Posted by: granny1947 | September 19, 2012

Granny talks tripe.

Hello All.

Patrecia is complaining that I am not blogging so often.
I go to work.
Come home.
Have some lunch.
Fat free.
Do some paperwork.
Have a nap.
Cook supper.
Come back to the flat and phone my granddaughter.
Play some scrabble.
Go to bed.
All very exciting stuff.
I am brain dead!

This place is becoming exciting…not.
We had the big bang on Monday night.
Have not discovered what it was.
The next night we experienced our first Eastern Cape thunder storm.
Oh wow.
Poor Jasmine.
She ran all over the place looking for a place to hide.
If the bed was more than two inches off the ground I would have got under it with her.
I am going to have to get some pills for her.
The poor thing is going to have a heart attack.
I DID get up and unplug the computer and the TV.
Not that I care about the TV.
My computer is another story altogether.

I am working from ten till two today.
When I get home I have a huge pot of tripe and onions to cook.
My Dad has been asking me to make some for him for ages.
I am not a great fan.
I can use my diet to eat a very little of it.
My brother was horrified when he heard what I was making.
It is a pain in the butt to prepare.
I boil it up at least three times, putting in clean water each time.
It looks like nice clean tripe but I take no chances.

I ventured onto the scale just now.
I have lost about one and half kgs.
Shyte it is going slowly.
I have not cheated once in two and a half weeks.
My body should be rewarding me.
But it is hanging onto my fat for dear life.



  1. Slow and steady wins the race Granny. At least it isn’t status quo. I stay near Delhi in North India for most of the year. In Summer , I generally spend a month in my hometown in Kerala and generally indulge myself and get indulged. My sister is a ood cook. So is my sis-in-law and it is a coastal town with plenty of fresh sea fish. I really hog and get fat. Back here in Delhi it takes me at least three months to shed the kilos I’d gained. It’s a recurring phenomenon now and I accept that there will be a time lag. So stick with it.

    • Hi Nadira….old age sucks…when I was in my twenties I could lose a pound a day!!!

  2. Where can I get some of that free fat. I love fat and anything for free πŸ™‚
    Try a Rescue tab for Jasmin works for mine

    • Thanks Roly…will get some Rescue today.
      That yellow fat on biltong…yummy!

  3. My grandfather was a tripe purveyor, I used to work in his factory in the school holidays and I don’t touch the stuff. Did you know that the cows stomach is green and they use acid to get it white! ~just saying!

    • Oh good grief Sue…thank you SO much.
      In this country they probably use Sunlight soap!

  4. Granny when I was in my twenties I never gained a pound to lose! And I ate cheeseburgers while driving around aimlessly with friends after a full dinner with my parents. Now I can’t get it off no way no how. Maybe if I cut back on wine time and cheese. I need to move, turn off the puter. I am walking again, we shall see. Tripe. No. Not gonna happen.

  5. Your diet sounds like it is going well. Diets are supposed to go slowly. That’s why they are such a pain. They have valium for dogs that calms them down during thunder storms and trips. They have it for cats, too. I had to give it to my cat on a trip. I thought he was dead he was so out of it. But it worked. Good luck.

  6. I wasn’t ‘complaining’ as was just that you used to be so regular ( sounds like going to the loo) and I do miss you!
    I am sorry that Jasmine was frightened by the thunder ,Dogs are very unhappy with thunder, not so much the lightening,,, and I am sorry that you were not happy with it either. In fact I am unhappy that you are not happy at all with your new life and I wish I could change it all for you.
    As I can’t I shall send up a prayer for you all including Jasmine lots of love

  7. Perhaps you should prepare tripe more often, that would surely help you to lose weight. I can’t stand the stuff and would rather starve than eat it!

  8. Keep up with the diet. Even if you don’t see the results I’m sure you’ll feel it.

  9. Tripe and onions properly done is a delight. Done less than to perfection, and it is an excellent diet-aid!
    I wonder how dogs survived thunderstorms in the wild? Did they just run and run until they dropped? Our mob are all utter wimps.

  10. I have never eaten tripe in my whole life. πŸ™‚ Granny, it’s not the fat that makes you fat, it’s the carbs and sugar. Read this, it works.

  11. How is your grandson getting on? The one you were worried about when you left?

  12. Tripe? That’d be enough of a diet for me. EWWW. Not to rain on your parade and smash your floats, but I’ve lost four pounds in the past week and I’ve been eating pizza and burgers and drinking soda and booze. Dealing with that worthless soon to be ex husband of mine is the perfect blend of stress and distraction to melt some of my fluffiness away. You can have him if you really want to lose the weight πŸ˜‰

  13. Tripe…GAH….I am so glad I am the damn cook and absolutely refuse to make anything that involves an organ…heheheheeh…

  14. Great to see you back again Granny – you’re always missed! I’ve never developed a taste for tripe; I only had it once, but that was enough. All that prep work is enough to turn me off it alone! You’ll get there with your diet, it does take time. I’ve found that people’s bodies respond differently to diets – for some people, a simple fat, starch, or sugar elimination works. For others, there are certain foods that are triggers or it can be what you’re eating at certain times of the day – interesting but frustrating! At least you’re seeing some progress. Rapid weight loss isn’t healthy, but 1-2 pounds per week (and some weeks it’s zero!) is the right way to go. Cheering you on from afar! πŸ˜€

  15. Weight is so easy & fun to put on but I know too well that you go through hell in order to lose 1kg.

  16. Granny, I never imagined you work. Truly, I just imagined you as a granny near the wonderful ocean. You are always busy though, as I remember. Haven’t dropped in a while, but yes, as far as I remember…

  17. We have the same ‘quacking’ frogs & the same stubborn belly fat. Not from eating frogs entirely. Just the legs.

  18. Hope all is well – its a while since you updated.

  19. A whole pile of us in blogland are doing things differently and our visits are very different from before. We’re finding we just do what we can which means very different reading, commenting and writing schedules. Then… today I had a whole day of “off”. Couldn’t do much correctly at all! Well I did manage to have a stomp with my walk buddy and listen to her challenges.

  20. I have so missed reading about your wonderfully interesting life πŸ™‚

    I too am scared to death of thunder and storms and I really have thought about getting under the bed but can’t fit. What good would that do it’s not like the lightening can’t go through the bed. I do hide under the covers if not in the closet. The other day the tornado sirens went off for no good reason and boy did that freak me out! They already had the monthly test. The sun was out. What was it? All sorts of things went through my mind. Were we under attack? Nuclear fallout? What? What? I never got any answers but I am still here so I figure someone must have fallen asleep on the button, twice!

    • Hi Linda…we don’t have sirens to warn us of stuff…we just get an unpleasant surprise!

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