Adee…what are YOU doing about it…this can’t be right.

  14. That beach and its dunes looks so unspoilt but I would not be climbing the dunes either – it’s damn hard work! Hope the nausea passes soon, I find ginger ale helps a bit.

    • Hi Optie…must get some tomorrow…have also heard that…think I should buy some ginger biscuits too.

  15. I dune not think I’d fancy climbing those, either.
    Every time I skip the Word step, I find I regret it.

    • Hi Col…I am sticking to word for now.

      • Do not fall into the ‘just this once’ trap. It’ll promptly do it to you again.

  16. That’s a lovely beach for you and Jasmine. I hope you feel better soon, granny. Hugs

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