Posted by: granny1947 | November 4, 2012

Granny and the short news.

Hello All.

Just reporting in to assure you I am still alive.
And kicking.
Ok…not kicking.
Just shuffling.

So what have I been up to?
Not much.
Mex and I went to a park last Sunday.
Art in the park.
A great place to go if you want someone else’s unwanted ornaments.
Or lots of second hand books.
Normally, I would come back with books.
But I am right off reading.
And there is no space here for one more book.

Mex has stopped making his mosaic mirrors for a while.
Now he is into mosaic clocks.
The man has time on his hands.
Sorry….couldn’t resist.
Actually, they are great.


Today would have been Wendy’s birthday.
Damn I miss her.

I have lost nearly five kgs.
Damn it has taken a long time.
Hmmmm…11 lbs sounds much better.

My hair is getting greyer by the day.
A new experience.
Right now any experience is good.

So…all my news for now.

Oh no wait.
I had a weird dream last night.
I was going to a wedding.
Have no idea who the bride was.
And I was wearing a dress.
With no sleeves.
Not a dream….a nightmare.
I do not do sleeveless.
Old skin is wrinkly.
And very ugly.



  1. It has to be really really hot for me to wear anything sleeveless these days! I know what it’s like to lose a good friend, makes a big hole in your life *hug* I like the clock.

    • Hi Sue…this has been a really shitty year.

      • Yup! It has. 😦

        SHIT happens . . . but, then, if we’re lucky, SHIFT happens. Here’s to brighter days ahead for all of us.

      • Hear, hear Nancy…you have also had a lousy year.

    • By the way you went into my spam mail!!!

  2. Glad to hear you are ok Granny; it’s not been the best year for you and I know how much you are missing Wendy.
    Good news on the lost weight!

    • Hi Barb…it has been one of my worst years…without a doubt!

  3. So “Art in the Park” is the new name for flea market??
    Mm, I’m also thinking of making a clock. Just one, though, for the newly weds in the family. I want to give them, rather belatedly, a self-made gift.
    Remember the good times with Wendy today.

    • Hi Pussycat…have just had a long chat to her partner and it just what we did!

  4. Not only still shuffling but still with your great sense of humor. Good to hear from you again – it has been a while. What’s the weather doing down there? Really hoping it decides to be good for Christmas.

    • Hi Long life…a stunning day today…hard to believe it is happening…grey skies have become the norm…or howling gales.

  5. Good to see you again. Hope your weather like ours improved.

    • A lovely day here today…thank heavens.

  6. New follower – via Tilly’s blog – I like your take on life: if you don’t like something, moan about it!

    I so agree about sleeveless dresses – though maybe the weight loss might change perceptions!

    • Hi Viv…I have been following you for ages!
      Weight loss does NOT change the perception…the skin is MORE wrinkly!

      • Yuk. I won’t bother dieting, then.

      • It is a hard decision…love that my waist is back…not happy with the wrinkles.

  7. You are still with us!!! Yippee!
    Going greyer, losing weight , shuffling along…are you getting old? I hope not cos that makes me ancient!
    Good to see you here again…..

    • Thanks Patrecia…it is so good to be back.

  8. Hi Granny, that clock looks jolly nice 🙂

    • Thanks Hope…will tell Mex.

  9. Welcome back Granny! Good to see a post from you. Losing a friend or loved one is difficult and hardest around birthdays and holidays….I know it’s not easy. Losing weight however is a good thing no matter how much or how little, congratulations on that news! Take care.

    • Thanks Nancy…yes…am enjoying feeling lighter and having looser clothes…also enjoy the feeling of having control of SOMETHING!

  10. Hi Granny! I like those clocks! I’m sending you peace and comfort as you remember Wendy. Namaste.

    • Thanks so much Rumpy…lots of love.

  11. I’m glad to see you back again. I know you miss Wendy terribly. But you’re doing great on your diet. You’re right. 11 lbs. does sound better. You should be in the States where we use pounds. But then again, it sounds like we have so much to lose at the beginning of a diet. Mex’s clock looks great. I’m into mosaics but I make nothing useful. Only make pictures. Well, I did make a jewelry box and a tray. I guess those are useful. But most of my stuff isn’t useful. Missed you.

    • Hi There Maire…have missed you too.
      Mex is having great fun with the clocks and they don’t cost too much to make.
      I agree…we should start the diet in kgs and then lose in pounds!

  12. We went to an “Antique Show” last week
    Like your “Art in the Park”
    More trash than treasure. 🙄

    I guess sellers sell more JUNK when they call it Art, Antiques, or Junque.

    • Hi NR…I couldn’t believe the stuff they were trying to sell…maybe I should go there and sell my junk.

  13. I’m very happy to see you’re alive and kickin’, Granny! Great post!

  14. Well done on the weight loss. Art in the Park in Ireland is usually a focus for sculptors with their work set out before the wonderful backdrop of the Botanic gardens in Dublin, or the 5* Culloden Hotel high above Belfast Lough. All the pieces both large and small, are for sale through a professional agent.

  15. Good to hear from you again. I was getting worried. The only way I have managed to lose any weight was to have three teeth pulled! I don’t recommend it.

    • Hi Linda…if I had three teeth pulled I wouldn’t have any left!

  16. Granny I don’t do sleeveless either. I am sorry for your sadness over Wendy and it has been a shitty year. I will be glad to see it go! Glad to see this post from you!

  17. Granny welcome back. We’ve missed you. And sleeveless dresses on older women ugh!!

    • Thanks Judith…think I might finally really BE back.

  18. Hubby complaining about all my books was the very reason my daughter bought me an e-reader last year. I have 32 books loaded onto my reader right now & it’s still as slim as ever! Have you thought about this? I got a Sony e-reader because I an borrow books from the library if I don’t want to buy & keep a book. Although I can say there do seem to be slightly more books available on Amazon for Kindle, I can’t speak for the quality of the Kindle.

    • Hello Benzeknees…thank you for the visit.
      I have a Sony reader with more than a thousand books.
      Just don’t seem to have the reading urge since we moved here.

      • Sorry I’m new to your blog – since you moved where? Given a bit of time I will try to read past blogs to get fully caught up.

  19. So glad to have you and your one-liners back 😀 😀 😀

    • Awwwwww Thanks Tilly.

  20. Really like the clock – please tell Mex. The year is almost an an end Granny and I really hope that 2013 will be a whole lot kinder to you than 2012.

    • Thanks Optie…I want the rest of this year to be better!

  21. And just look at all of us who are happy to wait to hear from our blogger buddy!

    • I know…I am blown away by the love.

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