Posted by: granny1947 | September 17, 2012

Granny hears strange noises.

Hello All.

Yes, last night, just as we were falling asleep there was an almighty crashing noise.
It sounded as if a ceiling had fallen in.
Or several people had jumped onto the roof.
Mex and I both shot up in bed saying what the hell was that?
Jasmine just looked puzzled.

Mex being Mex just stayed where he was.
Me, being curious, got up.
And to Mex’s horror, opened the back door.
I couldn’t see anything.
Thank heavens.

I then checked the sliding door.
So I phoned the folks.
They hadn’t heard a thing.
So we went back to sleep.
Albeit a bit uneasily.
Still have no idea what it was.

We have frogs.
Not in the flat or the house.
In a little stream that runs below the house.
I have never heard such noisy frogs.
They sound like ducks quacking.
They are driving Mex nuts.
I quite like them.
But we all know I am strange.

Now, as I never had a nap today, I am off to have a shower.
And then to sleep.
Pretty much all I seem to do lately.
Escapism personified.


  1. Hope tonight will be quiet for you.

    • Hi Newsey…now you know…it was a very loud night!

  2. *brightly and helpfully* Maybe what you both heard falling was you falling asleep?
    *with insufferable superiority, repeats lecture as frequently delivered to household* Those loud croaky ones aren’t frogs. They’re toads.

    • Thanks Col…you made me go onto google to establish the differences. I have learned a few things.

  3. No tree limbs lying about this morning?
    No holes in the roof from low flying planes?

    Hmm . . . well, I’m out of ideas.

    Sleep well, Granny.

    • Thanks NR…except for a storm right overhead…I slept very well.

  4. Gat someone to move the stream elsewhere 🙂

    • It crossed my mind Harry!

  5. nice work -Ive been on the computer for over a week=sick-then the cable got messed up, I had 977 messages piled u, so obviously I wont be able to do a lot-still not well-rough week. Hope you are doing well–beebeesworld

    • Oh my word Beebee…nearly a thousand mails to see to….rather you than me…do hope your are feeling better now.

  6. I really dislike not knowing what went “bump in the night”! Especially since I’m alone. I quickly do my checklist of articles that will be useful as defenses. When I finally tell myself that it’s safe to go to sleep, I’m lucky if I can. Toads under your house. Noisy toads. Nature just sets herself down where ever she likes.

    • Hi Amy….the stream below the house is an ideal spot for them…hope Tom is there chasing them.

  7. Could it have been a cat fight on your roof? That’s happened to us a few times. LOL at Mex and the frogs, OH is just the same, their noise drives him mad whilst it is music to my ears.

    • Nope Optie…no sound of a cat fight…have no idea what it was.

  8. ah… i know what the bang was about 2am and Georgi’s window next door was hit with an iron bar and it was the band and the sound of shattered glass that you heard. I live next door and did not hear a thing! Sound travels a long way at night….
    As for frogs , we have one who lives down the hole where the water meter is…he makes a great deal of noise especially at night when he is calling for the services of a lady frog..or calling his mates to come for a froggy shin-dig.
    i have missed your posts which are not as frequent as they used to be. I don’t like not seeing you there in my inbox as I then think that you might be ill or something.
    love from me xxxx

    • Hi Patrecia…I posted just for you today. 🙂

  9. It’s so weird when you hear a loud, unexplainable noise and then find absolutely nothing out of whack. Maybe it was raining frogs? 😉

    I like the sounds of nature too. The chirping of crickets and cicadas on a warm summer night can lull me to sleep with a smile on my face. Have you ever heard “spring peepers”? They’re frogs that make a sweet high-pitched peeping sound like baby chicks in the spring to attract a mate. In our area, when we pass by a pond or lake in spring, we hear what sounds like thousands of baby chicks peeping in the night. 🙂

    • Hi RD…by the sound of that crash it would have to have raining an elephant!

  10. So you never found out what the crash was? Couldn’t have been the frogs, I suppose. Frogs don’t crash. Ha. I hope you get more rest tonight.

    • Hi Maire…the crash will have to remain one of life’s mysteries!

  11. Hope you had a good nap and that sleep is unbroken tonight. I too hear strange thumps in the night from time to time and since I live alone, I never go outside. Thumps during the day are usually birds crashing into my window panes. We are approaching October and halloween so the fire crackers have begun and the dark evenings and nights seem to be the preferred time to set them off. They really upset the dogs of the neighbourhood so there is the added chorus of barking. So much for liking a quiet life! 😦

    • Oh wow Mar…fireworks…they are banned here except for designated spots…when we were in Cape Town I would threaten people with the police if they let off one…can’t bear what it does to the animals.

  12. Granny we love our frogs. But they come in Spring. Called Spring Peepers. I love love love them. They sound like bells. Bells of Spring. Things that go bump in the night?

    • Hi Sweetdays…it is spring over here at the moment but as Col said, these must be toads!

  13. It could have been a cat or those big rats. Yeah , but it is scary not knowing. The sound of croaking..I love it. Distinctly a “back home” sound for me, because once the monsoon sets in , in Kerala, the nights come alive with the serenade.

    • I know Nadira…these are really loud but I love it.

  14. Could it have been a bird or animal landing on your roof? Sound is amplified at night.

  15. Frogs couldn’t make a huge crashing noise, surely? I could never get back to sleep not knowing what it was. Like you though, yes, I would be inclined to open the door – but truly, Granny, be careful because you hear of people knocking on people’s front doors 10pm, 11, and then they barge in & home invade. Truly, I know it was a huge temptation, but I don’t think you should have opened the door.

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