Posted by: granny1947 | September 11, 2012

Granny goes Stoney Faced.

A curious visitor outside the hospital coffee shop.

Hello All.

So, yesterday was quite a day.
Which actually started at supper time on Sunday.
I opened my mouth to take my first bite of food.
And went ouch, ouch, ouch.
I put my hand to my jaw and felt a lump.
A big lump.
A big, painful lump.

Now, I have had this before.
Those of my older friends will remember.
I ended up having a mammogram.
Long story.

So, I didn’t panic.
When I got up yesterday it felt a bit better.
And, when I got to work, I sucked a lemon.
Sour stuff gets the salivary glands to work and clear the stones.
Not this time.
My face instantly swelled up.
Not my best look.

I made an appointment to see a doctor.
When I got in to see him there was very little swelling.
I hate when that happens.
Ten minutes after leaving the surgery my face went up like a balloon.

Lying in bed last night I remembered how I cured the first one.
The doctor told me, if the stone did not dissolve,  they would have to operate.
Through the mouth.
Instant recovery.
It worked again.
Face is back to abnormal.

And, now, I am off to take Jasmine for a walk.
Other stuff happened yesterday but I will save it for tomorrow.



  1. That must have been very painful. I’ve never experiences those. I hope you feel better soon. A nice walk with Jasmine will help, I’m sure.

    • Thanks Maire..all is well and yes, we went for a nice long walk yesterday.

  2. Oh no! That’s awful! But isn’t the mind an incredibly powerful tool that can actually make our symptoms lessen at the doctor’s office then return as soon as we leave?! Happens every time! I’m so glad you “scared the stone” into submission!

    • Hi RD…I was scared into submission by the thought of surgery. 🙂

  3. Hope it clears up by itself Granny!

    • Hi Optie…it went with the help of sour sweets.

  4. Just caught up on your last batch of posts. You’re not having a nice time at all and I am sad for you. Hope the facial swelling is gone quickly. Love you xxx

    • Thanks Cindy…the swelling is down and now I just have my normal fat face!

  5. that sounds bad what sort of stone is it and where is it

    • It is a stone that is formed in the salivary gland. It blocks the gland and that causes the swelling and pain. Most of them dissolve. If not they operate through the mouth…euwwwwwww

  6. Hope it goes away, never to return. Hugs to you and Jasmine.

    • Thanks AD….me too….it interferes with my eating…and I like to eat.

  7. Glad you’re back to where you started . . . without surgical intervention.

    • Me too NR…mention surgery and I am instantly cured!

  8. Ivhope it clears up granny, that bird would make a fine meal 🙂

    • Harry!!!!!
      Hmmm…wonder what peacock tastes like?

  9. Reading several posts in one sitting, it sounds to me like you are run down from all the aggro and worry. That makes things flare up.

  10. Oh my gosh thanks for making me laugh today. I needed it. I sort of saw a man get run over by a mail truck. I hope the stays away.

    • Oh dear Linda…how awful for you.

  11. You always have the most hilarious blog tags, Granny

    • Thank you Lisa…coming from you…high praise indeed.

  12. Ouch! I had that once and it hurts like stink! The only thing – I couldn’t go near anything that would cause me to salivate because the pressure felt like my face was on fire. I took some pills of some sort. And it did not come back.

    But there you are, proving that you can heal yourself by putting your full attention of the spot along with the results you want. See…that’s the healing I’m learning in December. Wanna come here and teach the course? 🙂

    Glad you walked. Important stuff.

    • Will they fly me over?
      If so, I am there!!!

  13. Hope it doesn’t return granny – surgery doesn’t sound very pleasant.
    Love the photo of the peacock; tell Harry to leave it alone!

    • Oh we all know Harry Barb!

  14. I have never heard of anything like that Granny. And sounds odd that something sour would make it better. Sounds owwwie to me. Is that a guinea that finds the coffee shop fascinating?

    • Hi Sweetdays..nope…a peacock…there were six of them…all hoping some diner would give them something.
      If you eat something sour it makes you salivate and dissolves the stone…that and the threat of surgery!

  15. This is all new to me. Sorry you were in pain. Come on over and share my couch we can moan together about our aches and pains!

  16. Yikes! you really are having a rotten time of it lately *hug*

    • Thanks sue…how are YOU doing?

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