Posted by: granny1947 | January 21, 2013

Granny sweats it out.


Hello All.

I wish I could say I was sweating it out with work.
But I’m not.
I have stopped being ladylike.
I no longer perspire.
Now I am just sitting here sweating like a pig.
Do pigs sweat?

We have a big fan blowing(we burnt out the last one)
It still feels like one is breathing up soup.
The humidity is dreadful.
I don’t remember this area ever being this humid.
Roll on winter.
I KNOW I complained that our place is so cold and damp.
At least, in winter, I can put on a jacket and a pair of fluffy slippers.

The rocks at this new beach fascinate me.
Most of them are black and jagged.
Leaning away from the sea.
Quite scary.

024And, then, suddenly you come across a patch of white ones.
That look like marble.

021End of my lecture on “rockology”
Another interesting thing I noticed was the stones on the beach.
Nearly all flat and almost perfectly round.
But I didn’t take any pictures of them.

I shall, however, end with another pic of Jasmine enjoying the water.

005Now, I have whittled my inbox down to 56 mails.
Let me visit some of your posts.




  1. That beach indeed looks a lot like my beach. And Jasmine playing in the shallow water reminds me of Trudy. She used to do that. I still miss that bitch.

    • I know what you mean Krag…still miss Tom.
      Who is the pup on your gravatar?

  2. Interesting rocks Granny, so nice to see Jasmine on the beach again 🙂

    • Isn’t it great Optie…almost feels like home…almost…not quite.

  3. And in the end life is not that bad.

    • Nope Newsey…it never is.

  4. Granny, does you fan not have a switch at the top which you push to change the direction. We do with ours and in winter it must turn counter-clockwise, and in summer clockwise, otherwise it does just feel like hot air. Of course, a MISTING fan is fabulous. Glad to see you’re getting down to the beach, even if it is only on the weekends. Jasmine must be so happy 😀

    • I don’t know how happy she is Mid-thirty…all I DO know is there is seasand everywhere.

  5. The rock formations are quite beautiful. They are nothing like your old beach beach, are they. I wonder what forces of nature caused them? (I have I hydrogeologist cousin and a brother who is interested in geology–it runs in the family; we like rocks!), Hope you get to cool off soon, This past sumer my air conditioner went out for two day before it could be fixed and in 100F weather I thought I would die. May the air conditioner always work properly for you. ‘Til next time…

    • Oh boy Maire…I wish I HAD an airconditioner!!!

  6. I could do with a bit of what you have. And here’s a bit of therapy for you on Celie’s blog from Illinois. Just reading it made me cold:

  7. oh my..whatever is happening with the world’s weather…Are those temps and heat normal for ZA at this time of year

    • Yes Patrecia….summer just not used to the humidity…Cape Town had dry heat…I can handle that just fine.

  8. […] it by reading – consecutively – Celie’s very very cold post from The Kitchen’s Garden and Granny 1947’s superheated complaint from South Africa. It seemed to fit the chained rhyme form (rhyming the last […]

  9. Jasmine would have fun on ANY beach! I can’t stand humidity, I prefer cold winter temps – at least the air is breathable! Good to see you back again Granny!

    • I agree RD…Think Jasmine loved it though she was a bit put out with all the new smells.

  10. Morning granny – great poem.. terrible heat is no place for a lady!! Actually pigs don’t sweat.. thats why they like to wallow in the mud to cool off.. weird aye! c

    • Hehehe Cecilia…news flash…I don’t write poetry…I just write in short sentences…because I am hopeless at punctuation!
      Thank you so much for the visit. 🙂

      • LOVE IT! I should be a poet too then!! I must have been sick that day at school.. c

  11. What a lovely beach. I think the rocks are ‘wind-swept’ – very artistic looking!

    • Hi Adee…it feels good to BE back.

  12. Today it wasn’t so humid here in Durbs and we even had a bit of rain.
    I detest the humidity. I feel it more badly every summer.

  13. Pigs grunt and you don’t. Therefore, you ain’t Miss Piggy. How come the dog gets the best part. Try skipping stones with those flat ones, they will bounce off the surface of the water. 😀

    • I HAVE been known to grunt.
      And eat too much.
      And right now I could wallow in some cold mud.

  14. Aah, for some heat! We’re expecting four days of snow. I am so not thrilled.

    • Come on KLRS…let’s swop places.

      • Would if I could!

  15. I love the beach 🙂

    • Me too Princess…though, now I am older, I don’t go into the sea…far too much respect.

      • That and it’s bloody cold 🙂

      • And full of things that BELONG in the sea.
        Things with teeth!

  16. Good to see some shots of these beaches, Granny. And it’s fab seeing the big (seemingly) grinning mug of that golden friend of yours!

    • Oh…I would be in agony with that hot weather!. I would far rather be on the cold side than having the air unbearable hot.

      The black rock looks like the lava beds where we had volcanoes hundreds of years ago. My dad used to cut rock in half and discover the most fascinating scenes and designs inside. I wonder…

      • Hi Souldipper…yes….I wonder…they are really strange rocks…volcanoes…hmmmm
        Another horrible hot day today.
        Am hating this.

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