Posted by: granny1947 | November 8, 2012

Granny is still here.

Photos from the past….I am homesick

Hello All.

Thought I had better check in.
So far so good….no men in black suits.
Am still here.
Mind you, our government could be slow readers.

Sunshine today and I still haven’t taken Jasmine for a walk.
I am one lazy granny.

Today my daughter-in-law phoned me.
Invited me to go on a four day cruise up the West coast.
I would so love to go.
Unfortunately, I will still be working.

I DO have plans though.
My friend is arriving here next Wednesday.
The one who took me to Swaziland(twice) and to the Caledon Spa.
She has booked two sea facing suites at a beachfront hotel.
I am going to be spending nine days there.
I will still be going to work in the mornings but I am finished by eleven o’clock.
Still plenty of time to do things.
I have no idea what but will think of something.

She has also booked a private room at the races next Friday.
I haven’t been to the races for over forty years.
This should be fun.
Apparently, you  eat and drink and place your bets in total comfort.
I could get used to this.

Mex is staying home to babysit Jasmine(and the old people)
I will have to make it up to him somehow.
We will be meeting him a couple of times for lunch.
He won’t come out at night.

The hotel is right next door to the casino.
Hope I win something.

I will have to try and make a plan to blog.
I left my laptop with my grandson when we came up here.
For some reason I can’t log-in from work.
I can put in my name but it won’t let me put in my password.
Very strange.
I will be popping in at home to check my mail so will try to stay in touch.
I am so excited that I will have something to talk to you about.

Now I had better go and start supper.
Everyone here expects to eat.
Have no idea what their problem is.


  1. The spa, the races, the casino–sounds wonderful. Have a great time!

    • Gosh I hope so Maire..escaping this one room sounds great.
      Even if it is only for nine days.

  2. Wow you do have an interesting life, enjoy and be happy.

    • Thanks Newsey…I intend to do both.

  3. Wow! As we used to say when the odd treat came our way: “Like a rich family in peace time.” Have a great time.

    • She is a great friend Viv…she spoils me rotten.

  4. So glad you have something to look forward to Granny. I think we are going on that cruise up the west coast if its the one in the first week in December. Still 9 days in a hotel suite sounds even better, no chance of sea sickness 😉

    • I think she said it is leaving on the 10th.I think it is a four day trip…sounds will have to watch out for her…will post a photo.

      • We leave on the 3rd, back on the 7th – it’s a retirement celebration for OH who retires at the end of November.

      • Ok…sounds like she is going when you get back…have a blast.

  5. What a pity about the cruise but still, 9 days in a hotel…..does your friend need a new bestie?

  6. Yay! x 9 . . . one for each day of your beachfront stay.

    Sounds like you will be busy enough with work, checking mail, lunching with Max, chilling with your friend, winning bit at the casino, enjoying a day at the races, etc.

    Don’t worry about checking in with us . . . we’ll enjoy the “tell all” when you return. Have FUN!!!

    You deserve a break today . . . or whenever your friend arrives.

    • She arrives on Wednesday NR…yes…I should have plenty to talk about…and lots of pics.

  7. Things are really looking up, granny. What a great friend you have! Enjoy the well deserved break, and have lots of fun. I’m so glad that our government are slow readers. Our pres doesn’t read very well at all. 🙂

    • Hi Ad…yes I have also had that feeling.

  8. that sounds really exciting and gives you lots to look forward to..maybe that will make up for being homesick ( but I doubt it)

    • I doubt it too P.!!!

    • I am not getting your notifications either…Harry…Help!!!

  9. What is it with people, wanting to be fed every day!
    Have a wonderful, brilliant, fun and relaxing time with your friend. Looking forward to the updates when you get back to a PC.

    • Thanks Longlife…hope I can tell you all I won a big jackpot!!

  10. Enjoy, it sounds like a fun treat.

    • More than a treat…I am being thoroughly spoilt.

  11. Wow, something nice to look forward to granny, it sounds wonderful and I know you will have a rip-roaring time – you are ready for it!

  12. Have a wonderful time Granny!

    • Thanks Sweetdays…I intend to try.

  13. Sounds like a whole lot of interesting and fun activities coming up then Gran 🙂

  14. What a treat!

    I’ve done that private box at the races a couple of times. It’s great fun.

    • I’ve never done it…something to look forward to.

  15. How wonderful Granny! You really need – and DESERVE – this escape. I hope you have a wonderful time and win lots!

    • Oh me too RD…me too!

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