Posted by: granny1947 | December 9, 2012

Granny is exited.


Hello All.

I know, I know…I have been a naughty Granny.
Today, I will try to catch up with everyone.
It will have to be later, though.

Last week my folks had to put their old dog to sleep.
So sad.
She was such a sweet old girl.
With bad breath.
Jasmine does not appear to have noticed that she has gone.
She was about twelve years old and got a tumour in her tummy.

In an hour’s time I am taking my Dad to the SPCA in Uitenhage.
It is about 45minutes from here.
Longer if I get lost.
They have a dog looking for a home.
Actually, they probably have hundreds of dogs looking for homes.
This one is a cross Labrador/Golden Retriever.
A friend sent me her photo.
She looks adorable.
They suggested we bring Jasmine with.
So we can see how the two dogs react to each other.

I hate going to the SPCA.
I just want to bring them all home with me.

Why am I excited?
Next Saturday I fly down to Cape Town.
A good friend is getting married.
I met him through blogging on my previous site.
Just love him to bits.

I am also going to see three of my grandkids.
And one of my children.
I am going to take hundreds of photos.
And walk in the water.
And sit on my thinking rock.

It has all worked out perfectly.
My elder son and DIL are going on a cruise from Cape Town to Durban.
They leave the day before I arrive.
Which means they don’t need their car.
So I have transport.
To get to the BEACH.
Their kids are not going so I will get to spend a couple of night with them.
They fly back at three o’clock on the Tuesday.
I have to book in at three o’clock to fly back home.
I can book in my luggage and meet them for coffee.
And give them their car keys.
And they have transport back home.
How perfect is that?

Anyway, enough for now.
A longer than normal post.
How many of you are still reading it?



  1. Hope all works out well with the dog. I know how you feel about going to the SPCA. Have fun seeing the grandkiddies and your beach again 🙂

    • Thanks so much Hope…I intend making the most of every minute. Hope to see Colleen while I am there…must give her a call.

  2. Enjoy your trip and give Simon a kiss from me, hope you find a nice pooch for the folks.

    • Hi Sue…found a lovely pooch and will defintely give Simon a kiss.

  3. Enjoy your beach to the fullest. Hope the wind won’t blow.

    • Wind or rain Newsey…I WILL walk on the beach.

  4. I’m excited for you too! You and your beach reunited – what bliss. 🙂

    • Absolute bliss Lin…absolute bliss.

  5. A serendipity trip in fact. Great if it all works as planned. I hope your sea is a bit warmer than here!

    • Hi Viv…the water on my beach is cold but I love it.

  6. Wonderful, have missed the
    beautiful pics on YOUR beach. Enjoy & I am thrilled for you. Monica xx

    • Hi Love…I inteneding filling up my camera…you will all be sick of the beach!

  7. as always I read every word…so pleased that your parents are giving a rescue dog a home..just like you..I would take everyone.
    Back to the old stamping ground eh? Maybe you could find a way to get back there…nothing is impossible.
    Stay safe my dear friend and a Happy Christmas and love to Jasmine (and Mex)

    • Thanks so much Patrecia…am so excited.
      We went and saw the dog…she is gorgeous and will be joining our family as soon as she has been spayed and they have inspected our house.

  8. Lovely news, G47. Enjoy the wedding, the kids and grandkids and especially your beach!

    • Thanks Pussycat….roll on this week…it should go quickly…there is a load of work to do before shutdown.

  9. Read the whole way – why would I not 🙂 Love that the beach appears to be taking first place over kids and grandchildren – you are one mad granny. Amazing that you became such good friends with a blogger that you are now going to his wedding. That’s brilliant. Travel safe and we look forward to the updates.
    Of course, for me, I’m most excited about the dog you might adopt – YIPPEE!!!! Need hundreds of photos of that.

    • Hi There Long Life..Goldie will be joining the family…hopefully soon.
      And, yes, there will be loads of pics of her.

  10. You didn’t think i was just going to go away and leave you without my morbid sense of humor, did you? Glad you get to see your beach. Look forward to the pics. Love ya, lady!

    • Hi my love…don’t forget to let us know your new abode.

  11. How lovely that you are going to see your beach again! I know how much you miss it. It is good that your folks are going to look for a new dog. He (or she) will bring much joy to the home and be a good companion for Jasmine. I know you want to bring them all home. That’s how I feel. I always feel sad for the ones left behind. Enjoy the wedding and your beach. And your grandkids and your child, too.

    • Hello there Maire…it was horrible…all those beautiful dogs barking their heads off. It is going to be a young lady…a lovely young lady.

  12. That all sounds too super! Is it, erm, anyone I knew?
    He’s going to get a cross Lab/GR? Wouldn’t he prefer one in a good mood? 🙂

    • Hi Col…It is Simon getting married.
      She looked in a VERY good mood!

      • Aha! Wish him all of the best.
        But I thought you said she was cross?
        And btw you can’t be exited – you’re still there! 🙂 *runs for cover*

      • I wondered who would notice the lack of a c…but then I thought…I AM exiting PE so I left it.

      • Ah! Right.

  13. I read all the way to the bottom!

    How serendipitous for you 🙂

    What a shame you can’t take Jasmine on her beach 😦

    • I know Tilly…I thought the same thing. We took her with to meet the new dog…I think she thought we were going to the beach…poor baby.

  14. I’m still reading Granny! A dog is going to get a good home! You get to go to the beach! All sounds good!!!

    • Yes Sweetdays…it all sounds VERY good.

  15. Yay! That sounds like a wonderful time . . . for all. Enjoy every minute.

    • Thanks Nancy…I intend to make the most of every minute.

  16. Glad you are back! Thanks for adopting a dog. Enjoy the beach, wedding and then some.

    • Thank you for the visit Seeker…great to have you here.

  17. So happy for you, Granny. What a pity you can’t take Jasmine with you. Hugs

    • I know AD…I would love to take her with…not sure how she would behave at the wedding!

  18. I read all the way to the end! It’s going to be great trip for you, and what perfect timing so that you can get to use the car. 🙂

    • I know Elaine…I can’t believe how it is all working out.

  19. Sorry to hear your folks had to put their old dog to sleep, so sad.
    Did Jasmine and the new dog like each other?
    Pity you can’t take Jasmine to your old beach, she would love it as much as you are going to. Anyway, enjoy your walks there, and take some pics.
    btw, I will always be around to read your posts.

    • They sniffed each other through the wire but the new one was so hyper at being let out of her run. She is sure active…hope she settles.

  20. I do! I may not always comment or read everyday but I do!!

  21. Hope it all works out with the new hound, always sad when an old one departs. Take some seasand home for Jasmine and take lots of photos – of the beach and of Simon’s wedding. Give him a big hug from me.

  22. Have a great visit!!! I also thought I should let you know on here that you won the cowl draw last week…I need your info to get it in the mail 🙂

  23. Life seems real busy right now, enjoy the family, the wedding and the beach.

  24. Sorry it took me so long to read this post Granny! Things have been rather insane around here. I’m so sorry to hear about your parents’ dog; it sounds like a good idea that they’re looking for another one right away. How wonderful that you get to visit your beach AND your grandkids! I hope you find time to post about your visit and Jasmine’s new housemate! 🙂

  25. MAN you get around, oh Granny…

    Best of luck with gorgeous pup. Merry Christmas. I do wish you well 🙂

    You’re still funny!!

    • Awwww …thanks Words…you have a wonderful Xmas too.

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