Posted by: granny1947 | December 31, 2012

Granny has a good last day


Hello All.

So…the last day of the year has been pretty good.
I went to friends for lunch.
And stayed for hours.
Mex didn’t come.
He is being menopausal again.
I loved being with good friends and talking rubbish.
And eating healthy food.
All good.

On the way home I went shopping for tomorrow.
I can’t believe I am doing another huge meal.
Send in the men in white jackets.
I am supposed to be making a trifle.
But I forgot the main ingredient.
Finger biscuits or sponge cake.
A very senior moment.
No problem…shall race up to the shops first thing in the morning.

I didn’t have a nap today.
I shall be hitting the sack very soon.
And turning off my phone.
A couple of my kids think it is cool to phone at midnight.
I take no responsibility.
They take after their father.

Today has been blissfully cool.
And a bit drizzly.
Tomorrow promises more of the same.

So…Happy New year guys.
Let us welcome 2013 and all it’s possibilities.



  1. And a happy 2013 to you. Senior moments have abounded in this house today, compounded by computers playing silly beggars and losing documents that took me hours to compile.

    • Oh dear…Murphy having a field day with you????

  2. Happy New Year, Kathy. I have no idea how to make trifle. Whatever you put in it would suit me fine. The big thing here to eat for good luck on New Year’s Day is black-eyed peas. Yuck! I don’t eat them. That’s why I never have good luck. It’s cold and drizzly here. Not at all pleasant for the outdoor festivities and fireworks tonight. That’s why I won’t go to them. I may go to the music at the apartment complex clubhouse. I know the musician. Then if I’m not too tired I’ll watch the fireworks on the television. Or watch the early version from New York at 11 p.m. when it’s midnight there.

    • Hello Maire…whatever you decide to do…enjoy it my friend. I shall be fast asleep at midnight. Trifle is very easy to make…will send you the recipe if you like.

  3. Happy New Year to you too….

    • Thanks Annie…may 2013 bring you nothing but good.

  4. I solemnly vow . . . NOT to call Granny at Midnight. Ever.

  5. A happy Post….and may I take this opportunity to wish you( and menopausal Mex) a Very Happy New Year and a Peaceful Healthy life

    • Thank you so much Patrecia…and may the year ahead be filled with love for you.

  6. Happy New Year Granny! I’ve enjoyed following your adventures and seeing your beautiful photo’s. I look forward to following your journey into the new year.

  7. Have a good 2013, i love home made

  8. Many good wishes for you and yours for 2013!
    I love trifle but I’ve never made it myself.

  9. Happy New Year! I love trifle, but it’s something I’ve never made. Sounds like you’re having fun. Enjoy!

  10. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year and I wish you a joyful 2013.

  11. Damn, woman, you gave me a heart attack with that title! Happy New Year!

  12. Happy New Year Granny! looking forward to sharing 2013 with you and your antics 🙂

  13. Happy New Year Kath, I hope 2013 is the year your dreams come true. All fine with the family on this side, Kayla is almost 15 and Ralph, Tanya and Tia are all doing well. Lots of love from all of us xxx

  14. Happy New Year!

    I like your last line 🙂

  15. Homemade trifle is a favourite in our house – with finger biscuits of course, soaked in sherry!
    Happy New Year to you and the family!

  16. Happy New Year to you, as well. I am finding that as I get older these years are flying by. Time goes so fast! I welcome 2013, but I ask it to slow down, please. 🙂

  17. We also had a great end to 2012 Granny – here’s wishing you, Mex and your family a wonderfully superb 2013! I’ll definitely see you in your neck of this woods this year…and you’re welcome in mine any time too ❤

  18. You’re not much of a chef, are you now?
    The main ingredient of a trifle is not sponge cake of finger biscuits. The main ingredient is SHERRY.
    You can leave out any of the other ingredients or, for that matter, all the other indredients, providing you have the main ingredient, SHERRY!
    Have a terrific 2013.

  19. I can’t believe you can be such a spoilsport as to sabotage the midnight call!
    The while sand looks like snow in the picture, but none on the background mountains gives it away.

  20. Happy New Year Granny! We hope you have a wonderful year! (PS~ I like Kragenhai’s idea about the most important trifle ingredient! 🙂 )

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