Posted by: granny1947 | September 8, 2012

Granny has an exciting day…not


Hello All.

I am starting this post with absolutely no idea what we are going to talk about.

Well, firstly, it is a lovely day.
About the fifth one since we arrived at the end of April.
I might just take Jasmine out for another walk just now.
I will take my camera but there is nothing much to see.
Unless you all want to see the hundred dogs that live in our road.
The ones that ALL bark when you pass.

Mex is watching rugby…ho hum.
Oh, I see we are playing Australia.
Still ho hum.
Am not in the mood.

I have done very little this morning.
A few games of scrabble.
A few games of Rummikub.
Cleaned the toilet.
Washed the dishes.
Rivetting stuff.
I should vacuum and wash the floors.
But I would rather stick a knitting needle in my eye.

The spring flowers are all coming out.
Pity about all the rubbish.


On Thursdays the trucks come and collect the rubbish.
Vagrants descend and rummage through the bags.
Leaving what they don’t want in the flower reserve.
And use the area as a toilet.
So I won’t walk Jasmine there.
Dogs like to roll in disgusting things.

Now I think I shall curl up on my bed with my e-reader.
Finish the delightful book by the Twolisas.
And have a nap.



  1. Nap sounds wonderful. Cleaning toilet not so much. I am planning on getting back to my walking routine today that has been all screwed up since the heat this summer waaay back in May!

    • Hi Sweetday…I haven’t done the walk. I have done the nap. I have blamed the rain for not walking…soon I will also be blaming the heat!

  2. Ah , men and their least Mex is enjoying himself.
    Bulgaria has some pretty areas of flowers and trees along the roadside but people do dump rubbish there as well..great mounds of it. Veyt annoying when there is a rubbish bin not so far along the road.
    Hope you had a nice nap and a good read. Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? maybe you should not as there is loads of sex in it and it is not good for ladies over a certain age…like me! I am on the third book and beginning to wonder about skipping to the end…too much is not good reading and it gets I mean! the story is ok

    • Hi Patrecia…no I haven’t read it….darn…someone offerred it to me on my e-reader and I can’t remember who!!!

  3. Don’t stick a knitting needle in your eye. It will hurt. I know. I have done it. Not on purpose.

    • Glad to hear it wasn’t on purpose…

  4. Regarding the knitting needle – I wouldn’t suggest it. I had been told that carrots are good for your eyes. Tried sticking one in and it hurt like hell. Can’t imagine a knitting needle will feel any better! 🙂

    • Lol Long Life….yep…think I will give the knitting needle a miss…will just ignore the housework…..damn….and the dust on my keyboard.

  5. The weather here at theKZN coast has also improved.
    The vagrant problem on rubbish day seem to be a problem everywhere.
    Enjoy the reading and relaxing. Housework can wait 😉

    • Yes Pussycat…housework is patient…Mex is the impatient one!

  6. I like your day off activities – you sure do deserve it. Housework will always be there, take care of Granny first. 🙂

    • I can always turn my back on housework RD…trouble is…this place is so small it is always in my face…must keep my glasses off.

      • Haha great idea! I’m going to leave my contacts out when I’m home! 😀

  7. Enjoy the nap gran and please don’t stick a knitting needle in your eye 😆

    • Hehehe Hope…it will never happen…would have to buy some first…isn’t going to happen.

  8. Save those knitting needles for the knitting. Rest and enjoy your day. Dust can wait.

    • Completely rhetorical Mar…I don’t OWN any knitting needles!

  9. Hope you are floating along on a cloud of laughter, Granny. We enjoyed your e-mails this morning . . . especially:

    Q. Do I look fat?
    A. Do I look stupid?


    Wife: Adult diapers as a thong . . . Sexy, right?
    Spouse: Angel of Death . . . take me now!

    • hehehe…..loved the last one too!

  10. The nap sounds the best!

  11. You have so much energy! Poor Mex. I feel bad for him.

  12. Naps are GOOD!!

    • Naps are the best Princess…though I don’t nap well…I go all out and sleep for hours!

  13. It’s great to have confirmation that you actually have time to yourself – to read, nap, walk. Seems like a long time since I’ve read your list of choices. There’s a blessing to all the sports on TV!

    • Hi Souldipper…I have to make time for those sort of things or I shall going crazy…I mean MORE crazy.

  14. One doesn’t begrudge the vagrants whatever they find of use – but if they don’t restore what they don’t want they should forfeit rummaging privileges.

    • Our crowd are the absolute pits Col.

  15. Despite starting out with a declaration of nothing to say, you said a lot! Have a wonderful day. What book is that of the Two lisa’s?

    • I am at work at the moment Kathy but will send you all the details…lovely book.

  16. Sometimes weekends of doing nothing much except reading and relaxing are just what the body and mind needs. With OH not very mobile we have had a lot of those recently and I have enjoyed not running around but relaxing at home instead.

    • We actually need to get out Optie..Mex and I are both getting cabin fever from living in one room.

  17. the mess left by our squatters is as bad

    • It drives me nuts Sidey…like the idiot who kept throwing papers out of his car window the other day…felt like ramming him.

      • exactly, there are times when I really think Singapore has it right

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