Posted by: granny1947 | November 7, 2012

Granny and Obama

Hello All.

A post with a difference.

A letter to President Obama.

Dear President Obama.

First, let me congratulate you on your re-election. I am not an American but I am sure you deserved it.

However, you have a lot to answer for.
You have highlighted the vast difference between you and our president.
Our president is also aiming for a second term.
You have been dignified.
Our president has donned skins and danced.
A lot.

You have got through your first four years without a scandal.
Our president has had several important decisions overturned by the courts.
Our president has spent 248 million rand of taxpayer’s money improving his private home.
With a bunker and a private clinic.
The clinic is probably important.
We all know he believes you can sleep with an HIV positive woman and then have a shower.

You managed to get through the four years with the same wife and kids.
Ours has added at least two wives to his collection.
And we have lost count of his kids.
Legitimate and otherwise.

Our president is doing a dance dodging the issue of secret tapes.
Tapes concerning his charges on corruption.
Even going as far as ignoring court orders.
One law for him and another for us plebs.

I could go on and on but it is too depressing.
Suffice to say…for the first time in my long life..I wish I lived in a land where there was true democracy.

May the next four years be filled with “honourable” accomplishments.



If I vanish from the blogging world…call our official opposition party.


  1. Loverly!!!

    • Hehehe…why did I think you would like it?

  2. Democracy in the states only for some granny, wait to you read my post about the election.

    A great letter 😆

    • Thanks Harry…shall come over now.

  3. Your president sounds like a pip. I for one I am glad Obama won. My daughter is not. We will survive 4 more years. He’s nota saint but I thought he was the best man.

  4. Clever!

    • Thank you JM…for th comment and the visit.

  5. Mitt Romney was not as articulate as Obama…I backed him first time around and pleased to see he isstill there. Like you Granny I am not American but what America does affects the rest of the world…
    Sorry about SA President..can’t you get him bumped off?

    • Hi Patrecia…I wouldn’t go as far as bumping him off…would love to strip him of his illbegotten gains.

  6. I am pleased Obama won – I would be more pleased if our congress could manage to consider the good of the country rather than their party, maybe something could get done. Your photo makes me want to be there with my big furry girls, walking and taking pictures.

    • Hi Carol…that beach is where I lived until April this year…I walked it every day…I miss it so much.

  7. Well said, Granny. I pray you will survive to grace us with your wisdom for many years.

    • What a lovely thing to say Viv…thank you.

  8. I’ll be checking on your status regularly and have opposition on speed-dial in case you go missing. Very good points though. I’m not surprised about the clinic either – have you seen the state of the hospitals lately? He could have done an awful lot for them with all that money and then would have been safe going to one. Very interesting times in which we live.

    • Thank you Long Life…that makes me feel happier!

  9. I am proud to live a country that truly let’s it’s people decide….one that allows us to voice our opinion about the things we love and the things we think are unfair. We can do this freely, verbally, in writing, in groups, in public, in homes, without fear of being dragged away or prosecuted. Regardless of what people think or say, our democracy applies to all, if it didn’t we couldn’t write blogs opposing things our government does or doesn’t do. I love my country, with all it’s faults but most of all because I have the freedom to come and go as I please and speak my mind. Good luck with your elections granny!

    • So far we are able to express our opinions but they are trying to limit free expression.

  10. Well . . . you made me feel better about the fact that it’s “politics as usual” here in the states. 😀

    • As long as SOMEONE feels better Nancy.

  11. Zuma is an absolute disgrace to South Africa, the joys of living in a third world country! 😦

    • Great minds Sue…I just said that too.

  12. BRILLIANT!! It must be so great to have a true democracy and a president to be proud of. *sigh* (I tried to give you 10 stars, but only 5 came up.)

    • Awwwwwwww…thank you AD.

  13. Crikey!

    • The joys of living in the third world Pseu.

  14. Granny i fixed the problem with you not getting my posts, it was not set right in your dashboard, there are many more turned of.

    • Thank you Harry…I wonder how that happened?

      • Granny it did not work, do you want me to tell you how to do it.

      • Please Harry…what is going wrong?

  15. Fabulous letter Granny! Love it.

    • Thanks Linda…now…forward it onto Obama!

  16. Um…holy crap. You rock Granny, I think YOU should be the bloody President…just saying.

    • Hi Princess…think I could do a better job than he is…mind you…I couldn’t do worse.

  17. You should have cc’d this letter to Zuma!
    Good one, Granny!

    • Do you have his e-mail address Pussycat????

      • I though it was but that addy no longer exists thanks to a directive from Gvt 😉

      • They are SO defensive when they are in the wrong Pussycat.

  18. Well said Granny, although the comparison is rather depressing!

  19. I’m glad I don’t live where you are – I really like the fairness of democracy. In Canada we have a much shorter time period for campaigning than in the US which makes elections a little more bearable. It may be a pain in the butt to have to go through all the election crap, but it’s well worth the result.

    • We don’t get any say in this election…it is within the ruling party.

  20. If you vanish, we’ll send out a posse. 🙂

    • So far so good Tilly.

  21. I’m waiting for a reply from the forum why i cannot get into the settings and i’ll get back to you.

    If you read this post it tells you about it.

    • I found it under Blog I follow…nearly all of them said never!!!

      • Thats where i could not get into, glad you found it, you can edit any blog in there.

      • I just got a huge batch of emails confirming my subs.

  22. I was relieved to see Obama back in! Romney, in my opinion, would have undermined the rights of women in even the most humane areas. In expressing my Canadian opinion – only to state the need to support the man and quit forcing him to deal with defending himself – I’ve upset some readers. Dear God, women, please go back to the 1900s to see if you’d really like to live like that again.

  23. Love your sense of humor Granny. I’m glad that Obama is in the office and to see that you’re safe after your letter. Peace!!

    • Thank you Deborah….so far so good…but our goverment don’t do anything quickly…they first have to form a committee.

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