Posted by: granny1947 | December 26, 2012

Granny breathes a sigh of relief.


Hello All.

I don’t want to be the Grinch that stole Xmas but I am so glad it is over.
You have to be certifiable to prepare a huge hot dinner in the middle of summer.
And I did the whole thing.
Roast lamb and Gammon.
Rice, roast potatoes, butternut, peas, asparagus.
I even made Yorkshire puddings.
I know, I know….they are supposed to be with beef.
But we love them.
And they even rose up nicely.

And I ย broke my diet and had trifle.
Because I needed the Sherry.

After lunch I helped clear up and then I left everyone to do the dishes.
And I toddled off to the flat.
And slept until six.
Which gave me the energy to watch “Love Actually” until eleven last night.
I had seen it before but think it is a delightful movie.

Anyway, I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Surrounded by loved ones.
Or by people you don’t hate too much.




  1. Merry Christmas, Granny. You may relax now, until New Year’s Eve dinner.

    • Please don’t remind me!!!!

      • sorry. 8-x

  2. I’m no big fan of the Christmas season. Too much of everything. Our town is busy, the shops are busy, the people are busy. May now the Christmas visitors will be exchanged for the New Years crowd. The freeway sounds as if there are non-stop vehicles on the road.
    I, however, had a peaceful day on my own. Precious!

    • That sounds like my kind of day Pussycat…absolute heaven.

  3. Bravo for the meal – rice AND potatoes? I have completely failed to get into the proper Christmas spirit this year, despite wall to wall carols, decorations and food. I think it is the absence of family this year – they seem a long way away.

    • Exactly how I felt Viv…no grandkids.

  4. Me too, I am SO glad it over now ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Bravo!

    • For being dumb JM???

  6. You did the whole thing – the hot dinner & all? You’re the best, Granny ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, time to say Happy New year now… !

    • I need my head read Words!

  7. I took a big sigh of relief that it was over last night after popping the last dish in the dishwasher. Now to get past New Year’s…..

    • Hi Sweetdays…a dishwasher…I have one too…I call him my brother.

  8. We did the whole works for 5, but now have to do it all over again on Sunday when rest of fambly return! This time for a dozen or so *sign*.

    • I love cooking for a big crowd…seems a waste of time for only five…we were five too. Have a feeling they expect me to do it all over again on New Year…I am NOT enthusiastic.

      • That makes three of us! It took me ages to repack the silver, alone!

      • The upside of doing the cooking…I don’t have to clean up afterwards.

      • Funny, making the fruit salad doesn’t give me an exemption. I will protest to the union.

      • I would definitely protest Col…can you Toyi, toyi? Is that how you spell it?

      • The spelling art I do have – and that is the right way you have there – but the actual action of the ‘Wanna Weewee’ dance I have not mastered. Maybe with a full enough bladder it would come naturally.

  9. Sounds like you had a busy Christmas. I keep forgetting you have summer at Christmas. Ours was rather warm on Christmas Eve, when we celebrated our family Christmas with Chinese food and family gifts at my daughter’s house. Then she and the family went off to church with her husband’s family and to their house for more presents and I went home. Yesterday was quiet for me. I knitted a cowl for one of the granddaughters (my timing was poor and I didn’t get both done so they will be Little Christmas gifts on January 6) and watched two movies (“The Muppets” Christmas Carol” and “Moonrise Kingdom,” which, while not a Christmas movie, was fantastic) and played with my new Kindle Fire that daughter gave me (a great surprise). By the way, I love Yorkshire pudding but have never had trifle. “Love, Actually” is a great Christmas movie. I could have watched that, too. I had the time while I was knitting. Glad you survived Christmas, Kathy. Happy Boxing Day (do you celebrate it? I don’t know these things).

    • Hi Maire…sounds like a good time…I am so glad. It IS a holiday here but I think they call it something else…am not sure.
      A new Kindle..great.

  10. Never mind the diet its only for one day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Harry…I was fairly good so am not too worried…had a “little” trifle and one choccie!

  11. Love Actually is a fun watch . . . glad you were able to fit in a nap after all that cooking.

    • One of the few movies I will watch for the second time NR.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Granny!

    • It was ok Benzeknees…missed my family.

  13. Hot here too in the sub-tropics, so I opted out of making a big hot dinner this year and instead we had turkey, ham and salads and everyone still enjoyed it; the food is important, but good company is even better!
    You can relax now, till New Year then we have to do it all over again!

    • Oh don’t remind me Barb…have no idea what to make for New Year…why do we punish ourselves like this?

  14. Well done to you, Granny. That sound like a wonderful Christmas lunch. Wish I’d been there too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs to you.

    • A big Christmas hug to you too AD.

      • Mwah ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Sounds like a fabuloous spread. I also love that movie. xxx

    • Hi My Friend..lovely chatting to you yesterday…love you.

  16. Aha, wonderful – both the meal and the company! I adore trifle (sherry!) and yorkshire pudding.. Delicious, and who cares what goes with what!

    • Hi Adee…you know me by now…am very seldom normal.

  17. What a relief to see someone else who says ‘what a relief’ that Christmas is over. Too much, too much. Stress. Mess. Busy. The only great part is seeing my kids who live far away. But wow am I tired!

    • Hi Sharechair…Misery loves company. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I have not made sherry trifle for years. My dad loved it, he died 31 years ago today.

    • Oh Mar…a bitter sweet time for you.
      My Dad passed away 25 years ago this month too…still miss him.

  19. I’m glad its over too… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Yes we are mad to eat a hot meal in the middle of the day. We paced ourselves and had scrambled egg with spring onions and smoked salmon for breakfast and only ate again early evening. We had a salmon starter at about 6.00 pm and then our main meal at 8.00 pm when it was much cooler. We had gammon, deboned butterflied lamb on the braai and salads followed by a homemade icecream bombe. Even after taking it easy and eating later were still stuffed!

    • Hi Optie…Next Christmas can I come to your place???

      • Sure Granny you would be most welcome

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