Posted by: granny1947 | November 6, 2012

Granny and traffic

A close up of one of the poopers.

Hello All.

A quick post as I am off to bed.
To moan gently.
Have hurt my back.
Don’t ask!

Going to work has become quite interesting.
Our recent floods damaged one of the main roads.
That traffic now uses the highway I take.
Just to add to the chaos they are working on said highway.
I think they are digging a tunnel through to China.
So, all this traffic feeds into ONE lane.
It takes about twenty minutes to traverse two kilometres.
I have formed close relationships with several road users.

I don’t mind too much.
It gives me time to brush my hair.
Put on lipstick.
Listen to the radio.
Smoke a couple of cigarettes.
Smile at complete strangers.
You have no idea how much it unnerves some of them.

So…short and sweet.
Well, short anyway.

Night night.



  1. That pooper manages to look very innocent! Sorry about your back, take it gently and no swinging from the chandeliers……hahahahaha! *runs*

    • PMB is not a big place…I WILL find you!

  2. Happy journey you seem to have found the answer – be kind to the flag wavers. Good for you!!

    • Hi Newsey…imagine doing that ALL day…it must be soul destroying.

  3. I hate stop start traffic – just not quite enough time to read a page of a book or send a text before you have to move on again!

    • Hi Elaine…I just keep thinking of the gas I am wasting.

  4. that is one BIG doggie…..!!!

    Time to stop the smoking…not healthy for you

    • I KNOW Patrecia…I know.

  5. The trip sounds horrible but isn’t it great, just smiling (especially if you can do so knowingly) at complete strangers – they always think you are up to something 😀
    Sorry you hurt your back. Hope you get better really quickly.

    • Everything great today..think I just pinched a nerve.

  6. Oh no Granny not your back! I get down in the back and I can’t even get my leg up to stick it my pants, can’t lift my legs to the couch, can’t pull clothes out of the washer without crying. I use those low back therma care thingies that wrap around with velcro and heat up. They are miracle workers. A valium doesn’t hurt either! Hope your back begins to behave quickly!!

    • Hi Sweetdays…thanks love but my back was fine today.

  7. What a cutie! I could forgive that face anything.

    Hope your back heals soon.

    • She is cute but I think the old dog was the culprit!

  8. Gosh that traffic sounds dreadful Granny so you might as well amuse yourself while you crawl along.

    Hope your back feels better soon. A tip that works for me – before getting out of bed in the morning lie on your back and draw one knee up to your chest and hold, repeat with the other knee and then with both knees. This stretches the lower back and helps to mobilize the joints that become stiff overnight. It also reduces the risk of an injury from bending as you start your day.

    • You do all that before you go for a widdle? I must be a lot older than you!

  9. You could walk the 2 kilometres quicker and more healthily than that! Well, you could if the traffic pollution doesn’t get you first. I sympathise about the back problem – a permanent feature of my own life.

    • I know Viv…sometimes feel like getting out and stretching my legs.

  10. We have some roads that it seems like they have been working on for years. I don’t think they will be fixed in my lifetime. It’s highly annoying. And why do they always have to work on them at rush hour? A pertinent question if there ever was one.

    • Hi Maire…can’t see that this road is going to be completed for months…sigh

  11. Heheheheh…Bruce thought that was our dog Bailey…super cute 🙂 Hope your back is better soon doll!!

  12. I’m late to comment because I ended up getting stranded out of town by a blizzard for an extra day. I really like what the City of Edmonton (where I live) does with their road work – they start for the day after rush hour & clear up as much as possible before afternoon rush hour so they inconvenience you as little as possible. Of course construction is always a pain but bad roads would also be a pain. Glad to hear your back is better today. I agree with you about stretching in bed before getting up (you & I must be in the same age range), I can barely make it to the toilet in the morning much less stretching before getting out of bed. Here’s a trick to getting out of bed without hurting your back (I was born with Spina Bifida so I have had back problems my whole life) – roll onto the hip facing the edge of the bed & swing your legs over the edge while pushing yourself up with the arm closest to the mattress. Works every time!

    • Thanks for the advice Benzeknees…thank heavens my back is fine again.
      This is major construction going on….think it is going to take months.

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