Posted by: granny1947 | November 25, 2012

Granny and the Gee Gees


Hello All.

So, Thursday was let’s spoil Granny day.
Friday we went to the races.
I hadn’t been since I was pregnant with younger son.
Which was forty something years ago.
Wait I should know this….
Ok…41 years ago.
Don’t knock me.
I have eleven birthdays to remember between kids and grandkids.
You can’t expect me to remember their actual ages.

We nearly didn’t get to the races.
I knew the road to take.
And I took the right road.
But, apparently, everyone in Port Elizabeth knows where the race course is.
And, apparently, they don’t expect visitors.
There was no signpost telling one where to turn.
I was nearly in the next town before I decided something was wrong and I turned around.
Coming back there was a faded old sign.

ML had a very painful leg.
She couldn’t manage the 100 or so metres from the hotel to the casino because there was a slight uphill.(fortunately there was a shuttle that could take us right into the building)
Anyway, we get to the racecourse and there is a brand new building.
We are booked for the top floor.
Eight flights of stairs.
And the lift had packed up.
She made it but I had visions of us spending the next few days there.
Thankfully, they repaired the lift before we had to leave.

I had fun.
I put about R20 on the first race and won R320.
Then I won R120 on the next race.
And I thought this is easy.
The rest of the horses I picked are still running.

A very pretty race course.
We had a nice lunch.
There was a smoking room.
All good stuff.
However, I did find it a bit boring waiting between races.
Other people spent their time studying the race books.
Looking at form, race conditions and jockeys etc.
I picked outsiders with nice names.

I think my favourite moments during the nine days, was sitting on the balcony early in the morning.
A cup of coffee and watching the sea.
Wonderful peace an quiet.

More tomorrow.
There was a bit of drama.
Wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a bit of excitement.



  1. I see you bet like me, like the name and go for it. But must mention had not been to any races since leaving France in 1985!

    • I probably won’t go for another 41 years!!!

  2. I love the races as well – we had a major race here earlier in the month (Melbourne Cup) – mines still running as well lol
    Good to hear you enjoyed your break
    Take care

    • Hi Cathy…I always pick a donkey…don’t see the point in picking a favourite…you get nothing back.

  3. That’s a wondeful view from the balcony.

    • Such good soulfood Elaine.

  4. so you had a good day, and won some money! So can I come for a loan yet? Was there only one lift in the whole of the building?

    • Hi Patrecia…only one lift to where we had to be. I believe they are now going to put up a signpost…I was very vocal about there not being one.

  5. Your method of handicapping horses is the same as mine–pick the one with the nice name and the long shot–it will pay out the most. Of course, you also lose a lot of the time. Another good way to handicap a horse is to go to the paddock area (I did this when we lived near Saratoga in NY) and wait for the horses to come out and pick the rider with the nicest racing colors. It makes as much sense as any other method and you win just as often. Sounds like you had a good day at the races despite waiting for the lift and the shuttle. I like the races. Haven’t been in years though we have a track for losing nags here who can’t race at big tracks. Back in NY I was used to seeing the best horses race, Triple Crown material. Not so in the hot Texas sun.

    • Hi Maire…before each race they paraded the horses down below made me think…one horse only seemed to want to go backwards. 🙂

  6. What a great spot to start the day, Kathy.
    Fun that you won on your first bet.

    • It was a wonderful start to the day…I even forgave the joggers for making me feel guilty.

  7. I also pick according to how much I like the name 🙂

    • Then I guess neither of us win very often!

  8. Great fun. I hope you didn’t splurge ALL the winnings on subsequent races!

    • No…I bet small on each race…know too little about it.

      • Glad you came away on top!

      • Yes Col…that was good…the casino was another story.

      • Uh-oh!

  9. Great win on the first one. Do you think your next lot are still running now? You are so funny – just love your posts. Can’t wait to find out what the drama was.

    • Thanks Long life….the drama was near the end…couple of days to wait.

  10. I used to pick football teams by the color of their uniforms and I am always for the underdog. Looking forward to hearing about the adventure.

    • I really don’t see the point in acking a favourite…you get zilch back.

  11. Lovely post, G. I’ve only ever been to the races twice and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Didn’t bet, so didn’t win anything.
    Waiting for the next exciting episode 😉

    • How can you go to the races and not bet?????

  12. That skyline is gorgeous… Haven’t been to the races in ages. there is a track not far from me though. Open in the spring/summer. 😉

  13. Beautiful view from your balcony, where is this?

  14. Good for you, Granny. For winning. And for very cleverly avoiding whether or not you won overall! “Even” is generally the message when it’s bad news! 😀

    I don’t understand odds. People have tried to explain and it just doesn’t not fall into place. And my career was in Finance! Go figure. So I’ve stayed away from horses. Besides I embarrass myself. I have a very loud voice when I am excited!

  15. Sounds like you had a great time! Too bad about ML’s leg, though. And what awful timing for the lift to be out! What a wonderful view you had to enjoy with your morning coffee – a great way to start the day. 🙂

  16. Never had any luck with horse races myself but glad you had left with more than you arrived with 🙂

  17. I’ve never been to a horse race. Although there is a big every year down the road a bit. I don’t quite know how I feel about using the animals that way. I hear so many bad things. And you have to get dressed up and wear a big fancy hat. Might be fun one day. Can’t wait to hear the drama. You sure do deserve that quiet time on the balcony. Good for you.

    • Hi Linda…I don’t do hats but no-one seemed to be wearing any…it was fun and the horses seemed to enjoy it too.

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