Posted by: granny1947 | December 19, 2012

Granny’s weekend





Hello All.

I can’t tell you about the whole weekend in one post so I will start with the flight down.

I walk out to the plane and I see it has propellers.
Two great big black props.
I thought they went out when I was a kid.
And I wonder just HOW old is this plane?

I got on the plane and I had a good seat.
Under the wing.
I could make sure the wheel could come down.
And I could watch the props.
I reassured myself that as long as I couldn’t see the propellers, they were turning.

We took off into thick clouds.
I don’t know about you guys but I like to know the pilot can see where he is going.
Instruments might not have been his strongest subject.
And I kept a beady eye on the propeller.

About twenty minutes into the trip we were flying over huge banks of clouds.
And, I decided to take a couple of pics.
As I took the first one I saw something out the corner of my eye.





I nearly dropped the camera.
I nearly dropped something else.
But I won’t go into that.

I lowered the camera and looked at the propellers.
I couldn’t see them.
I looked through the camera and there they were.

Someone has explained why this happens.
But I can’t remember the explanation.
Suffice to say it scared the shyte out of me.

Twenty minutes later the pilot suddenly dropped the wing on my side.
And we did a right turn.
And I thought  “there is a frigging intersection up here?”

We landed safely but not before we had bounced around like a Kangaroo on Speed.
Apparently this is par for the course in propeller planes.





  1. I know what you mean. Those little planes with the propellers scare the living daylights out of me. I white-knuckle the armrests all the way through the whole trip. Unfortunately those are the only planes that now fly into the airport that is closest to my hometown in New York State (which is 50 miles from my hometown as it is anyway). I understand exactly how you felt. The plane I take follows the river up the state to the city from New York City. I think so they know where they are going. Can’t wait for episode two.

  2. I’ve only flown a few times but every time I have…I have always said a quiet prayer that the pilot didn’t have a few too many cocktails or a fight with his wife. Not that I fear death, but I would hope to go out in a more colorful way than some guy being hungover or pissed off. 😉

    • I can think of better ways to go too…in my sleep wouldn’t be bad.

  3. What a laugh I had there. I love flying, but only from Durbs to Joburg 😉
    I used to ask for a seat just behind the wings so I could watch the flaps when the plane slows down before landing.
    Can’t wait for the next exciting episode.

    • Hi Pussycat…nothing too exciting!

  4. Glad you made it.

    • Thanks Viv…am glad I am not down in Cape Town today…they are having a horrendous heatwave.

  5. What an experience – glad you landed safely, in spite of everything!

    • Thanks Barb…and the same plane got me back too…also with a very bumpy landing!

  6. I have to say – you’re the only person I know who can turn a scary situation into a funny post! 🙂 I’m so glad you made it okay. Small planes aren’t for me – I don’t like flying at all anyway, but the rough rides and sharper turns of small planes are definitely out. Sometimes I picture the pilot laughing as he dips the wing down and laughs, knowing his passengers are about to lose their lunches, among other things…. 😉

    • Hi RD…anyone seeing my face would have had a good laugh!

  7. Used to go flying with a friend when I was MUCH younger in small single engine planes. I absolutely loved it! I felt far more comfortable in one of them than I do in big commercial aircraft. Beautiful pictures!

    • Hi KLRS…I used to love small planes too…but I was young and stupid then!

  8. I flew in a small plane once with my family when we were moving across the Northwest Territories – they were smart enough to heavily sedate me before letting me on the plane. So I don’t remember much about it, except that I swear we landed sideways on the runway in gale force winds. Maybe I’m a little fuzzy on that. lol

    • Hahahaha Lin….we would make a good pair on a plane!

  9. I’ve flown in prop planes a time of two . . . once in the co-pilot seat. As luck would have it, I was NOT asked to take the controls. Phew!

    • When we landed, we did NOT bounce around like a kangaroo on speed. That only happens in the southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere, we bounce around like jack-a-lopes. 😉

    • Hi NR…I was allowed to to go up to the cockpit of a 747 when I went overseas…it was awesome.

      • That’s exciting!

  10. Hi Love, thanks for the giggle,,,, an intersection up there ?
    Have a great time

    • Hi My friend…glad I made you smile…what are you doing for Xmas?

  11. Even though I heard this story from you on Saturday, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud again, sitting here at my desk. Looking forward to your post about the wedding 😉

    • Hi P… were supposed to let me know you got back safely…naughty girl!

  12. They are terrifying. I went on a prop and went to the loo. I almost passed out in fear when I saw the emergency exit door was in the toilet!

    • Good grief…I never went to the loo so I have no idea where the exit was.

  13. I am not a happy flier, but you have to do it sometimes. I try to distract myself with anything I can to try and forget where I am!

    • I hear you Sharechair…I forgot to take a paper or a book…the plane had my full attention!

  14. Glad you made it and here to tell us all about it. I love that photo of the beach!

    • Hi Grannymar…it was so good to see my beach again…damn now I am homesick again.

  15. I love flying but not in small jets…

    • The older I get the less I like flying!

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