Posted by: granny1947 | September 12, 2012

Granny and the strange food.

Hello All.

So…where was I yesterday?
Oh yes, Monday.
It was a busy day.

We had to be at my brother’s specialist at eight.
All is forgiven.
He was wonderful.
About the same age as my kids but, I believe, he is brilliant.
He was quiet and gentle and understanding.
I might just adopt him.
Apparently, the paranoia and aggression is a side effect of the tumour. This doesn’t make it any easier but I must try to be more understanding.
Without letting him milk his situation.
The paranoia is the worst.
He might dream something and it becomes his reality.
Nothing you say can get it out of his mind.
Very sad.
And difficult.

From the doctor I took him to the clinic for his two weekly injection.
Dropped him off at home and rushed off to work.
Then I went to meet my new doctor.
Who I am not sure IS going to be my new doctor.
I might give him one more chance.
Also a young guy.
Who was taken aback by my sense of humour.
But he might learn.
I miss my sexy doc.
He was the best.

Then, in the evening, I cooked a huge pot of seafood mix.
You know…the stuff with crab, mussels and baby octopus.
And other strange bits and pieces.
My Dad had never had it.
His eyesight is not too good.
And I had to identify everything he put in his mouth.
Supper took a while.
And I lied about some of it.
But he ate it all.
And we had the leftovers again tonight!

Now my bed is calling me.
I was on my own at work today.
I am tired.



  1. I’m not surprised you are tired! Sleep well. So sad about your sexy doctor – they’re always good to have on hand 🙂

    • Hi Longlife…they add a little oomph to life!

  2. It makes one think about the true nature of reality, doesn’t it? Is ours any more valid than his?
    Have a good rest!

    • Good point Col….in his case the reality isn’t true…makes a difference.

      • How do you know for sure? Maybe yours is the dream!

  3. When will it slow down for you Granny. Do take some time for yourself.

    • Hi Judith…I have missed you!

  4. You have every right to be tired – I’m tired just reading about your day! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you with your brother, and how difficult his reality must be for him. You’d think by now they’d be able to do something to help ease these reactions.
    Sleep well!

    • Hi RD…can’t do anything to repair the damage…however…he could be much worse.

  5. You must be the Energizer Granny . . . the way you keep going and going and going.

    Rest up when you can.

    • Hi NR…took your advice…slept for two hours this afternoon!

  6. With all you have on your plate you DESERVE a very sexy doctor Granny!

    • Hi Optie…having a sexy doc makes getting sick worthwhile…guess I will just have to stay healthy!

  7. Granny your new Doc who may not be your new Doc, if you stay with him long enough you may teach him a thing or two about how wonderful it is to have a sense of funny! All his patients will benefit. Maybe just maybe he will be willing to learn. Course you have a bunch on your plate right now and maybe you don’t need one more thing. His loss cause you is funny. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing that.

    • Awww…thank you Sweetdays…such a nice thing to say.

  8. Your seafood stew sounds wonderful, even if your dad wasn’t sure what was in it. As long as it tastes good–that’s what counts.

    • Hmmm Maire…think I shall wait for a while before I put him through that again!

  9. Doctors — I’m on the hunt for a new one at the moment. It used to be so easy to find a doctor — now we have to call a central health link and they tell us which ones are taking new patients. But not whether they’re trustworthy or decent. Bah!

    • Oh wow Kathy…thank God we can still choose who we want to go to though I try to find one who is in medical aid rates.

  10. I have really liked my new doctor for the last couple of years but then I started to wonder if she really knew what the hell Fibromyalgia is all about. She is very young. Someone else said they think she is practicing on us.

    • Well, Linda, that makes two of us…what the hell IS Fibromyalgia???

      • Good question! Hmm the best answer that I have so far is, a muscleoskeleton “issue.” Fibro refers to fibrous tissues. Mya refers to muscle. Algia refers to pain. So for years I would get the worst pulled muscles that you can not even imagine just from stepping out of the shower. I would get them in my neck/shoulder area and couldn’t turn my head for weeks. If I over use a muscle and it doesn’t take much sometimes it will become inflamed like tendonitis. Cymblata pretty much takes care of most of that now. But the brain is a muscle too! Just great. So I am very forgetful and well I don’t really know how to describe it. This also causes chronic fatigue which is the biggest bother in the last years. I sleep more than a newborn. It’s always nap time for me. Looking for this lost dog is about to do me in. I haven’t been out this much in years.

        Most people just think of us as stupid or lazy or both. And doctors just want to say we imagine it all.

      • Oh my word Linda…that sounds really terrible…I just can’t imagine going through that all the time.

  11. Seafood. Yum 🙂

    • I agree Bibi…yum,yum.

  12. rest well and send for me next time you cook that seafood!

    • Hi Mar…bet you aren’t going to say that about tonight’s supper!!!

  13. Is that salivary gland all healed?

    I just heard from my walk buddy that my (our) doctor is retiring! That is not good news because this woman is incredible. She supports us doing natural remedies, self-healing, listening to medical intuitives, etc, etc. – along with her offered choices of proverbial medical practices. I’ve had her 30 years. That makes it scary! Those of us who are patients have been sooo fortunate because she closed her door to new patients about 15 years ago. She promises she will find someone good to take over her practice. WAH!!

    This makes me think it’s another reason for me to completely change my life circumstances. I’d love to have a cabin in the bush, but the practicalities of it don’t fit an aging bod.

    Watched “Peace, Love and Misunderstandings” with Jane Fonda. The character she plays is way more hippy-ish than I could be, but I love the spirit of the character. Immensely.

    • Hi Amy…everthing salivating as normal!!!
      You want a cabin in the bushes?
      With the bears?

      • One thing that hit me profoundly while I was on Safari in your fair land, Granny, is that I have more freedom outdoors in Canada than South Africans seemed to have. We have a saying about our Black bear in the bush, “If you see one bear, you can know that ten have seen you and gone the other way.” Unless we startle them, get in the way of a food source (fish in the river) or get between them and their babies, they usually want to get away faster than we do.

        Plus, Granny, we have the gift of winter. All the bears go into hibernation and the bush is ours!

        As a kid, the bush was my playground – with my dog. No one worried because our wildlife (black bear and lynx mainly) had tons of food and didn’t attack humans unless they were provoked.

        The grizzly bear? That’s another thing. They live further north and I don’t trust them. When I lived in the North, we never went into the bush in summer without a rifle. They have that unpredictable attitude like some of your big guys.

        It takes youthful energy to maintain a life in the bush that guarantees safety. That’s what I mean…I’m a little long in the tooth. It’s a damned crime that retirement and youth don’t happen all at once. Maybe it does…it’s called growing up rich? 😀

  14. I can empathize with this. Our GP of most of a lifetime retired and then passed away, leaving a gap which simply won’t be filled. The same dedication, deep knowledge of patients, and sheer professionalism simply doesn’t seem to exist any more. House calls? You’ve got to be joking!

    • Very inconsiderate of him Col!!!

  15. Your people are really fortunate that they have you around them. Not many , nowadays, go out of their way to support parents and siblings. It has become kind of old-fashioned , the way you are living your life, but I say you’re closer to being a real human being for that. Bless you Granny. I’d love to have you for a sister.:-)

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