Posted by: granny1947 | October 25, 2012

Granny dices with death

Hello All.

Well, I am improving.
Still haven’t answered my comments but I have visited a few blogs.
Will do some catching up over the weekend.
Rain forecast.
How unusual!!!

So, what has happened this week?
Oh yes.
I nearly got written off the face of the earth  on Monday.
I was crossing an intersection.
Minding my own business,  when a guy on a bike decided to push his bike right in front of me.
I swerved.
And then had to swerve again.
To avoid a massive furniture removal truck in the lane next to me.
Thank God I have a small car.
A small nippy car.
The guy looked drunk ,or high or retarded.
Or all three.
All I know is I felt like going back.
And NOT missing him!

We have had an incredible amount of rain.
Whole roads have been washed away.
Mex was lucky to get back.
Shortly after he got through they closed the national road.
A big bridge was in danger of collapsing.

Now I am off to bed.
I slept ALL afternoon.
I feel like sleeping again.
Is this depression?


  1. Oh bugger, then I’m depressed as well, woke up this morning, did the sarmies, promptly went back to bed and slept some more!

    • Hi Sue…I can do that…not in the mornings…my boss expects me to show up!

  2. The weather in KZN hasn’t been the best either. Still more rain expected.
    Sleeping is good for you. Your body is telling you to take it easy.
    Glad you survived the traffic drama.

    • I am sleeping far too much Pussycat…know it is not normal.

  3. Intermittent rain that refuses to allow sunshine through the soggy mess makes me want to stay in bed too.

    Glad you’re home . . . and safe . . . and not retarded. 😉

    • Hi nancy…don’t rule out the retarded bit…there must be some reason I am in this dreadful place.

  4. Oh, poor Granny, what a shock in the traffic! I imagine you’d need to do lots of lying down to get over that drama.

    • Actually no Elaine….adrenalin was pumping.

  5. Wow that was a close call! I’m so glad you’re okay. How awful about the roads. We’re expecting yet another hurricane early next week – this area never got hurricanes (historically), but suddenly they’re hitting us. Homeowners insurance companies are starting to tack on hurricane fees – I don’t know which is worse, the storm or the extra fees!

    • Oh my word RD…hurricanes…no thank you!

  6. I was just going back to bed this afternoon when my grandson called and asked to come over. Couldn’t say no to that. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Sounds like you need some sunshine and chocolate!

    • Hi Linda…chocolate? What is that?

  7. Whatever it is you’ll deal with thats for sure! Babysteps (and sleep) are the key to coping so I’ve been told.
    Rain is the order of the day this Spring in Melbourne as well – ‘they’ say it will be changeable for quite a while – can’t wait for Summer.
    Take care

    • Hi Cathy…our weather is so back to front….however…I think we are going to suffer in this room in summer…I prefer the cold and rain!

  8. *helpfully* No, the potholes are depressions. What you have is sleepiness.
    If it is any consolation, I imagine that guy on the bike has a very low life expectancy.

    • Hi Col….potholes in this area are small swimming pools!

      • *patronising* That’s nothing … our potholes are large lakes!

  9. Good golly, you make me laugh 😀 There I was, reading your near death bit and then, explosion – going back to NOT miss him – Hilarious 😀 😀
    If it makes you feel any better, it’s raining buckets up here as well, although I doubt anything like what you guys are getting. Who stole our summer anyway???? Must be the Capetonians – they’re always doing that!

    • So glad I made you laugh Long life.

  10. Rest well after that driving shock. I hope your rain stops soon.

    Rain is the order of the day at some stage accompanied by low grey skies, for us folk in Ireland. In two days time our clocks ‘Fall’ back one hour, so for office workers there will be no more natural daylight for a few months The go to and from work in the dark.

    • Well, well, well…I didn’t realise you were in Ireland.

  11. I think my comment has gone to your spam bucket! 😦 It seems to be happening on quite a few blogs.

    • You are quite right Mar…both your comments in my spam and I had to approve you again…how strange.

  12. Hello, glad to hear you managed to miss the idiot. It’s raining here, too. On Sunday night we go into Winter time so it will be dark when I leave work. Already looking forward to spring and it’s so far away!

    • Hi Mara….I have seen enough rain to last me a long, long time….raining right now.

  13. Glad to see you blogging again. Maybe you are depressed. Could be, you know. I’m also glad you avoided the accident. We don’t want to lose you. Miss you.

    • Thanks so much Maire…thinking I am getting back to almost normal.

  14. Dieting: look better, feel cranky!

    • Absolutely Lisa….still nice to lose the weight and feel better in my clothes.

  15. thank the Lord that you were ok..they sound as bad a drivers as these in Bg. It is a case of ‘sod you Jack..I’m getting there first’ It is just crazy!

    I suppose I am glad that your diet id going okay..but did you really need to do might be that making you feel depressed…it depend on what you are eating and what you are depriving yourself of.

    anyway it’s good to have you back again.

    • You could be right Patrecia…think I might just be overdoing the diet…must give it some thought.

  16. Okay…that’s it! Soul Dipper is going to take a trip over on the email comet. Reading this and seeing the photos of the floods has turned on the radar! XXOO my friend. See you in a second.

    • I was about to hit the sack but I shall wait for your mailxxxx

  17. You had a lucky escape with the bike rider, glad you got yourself out of it, quick thinking granny!
    All the rain you have been having would make anyone depressed – it never seems to stop! A good dose of sunshine and a nice beach would do you the world of good – come on over, we have plenty of both!

  18. In a situation that already is not what makes your heart happy Granny staying away from the foods that soothe would give me a cranky and make me depressed. I wanted to sleep our whole summer away! Enjoy one of your favorite comfort foods.

    • Hi Sweetdays…I should try the comfort food thing but I have worked so darn hard on this diet.

  19. Glad you’re okay!

  20. Great near-miss, Granny. It really has your heart leap out, a moment like that. Glad you survived it.

    And don’t trouble to answer this, is fine 🙂 Rest!

    • Hi Words…yes a definite adrenalin rush.

  21. Scary, also had two close calls this week. I am at a stage where I wish vehicles drove themselves and did not rely on idiots behind the wheel.

  22. Granny, so glad you wrote your story about your near-hit. A good clobbering is what that guy needed. Sending you sunshine and blue skies from Colorado!

    • Hi Marge…today we actually have sunshine here…can’t believe it…will be taking Jasmine for a walk just now.

  23. I hear you with the sleeping thing…I am doing that too for some reason, I have had massive tests done…I probably am just retarded though…and it’s winter, and I am not working, crap…maybe I am just bloody lazy…hugs to you xoxoxo

    • HmmmmPrincess…I think you are right…LAZY!

  24. That sounds like a close call. I am glad you made it.

    • Thanks Munchow…me too.:)

  25. Hey Granny, how are you? Where are you?

  26. testing

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