Posted by: granny1947 | September 7, 2012

Granny has a little wobbly

                                                                                                                                                       Jasmine telling me she has her leash all ready for me.

Hello All.

Today has been relatively uneventful.
Except that Mex and I took Jasmine for a shortish walk.
All three of us are out of shape.
Mex is snoozing on the bed.
Jasmine is snoozing at my feet.
It is too late for me to snooze.
Must go in and cook supper just now.
Oh hell…haven’t taken anything out of the freezer.
Be back in a minute.

Ok…things have now changed.
Mex is watching the news.
Jasmine is barking….at no-one in particular.
And my Dad has just said something that cut me.
Quite badly.
He says they feel I think they are past it.
That I won’t take any help from them.
He mentioned that I don’t take any help in the kitchen.
I don’t.
The kitchen is small.
And has a table in it.
I like to cook on my own.
I don’t like waiting for someone to move out of the way so I can carry on.

I don’t think it is the kitchen.
Think my mother is upset that I have taken over the medicine.
I tried to be diplomatic about it.
Obviously, I didn’t succeed.
I said it would be better if the tablets were out of the house so my brother couldn’t take a double dose.
I stick by that decision.
She thought two of the pills were the same thing.
So he wasn’t even taking the one type.
So…yes….I do think she is past it.

Right now I feel like telling them they can go back to doing their own thing.
Do their own shopping so they can throw most of the stuff away.
Go back to never having a cooked meal and fresh vegetables.
Spending all their money on takeaways.
Paying their own accounts.
Doing their own tax.
Trying to cope with my brother….unsuccessfully.

But I won’t.
I will take a few deep breaths.
It is weekend.
I don’t have to see them for a whole two days.

Oh yes…a miracle happened today.
The specialist’s rooms phoned.
We have an appointment on Monday at eight.
It is meant to be.
This morning I was asked if I could work from 10 to two on Monday.
Perfect timing.
I can take my brother to the doctor and still get to work in time.

I should have put up a warning.
Mini- vent in progress.



  1. Laughing at the mini vent – as for the rest remember we are all aging and developing new … uhmmmm … oh I forgot!!

    • Yes, maybe I have become a little dictator!!!

  2. Oh dear! Your parents are making a difficult situation even more difficult. It’s so hard when they want us to help but yet resent it when we do help. Things like this could be dealt with so much more simply and diplomatically, but it seems that when pride and ability are challenged, tempers flair unreasonably and cutting things are said. I do sympathize with you, Granny. I know the worst is yet to come with my parents as well. I’ll hide behind your gracious example.

    Have a relaxing, family-free weekend! 😉

    • Good heavens RD…PLEASE don’t use me as an example…if I didn’t have you guys to rant to I would have committed matricide long ago!!

  3. We all need to let a little steam off every now and again. I shout at the walls as there is nobody around to hear me.

    • I can’t even do that Mar…there is ALWAYS someone around…I miss my space more than anything.

  4. Vent away – it sounds like you both need and deserve it! Kitchen wise, I’d love to have you here. I don’t do kitchens (left over fear generated by my mother, who always called me to the kitchen when I was in trouble:). I had a fantastic deal with hubby, which was that he cooked – but he seems to have forgotten it!!

    • You are slipping Long life….remind him!!!

  5. Families….sometimes you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them but it sure is nice knowing they are there. I agree with your thoughts on the kitchen….I have the room for more than one now that we remodeled. I don’t mind people hanging out at the table to keep me company but prefer to organize, prep and cook on my own, unless of course it’s my grandchldren, then I want all the help they are happy to give me. Hang in there granny!!

    • Grandchildren Nancy….damn I miss my seven.

  6. This actually brought tears to my eyes, as I can identify with the pills problem.
    Whatever you do seems as if it is never good enough. Stay strong and vent every so often. Breathe deeply and count to 10 or 100 if necessary.
    Sweet Jasmine will keep you sane at least.

