Posted by: granny1947 | December 14, 2012

Granny is licked



Hello All.

What is going on?
I stay away for a few days and everything changes.
Took me ages to find the dashboard.

I am sitting here dripping with perspiration.
Damn this place is more humid than I remember.
Our fan stays on permanently.

So we went to the SPCA to fetch the new family member.
My Stepdad and I went.
He who is in his 90th year.
My Dad not the dog.

She had been spayed that morning.
I would never have guessed.
When I was spayed I hobbled around for two weeks.
She bounced around like a beach ball.

We put her on the back seat and my Dad got in the back with her.
She decided she wanted to sit in the front with me and squeezed between the seats.
When I told her to get in the back she put her head under my arm and just sat there.
I, eventually, had to get into the back and then she came to join me.
My Dad then held her there with the lead.
She spent most of the trip home draped across his lap.

When we got home we introduced the two dogs.
They wagged tails and did the sniffing of bum bit.
I thought “great”
Then all hell broke loose.
There was snarling and growling and yelling.
I hate to use some strong words.
On the humans.
Despite all the noise there was no blood.
The dogs were simply trying to establish the pecking order.
Goldie is the aggressor.
I think Jasmine would love to be friends.

I have been taking Jasmine in every evening but I have kept her on the lead.
I also go in armed with a rolled up newspaper.
Goldie seems to respond to the paper.
If I threaten her with it she goes into a corner and sits facing the wall.
Pretends we are not there.
She is too funny.

She is also a bit irritating.
If I go into the kitchen to cook she insists on staying with me.
As the kitchen is small I am constantly stepping over her.
That is going to have to change.

Now I am off to bed.
Tomorrow I need to pack.
My plane leaves at eleven.
I can’t wait.

I have charged my camera batteries.
I am going to bore you to tears on my return.
If my DIL has left her laptop at home I will bore you even sooner.



A picture of Jasmine.
Just to show her I still love her so much.
Poor baby is so confused.
She can’t go into the house unless I am around.



  1. Both dogs are adorable. They’ll get it all sorted out by themselves. Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy your beach.

    • Thanks so much Maire…getting excited now.

  2. Bon Voyage! 😀

  3. Have a great time in CT and I am sure the dogs will sort out their pecking order.

    • I am sure they will Sue…if the humans don’t interfere.

  4. Have a good time granny, you look well reading the paper 🙂

    • Oy Harry…that is my mother!!!

  5. Have a great time in Cape Town. Hope the weather clears up while you are there.

    • Me too Paul…believe it is very hot!

  6. ahhhh, sweet, a nice new doggy friend. Have a great trip to CT, it’s flaming humid and hot right now 🙂 Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 18:18:19 +0000 To:

    • Hi Ruth…please arrange for it to cool down now.

  7. I think you’re going to need a bigger kitchen. Golden Retrievers stick like glue to the one they love.

    • I think you are right Viv…went in to say goodbye just now…dog was glued to my side.

  8. Fingers crossed the two dogs get along well in the end. Nice photo of Jasmine, she looks very contented. Have a good trip!

    • Thanks Elaine…they have to get along…Jasmine is very unhappy…she considers the house her other home and just can’t understand why they won’t let her in.

  9. Hope the dogs sort themselves out without Jasmine feeling down-trodden, she is such a sweet-natured girl.
    Enjoy Cape Town!

    • I know Barb…I feel so sorry for her at the moment…any tips on training the geriatrics?

  10. Hope the 2 dogs learn to get along well soon. Our furry children are such great companions.

    • Me too Benzeknees…they could have such fun together.

  11. it takes time for dogs to get to know each other…we were lucky with Benji as everyone loves her including the cats….have a lovely break….and a Happy Christmas xxx

  12. Too funny. I hope these tow become the best of friends. Have a wonderful visit back to your old hunting grounds. 🙂

  13. Have a fabulous time, Granny. Wonder how the beach will feel without your wee buddy racing about. Surely you’ll find something really smelly to take back to her! I realize you’ll risk being shown a parachute!

    Look forward to your photos.

  14. Hi Gran, I hope you have a super time in CT and spend time on your beach. Pity Jasmine couldn’t go too… She is an absolute angel to have her time with you curtailed as it is now. It can’t have been easy for either of you to adapt. You have been in my thoughts a lot lately. God bless you. ♥

  15. Oh another dog in the house is never easy. I found one a few weeks back and she was as good as gold but that is not what my dogs would tell you. They would tell that she came in our house. That was enough to irritate them. This beautiful dog had to spend the night with and I think Darla was just beside herself when new dog jumped right onto our bed, snuggled up against our pillows and went right to sleep. Oh it was the most beautiful sight. She never even bothered the cat, didn’t even look at her but the cat hissed and struck out at her. I would have kept that dog if I could have. But I found her owners. And that is another story. Have a good trip.

  16. Have a great time Granny! It’s never easy bringing a new dog into a home that already has a dog, but I’m sure things will smooth out between them. Bring on those pics!

  17. Hey I am back…and blogging again xxx

    • Welcome back…how are you?

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