    • Thanks Pussycat….lungs are buggered….breathing deeply is difficult. 🙂

  7. I also prefer to cook alone, happy to have people chat to me, but otherwise leave me alone! I am off to England on Tuesday to see the folks, when my Mum is in the kitchen I leave her to it unless she asks for help. When I cook she follows me around, drives me insane! I tend to lose weight when I am there, they eat too much and it just puts me off! In order to stave off at least one cooked meal I stay in bed reading my book until they have eaten their breakfast and then I make myself a piece of toast and my mother will hover offering eggs, bacon, etc. I know she means well but I can’t take the food overload. Wish me luck and you hang in there! xx

    • I don’t know you, Sous Chef . . . but your mother and mine must have been separated at birth. When I’m in the kitchen, and she is around, she is my SHADOW. I found myself constantly having to shoo her out of the way in order to make headway.

      And she tells me BREAKFAST is the more important meal of the day.
      Every day. 😉

      • Does your Mother say things like….”would you like a sandwich?” you decline….”how about some pate and biscuits?” you decline…”I’ve a nice homemade fruit cake?” by this time I’m ready to throttle her! 🙂 Nice to meet you nrhatch.

      • No Sue…that is one problem I don’t have. My Mom sits and orders my 90 year old Dad around or my brother. And,yes, I frequently feel like throttling her.

      • Yes! Or . . . “aren’t you having any dessert?”

      • Dessert? We are having Chinese takeaways this evening…am trying to work out what I can eat that won’t put back the massive 200g loss!!!!

    • Have a great time Sue…well, try to anyway.
      I hear you about the food…everything is done to excess…am dreading Xmas…my mother likes to do about four meats…for the three of them!

      • Thanks granny, I have to bite my tongue so often and remember that they only see me once a year!

      • Strength Sue.

  8. My grandmother didn’t want help in her kitchen either. And for petes sake old people just have to face the fact that they are old and can’t do certain things any more! They need help. Stick to your guns. As much as I screw up my own medicine because of my forgetfulness I would love to have someone bring me mine and cook for me. Hey they can drive me around too! Stay strong, you are doing the right thing.

    • Hi Linda…am getting the feeling this was all a HUGE mistake…I think they were happier when they were bumbling away.

  9. Ha! I just saw the picture of Jasmine. That is so cute. Mine have’t learned that yet.

  10. I love reading about your little wobblys. 🙂

    • Good Lin…at least there is an upside to the wobblies!

  11. I can’t decide if parents are the gift that never stops giving or just never stops criticizing…Either way you love them, but you still wish sometimes they had a mute button installed! Mwuhhh

    • Hi Morgue…a mute button would be GREAT!!! Especially for me when I feel the steam rising.

  12. I had some TOUGH conversations with mom while she was here . . . telling her why she could no longer drive, handle her finances, etc.

    I hated reminding her of all she has lost.
    It was heartbreaking.

    For me, not her . . .

    She rarely remembered these conversations.
    She woke up each morning with a clean slate.
    And enjoyed a HEARTY breakfast.

    Hang in there, Granny!
    It’s the weekend!

    • How difficult for you Nancy…I know you have been through a very tough time.
      My Dad shouldn’t be driving but I can’t take that away from him…I just don’t go on the roads when he is out!

      • I hear ya, Granny. It’s tough being the bearer of such tidings.

      • I guess I wouldn’t take it well if one of my kids tried to tell me what to do…but then that is my kids we are talking about!!!

  13. Well Granny, mini-vent away! You were the one that told me it’s ok to vent on our blogs and I am going to do it one day. Jasmine is ready to go up there Granny! Wobblies~love reading them. Enjoy your weekend Granny, do something you love.

    • So far so good…love napping.

  14. I can understand why you’re upset with your parents. My parents never lived long enough for me to get into rows with them about such things (no, I take that back; I did have a few dust-ups with my mother over things like that). The news about getting your brother to the specialist is great. It is a miracle. And it’s a good thing you are controlling his meds and not your mother. That’s just the way it has to be sometimes.

    • Wasn’t the timing just incredible Maire?

  15. Yay…a light! Blessed be, Granny. It helps to have a hissy fit, doesn’t it? Well, dammit, there is a limit! And likely some folks have been playing around with it and getting away with it.

    BTW I’ve been ignoring emails today and I just saw you sent a number – love the humour you share. Will get to them…many thanks.

    • Hope you enjoyed them SD…love the ones you sent me.

  16. Oh yes, we’ve been through the pill number. I think they vent to stay in control. Grin and bare it and if anybody invades your kitchen space, smack em with a spatula. 🙂

    • Hi Kelly…thanks for the visit…will pop over to see you soon.
      Do I have to use a spatula? How about a garden spade?

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